Young Professional: Dressing Well on a Budget

I do not consider myself to be a fashionista in any sense of the word. I actually used to envy people who posted regular #ootd pictures (Mom, that stands for “outfit of the day.”)

Outfit of the day? Ain’t nobody got time for that. 

Shoot, if I have a cute outfit, I hesitate to post it on social media because God knows I’ll wear it to as many different events in one week as possible. 

But lately, I’ve been hitting the jackpot at JC Penney (FYI  this is NOT a sponsored post – just a sister tryna help another sister out.)

Honestly, I used to think JC Penney was a department store for stale-smelling grandma’s, but my opinion has totally changed.

I digress.

Maybe this has come with age (does that make me a stale-smelling grandma?) but I’ve learned the lesson of buying a few key pieces and then mixing and matching. As someone who struggles with fashion all together, I wanted to share some examples of how I look semi-presentable Monday – Friday on a budget.

orange pants

Pants: JCPenney (exact) // Cardigan: JCPenney (exact) // Middle picture not M – F 😉

pink shirtShirt: Target, Mossimo (old) // pants: JCPenney (exact) // Shorts: Old Navy (exact)

striped shirt

shirt: JCPenney, (similar) (can’t find online!) // Shorts, Gap (similar)

blue blazer

blazer: JCPenney (similar) dress: JCPenney (exact)

pink blazerBlazer: JCPenney, Worthington, cannot find a similar one their website, but I saw it in the store last week!! // Pants: JCPenney (exact) // Purple dress: JCPenney (exact)// Black dress: Target, Mossimo (oooold)

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 5.33.46 PMPants: JCPenney (exact) // Top: JCPenney (exact)

So there you have it! My trick for sometimes looking cute: mixing and matching the hell out of a few staple pieces. It also helps that I normally score killer deals at JCP. This makes me and my wallet extremely happy.





  1. Lindsay says

    I love JCP! I will be soooo sad if they ever actually go out of business but, just think of all the amazing deals we would get at the ‘Going out of business sale’!!

  2. says

    I was looking in a magazine the other day and one of the CUTEST bikinis came from JCPenney. I definitely had the same mindset as you as a grandma department store, but now I am intrigued to take a trip! :o)

  3. says

    I love that you don’t think you are “all that fashionable”. Every outfit you post I am always like gosh I just love Colleens preppy look. We could share a wardrobe and dreams would come true LOL.

  4. says

    Girrrrl, you are rockin’ those outfits (that are super fashionable, by the way). I would absolutely say you are fashionable! And I especially love that you do it on a budget.

  5. says

    Love this approach! I too have adapted it with age, and it works! I think this comes along with learning to pack light, and I figure if I can mix and match my way through Europe I can use that approach in my daily life.

  6. Susan says

    You are adorable! And you’ve just given me so many ideas. Thanks! Gotta have the yellow dress and pink printed pants!

  7. says

    Ok, I LOVE that you are posting about JCP. I admit that I hold the same notion and VERY rarely shop there.
    That being said in my brain, I know very well that ever since they brought in (and subsequently fired) their last CEO to refresh product mix, their offerings for young professionals has been impressive!
    Unfortunately their sales have continued to slump and they have brought in a new CEO, but I sincerely hope, his return to their core client doesn’t ignore us!

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