You Know You’re a Dog Owner When…

… You can’t help but talk to your dog in a “goo goo ga ga” voice. You know what I’m talking about. 

… You plan your social outings around your dog’s food and bowel movement schedule.

… You can’t watch TV without the feeling that someone is watching you.

… You want to kiss the inventor of the Kong.

… Your heart feels warm every time you walk in the door from work. Or from grocery shopping. Or from checking the mail.

… You (repeatedly) have the crazy idea that running with an animal will be a smooth, fun process.

… You have a great appreciation for fenced in yards.

…You, and only you, think it’s hilarious when you dress him up as his alter ego, Carlton.

… You want to photograph your pup all.the.time. I mean, everyone wants to see your dog sleeping. And eating. And playing fetch. And chewing on his favorite toy….right?

… You finally have someone who will sit down and watch Ellen with you. What? Your dog doesn’t like Ellen?

… Your life is just – happier  :)

Let’s chat – Are you an animal person? Until we adopted Campbell – my answer would have been no!


  1. says

    Yes! As I’m writing this, I’m still in bed and my dog is stretched out at my feet, so I’d say I definitely am an animal person. I’m at home with my parents right now because I’m going overseas for an internship that starts next week, so I’ve kind of taken over their dog as my own. I can’t wait to eventually have my own, but I need to wait until a more certain time in my life when I know I’ll have time to care for one.

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    Having a dog definitely makes me happier! I mean seriously, no one relies on me and needs me this much probably ever in my life. Until I guess I have a real baby. Having a puppy is challenging, but the unlimited cuddles and kisses are worth it

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    Totally spot-on! It’s hilarious how much baby talk Ryan and I have been doing the past two weeks since we got Charlie… Never thought I’d get so many texts about bowel movements or have mini celebrations for doing business outside 😛

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    i just found your blog thanks to courtney at STSL and alyssa at A Life Of Blyss, and i’m excited to continue reading! i already love this post (the first one i’ve read) and can relate all too well. we have two labs that make my husband and me just SO happy! they are always making us laugh and make life that much more fun.

    • Colleen says

      Hey, Ashley! I’m so glad you stopped by! Aren’t labs the best?! My husband and I can spend forever sitting around laughing at Campbell – he’s too fun! :)

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    We just adopted a pup too, so I totally relate :) Suddenly having to go anywhere for longer that 15 minutes is a Big Deal, as we go through the, “Do we take her with?! Do we have to crate her?! Why doesn’t the Mexican restaurant just deliver?!?!” thing every time.

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