Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!

You will all be pleased to know that I survived my Lady Doctor experience. She did actually ask me how school was going, and it made me chuckle.

Since I dedicated my morning’s post to that experience, I need to fill you guys in on the rest of my (less traumatizing) day 😉

One thing was good about today’s appointment – I had a little extra time this morning. That meant I got to ditch P90X and actually go to the gym!! I ran three wonderful miles and felt great afterwards.

I came back to a breakfast of overnight oats. I again added pomegranate Chobani, but I also had a baby piece of a banana sitting around so I mashed that up and added it to the mix. It truly tasted like a pomegranate-banana smoothie! If I wasn’t so attached to my toppings, I would have eaten it as-is.

Once I got back to campus after visiting The Lady Doctor, I felt that it was more than appropriate to treat myself to some iced coffee. A grande sugar-free hazelnut coffee with skim milk, if you want to get technical 😉

I’m aware that drinking iced coffee while having to wear gloves seems counterintuitive, but it’s what I really wanted. I don’t mess with cravings. I just end up disappointed if I do 😉

Lunch today hit the spot. I had my veggies topped with a cut up veggie burger with an apple on the side.

Dinner will be classroom style tonight. It’s the regular turkey sandwich on a bagel thin with red peppers, hummus, mustard and half of a Laughing Cow spreadable cheese wedge. The co-stars of the meal are grapes and Kashi crackers.  I’m a creature of habit. And I’m a graduate student who can’t afford new and exciting meals all the time 😉

Today is day seven of the 30 Day Picture Challenge!

A picture of your night. Get ready to have your mind blown 😉

Textbooks and magazines. I like to mix business with pleasure :)

On to the winner of the CNC Stores Gift Card Give Away!!

Cynthia from It All Changes!! I love coffee mugs as well, so I hope you pick a neat one! :) Please email me at so I can send you the promo information.

Okay, my friends – I’ve got to run to class. Tonight we’re doing practice counseling sessions. My fictional problems include alcoholism, depression and a bout of infidelity. Whew! My “counselor” will have a lot to work with, that’s for sure! :)

Let’s chat – What breakfast would you make if you had extra time in the mornings? Are you a Chobani fan? Do you give yourself little treats when you “accomplish” something?


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    Oh my goodness, a woman after my own heart. I also NEVER mess with cravings. I end up completely off track if I don’t satisfy my craving appropriately. Meaning, if I eat a piece of fruit instead of the chocolate I want, I end up eating the fruit, some chips, a sandwich, and then the chocolate. Clearly, I am crazy!

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      Girl, I’m SO addicted to oats. Tomorrow is going to be the third day in a row that I have over night oats. They’re just THAT good.

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