Why It’s Fun Being a 20-Something Hostess

Whether it’s in a tiny apartment or a big new house, I’ve always enjoyed having my friends over for “get togethers.” Because after college graduation they’re no longer called “pre-games.”

This is the game, folks. Come prepared. 

As many of you know, try as I might, I am seriously incapable of channeling my inner-Martha. But that’s okay, because when you host parties as a 20-something, the expectations are set pretty low.

You can ask people to bring their own booze and it’s not considered rude or impractical.

No one cares if you don’t have matching serving dishes. It’s not plastic or foil? That’s high class!

DIY decorations are not only acceptable, but highly encouraged.

Pot-luck is the easiest kind of luck to come by.

After college, the depressing realization sets in that Real Life is void of weekly “sober sisters” to cart your drunk ass around, so friends rarely want to bother with figuring out driving. Let’s just get drunk at someone’s place and fall where we may.

And most importantly, I’ve realized that everyone else in their early-to-mid-20s is still figuring things out. No one has all of their shit together, and it’s just nice to be around people with whom you don’t have to pretend otherwise.

I’m glad you’re here, New Year’s Eve! I’m ready for ya! 😉

Let’s chat – What are your plans tonight? Staying in, or going out? We’re hosting a “get together” tonight! I can’t wait to spend time with my great friends!


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    I can totally relate to this graduating college and now somewhat working. Seriously, NO ONE has their shit together and that is what makes it the best. You aren’t really trying to impress anyone and can basically just relax with people versus being on your toes.

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    We’re hosting a party also! I’m stressing out a little because it’s the first time we’re having 15+ people in our 1,000 sq.ft. apartment (most of those feet being bathrooms and bedrooms), but my mom assures me that it’s going to be fun :). I can’t lie, I get satisfaction from cleaning the apartment to make it look like we don’t live here, lighting a couple of candles, and turning on some music to set the party mood. Don’t mind that we will be eating off of paper plates and drinking sangria from Solo cups — that’s where the 20-something excuse comes in ;).

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    We are going to a family/friends annual get together. I cannot stay up until midnight though :/ Have to get up and work in the morning- welcome to real life lol

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    I love this post. It is so true that it is super fun to be a 20-something hostess. I love that there is virtually no pressure to do anything “right” or “perfect” at this stage, and all it takes is a few good ideas from pinterest to completely impress my guests. Cheers to low expectations! :)

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