What More Could I Ask For?!

It’s been a little over three months since we moved into our new house, but this weekend we had our official housewarming party!

Don’t you adore these cookies?! Check out Kate from Kooking in Kate’s Kitchen – she’s amazing! 

Although we’ve had several parties since we’ve moved in, this was the first visit to the new digs for several friends and family members. That said, many of the “regulars” were here, and it was a great time!

My mom is the cutest.

There was more than enough food….

And the bar was stocked…

Cory’s favorite: bourbon & ginger

And we spent the afternoon hanging around the people we love the most. Although I was nervous to have a party all about my house, it was a perfect day, and my heart is full. What more could I possibly ask for?!

…Maybe for a one certain university to cancel night classes? 😉



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    awww your housewarming party sounds like such a blast and i’m super in love with those cookies! i LOVE a big fat suga-cookie :)

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