What $75 Looks Like

Do you know what $75 dollars looks like in my world?

It’s two shellac french manicures.

A handful of dresses from Target.

Or a nice pair of jeans from Ann Taylor Loft.

Going out on a fancy dinner date.

Or hoarding soft chicken tacos.

It’s a new pair of shoes.

It’s drinking pumpkin spiced lattes every day for almost a month.


I made it official. I’m absolutely, 100% doing this half marathon thing.

People always say that running is so great because it’s free.

I’m not so sure about that.

Let’s chat – If you had an extra $75 laying around, how would you spend it?


  1. Jennifer says

    Oh my gosh! I am obsessed with shellac! I haven’t had the french yet, but you highly recommend that? I have on a soft, but bright pink! (if that makes sense) Congrats on signing up for a half marathon! You will knock it out in no time!

    • Colleen says

      I’m obsessed with shellac, too! I got a french for my wedding and I got one this weekend too. I love it! I’m going to try a solid (dark) color next time. How long does it normally last for you?

  2. says

    So true! Not to mention the sneakers you go through, the clothes you need for all different weather and temperatures, the obsession you’ll find you have with buying just the “right” socks. It’s definitely notttt free

  3. says

    I’ve never ran in a race before and yesterday was my first 5K (woot, woot), when I got there I was thinking “what did I pay for?”, but they actually had a pretty nice spread for the participants. Hoping you get a 4 course meal for that price!

  4. says

    Nice job! Ya I don’t really understand why you have to pay to run…

    I guess look at it as donating to a charity, and you get some pretty sweet swag (at least I think you do).

  5. says


    um. because I’m not a running dork at all, I’d spend it on another lululemon piece to add to my lineup. or put it towards new sneakers. or more BIC bands. or Gus. or… other clothes. 😉

    I’m a mess.

  6. says

    you’re gonna kill it girl! so exciting! i think after you finish your half marathon you should get new shoes and a pedicure 😉 because well thats what i would spend $75 bucks on right now haha

  7. says

    Congrats! I just ran a half marathon in June, my first. It was a great experience but I don’t feel like I want to do another any time soon. I have so many things I’d do with $75, including a new comforter, jeans, underwear, Italy fund, the list goes on!

  8. says

    The Disney World half was $140 on opening registration day. It’s gone up. Running is definitely not free. Haha. Good for you, though! I’m sure you are going to do GREAT!

  9. says

    Congrats! I plan on signing up for an 8K- tomorrow! For some reason the website won’t work on my home computer so I’m going to have to sign up when I’m at work! Fortunately, it is $20 rather than $75. I would probably go clothes shopping…or buy another pair of TOMS.

  10. says

    My first half marathon was just a couple of weeks ago and it was only $50…still expensive but it’s not $75…don’t worry though, it will be totally worth it! :)

  11. says

    it is such a pain! running is free- except for races!! they get so much money for a free activity!..
    if i had 75 i would go shopping.. or gel manicures which i love but hate spending money on, or yea sign up for a race. my 3 addictions pretty much. or of course food!

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