Weekend Wrap Up: Wedding Season Beings!

This weekend was a fun whirlwind! Bobby and Whitney were in town, so all was right in the world. Normally, we enjoy laid back visits when we’re together, but this weekend we had a college friend’s wedding on the books.

Cory and Bobby were both involved in the wedding party, so they had to arrive early in the afternoon, which meant Whitney and I did, too. We adequately prepared to keep ourselves liquored up occupied all afternoon before the festivities began.



The wedding was a BYOB event, and that’s really something I can support. When I got ready to pour my first drink at the reception, I started to do so under the table.

When someone looked at me like I had just punched a baby and asked what I was doing, I was like, Oh, right! This is allowed!ย And then the drinks started flowing freely. It was a beautiful thing.


It might be just me, but I get a little overzealous with anything that’s mini-sized. When I saw all different mini wine bottles at World Market last week, I felt like I had hit the BYOB jackpot and bought, like, ten. They were plastic, too! How could I resist?!

It was a win-win, my friends.

It was a really a win-win-win because we got to spend the weekend with two of our absolute favorite people. Whenever we get to spend time with Bobby and Whitney, we’re reminded just how lucky we are to have such true friendship in our lives. It’s a rarity, am I right?!



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    Hi Colleen! I am a new reader and I am really glad I found your blog. You seem like a good time! Lol. I’m definitely a sucker for anything mini-sized or “limited edition”. I always say I’m a marketer’s dream!

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    I like your dress a lot. I loled a bit at pouring your own drink under the table. I know BYOB save a lot of money and you can have your own preference but I’m not sure it would be personally for me. I feel like it’s harder to make sure people don’t have too much, etc.

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    I really love the BYOB idea! It’s funny because some Indian weddings (when dry) end up being BYOB. Haha.

    And I agree 100% – good friendships are hard to find so we really need to cherish the ones we have. :)

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    BYOB!!!!!!!! WHAT IS THIS and why did no one tell me about this when I was getting married. I would have saved $7,000. I wish I were kidding on that number. Irish Catholics don’t play…

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    I love you. We went to an informal wedding 2 summers ago when I was preggers, and although it sort of BYOB, they had tubs with ice and beers in it, which I loved. But I couldn’t drink, so that part sucked.

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    We were at a wedding with friends this weekend and I felt the exact same way…like how did we get so lucky that we’re friends with these wonderful people. It truly is a blessing. The wedding was for my husband’s hockey buddy and I was struck the whole weekend at what loving, warm, kind men these guys are (even though we all went to college together and I’ve known them for a long time). I didn’t want to be seen walking into the hotel on Friday because I was wearing yoga pants and a tight shirt with my bra straps kind of showing and my hair in a greasy bun. But these guys walked up to greet me with big hugs and huge smiles…I don’t think I’ll ever forget the looks on their faces and their genuine joy to see me. It really is the small things.

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    BYOB wedding!? I’ve never heard of that – but I love it! Although you’re super classy with your cute mini bottles. I would of whipped out a handle of Captain and a 2 liter of Diet Coke and probably would have finished it (and gotten some stares) ๐Ÿ˜‰

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