Weekend Wrap Up

Hello, friends! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend – I know I did!*

*except for the fact that I broke my fucking iPhone and am now phone-less.

Cory and I made the trip up to Northern Virginia to see our best couple friends, Bobby and Whitney! We had SUCH a good time, per the usual.

Friday night was casual and laid back, as all Fridays should be. Saturday, though, we hit the ground runnin’.

Our first stop of the day was (Dunkin Donuts) a local farmer’s market. I was so thrilled when Bobby mentioned it. Aren’t farmer’s market’s THE best? Especially when you can make friends with little lambs?

You know why this is funny? (Hint: My first name is actually Mary.) Get it? ;)

We had lunch at Cory’s favorite local place, District Taco. You guys know I’m all about the Mexican food, and when I say District Taco is legit, you better believe me. Anyone in NOVA care to chime in? 

We also stopped by The Container Store, which if you ask me, is total paradise. Even though I’m not the most organized person, this store made me WANT to be the most organized person. Ever.

Before, heading home to comfy pants and the most delicious home cooked food, we stopped by a local distillery (of which I cannot remember the name!) for a short tour.

It was a small place, and we joked about it’s semi-creepy location, but once inside it was neat. An employee explained the process of making liquor, which was actually quite interesting, but then there was the “liquid portion of the tour” which was terrifying.

 I don’t do shots (that often) so I was thankful that this tour was only $5 – because I handled one sip before I felt like I was going to vom everywhere. UGH.

Sunday morning we hit the road. I was anxious to save my doggy from the kennel, but you guys were right, he didn’t even miss us! Other than being a little hungrier than usual, Campbell is doing just fine! :)

Have a happy Tuesday, ladies and gents! 

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14 Responses to Weekend Wrap Up

  1. Love your orange top! Sorry about your phone. :( It’s always nice to come home to your pup!

  2. What a fun weekend! Sorry about your phone….that stinks!

  3. Danica says:

    Please excuse me if I’m a total idiot by asking this question–but is your first name really Mary?! If so, I didn’t know that!

  4. carlyjg says:

    UGH about your iPhone. Nothing is more frustrating.

    I love Mary and her little lamb… Very appropriate.

  5. Megan says:

    So fun! The container store is amazinggg. I’m guessing you went to the one in Clarendon and I run by it all the time and slow down just to stare inside. I don’t dare venture in because I don’t think my wallet could handle it. Oh and District Taco is the bomb.

  6. Angela says:

    That little lamb is too cute! You should have snagged it… I’m sure your dog would have lovedddd the new playmate. ;)

  7. Freaking love the container store. I want to live there.
    Last year we went on a cruise and signed up for a rum and beer tour, which ended up being only a rum tour. I was bummed – one sip and I was done!

  8. A broken phone!? Say it ain’t so! I had to go a few days without my beloved phone after shattering it to pieces not too long ago and it was serious misery. Hope things get fixed soon!

  9. Prayers and Apples says:

    glad danica asked the mary/colleen question! i agree, you def look like a colleen… but now i can see the mary :) ..and that little lamb was adorable!

  10. Oh no you broke your phone! Ahh that stinks :(

  11. Laura Likes Design says:

    I’ve actually never had a shot before–I just don’t think I would like it! I’m more of a wine and fruity drink kind of gal!

  12. Ummm do we lead parallel lives? I dropped my iPhone into the Pacific Ocean last month AND I def have that coral top… Marshalls? xo TTT

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