Weekend Wrap Up

Hello, friends! If you had a long weekend, I sure hope you enjoyed it. Thankfully (and not thankfully, because I missed my family) we were in Richmond for the entire weekend. Hey, a weekend with NO travel?! What a novel idea! 😉

Since we had Thanksgiving on Wednesday night, the real Thanksgiving was a leisurely one filled with walks, visiting the house, and having dessert with Jamie and her family!

Having a long weekend was great – every day felt like Sunday, but without work or class looming on the horizon. Friday, with a day full of nothing, we hit the road and made our way to this money pit:

We love walking around Ikea. It can be dangerous though, because we walk around saying “Only $10.99?! We’ll take three!” It’s only when we get to the register do we actually realize the damage that’s been done.

As to not make that mistake again With that in mind, we only bought a few small items, but took our time walking around the showrooms. God, I love that place.

Aside from packing, a Sunday girlfriend shopping trip wrapped up my long weekend! It started with another Pottery Barn class, How to Host the Perfect Holiday Party. More on that tomorrow…

Tonight = second to last class/4 hour drive of the semester. Can I get big HELL YEAH?!

PS – Go wish my in-real-life-friend/sorority sister, Ashley a happy golden birthday. Seriously. Go do it. 

Let’s chat – Ikea: Love it, or totally overwhelmed by it?


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    I love IKEA but the quality isn’t always the greatest. I love browsing through the showrooms with friends but when I’m doing some serious shopping there, I like to be alone, otherwise I get really overwhelmed! haha

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    We have one of the biggest IKEAs in the world in town now … and I have to admit, I haven’t been since I was young enough to play in the ball pit WAYYY back in the day. Seeing as that is my lasting and predominant idea of IKEA, I can truthfully say “I love it!!”. However, adult opinions have yet to be determined. 😉

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    IKEA is amazing but I always want to buy everything I see. I get amnesia and forget I have a little house that won’t fit it all. Sounds like you had a great weekend…and what is a pottery barn class you speak of?

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    We bought quite a lot of our ‘big’ furniture from Ikea and it’s great. The husband loves putting it all together and feeling all macho with his ‘creations’. But I can’t bear to put stuff together as those diagrams it comes with just don’t make sense to me.

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    Love IKEA.. although, I think my husband has grown to not. I wonder if it has to do w/ the fact that I could walk around the store all day?? I mean, if I need a break I can just walk over to the restaurant area and refuel with some delicious food or frozen yogurt :)

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    I absolutely love Ikea, just to walk around and wish for a super organized closet with special drawers and hidden compartments for everything. That’d be a dream come true. Maybe someday!

    And I can’t walk out of there without spending at least $100. It’s kind of like Target in that way. Both are very dangerous.

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