Weekend Wrap Up

Boy howdy! I had a fun weekend :)

Friday was spent at my family annual golf tournament. We’ve been holding a charity golf tournament in my uncle’s name for nineteen years now, and it’s a day full of family and friends that I look forward to every year.

Kate and I were at the betting hole with my cousin Sarah which was fun, but it was cold.

I was glad that I packed my own personal warmth 😉

Saturday was a day of debauchery. Cory and I went to the Virginia Wine Festival with a group of friends and it was a blast!

Even though it was cold and rainy(ish), we walked around tasting what seemed like a million wines.

I’ll be honest – I’m completely ignorant in the wine department. I know if it’s a “good” wine if sipping it doesn’t result in me making a “ugh! gross!” face. I’m glad my friends were there to help me distinguish what “dry” means or to save me the trouble by saying “Don’t bother, Colleen. You won’t like this one.”

After we tired of standing in lines, it was time to retreat to our picnic table for more wine and some snacks.

Annnd maybe some rummy bears 😉


After I slept of my afternoon hangover, it was time to head to a gala for Cory’s work. I was excited because it took place at the Air and Space Museum. It was pretty neat to walk around and look at all the airplanes and space gadgets 😉

And as a consequence to my choices this weekend, I’m now sitting at home in a pile of homework up to my eyeballs (but it was so worth it.)

Let’s chat – Has your weekend been busy or relaxing?


    • Colleen says

      Ooh you better believe I took blog breaks to get through this afternoon :) It feels good to be done with everything though!

  1. says

    That sounds like so much fun! I’m kind of clueless in the wine department as well, but my parents are connoisseurs. I suppose I should chat them up for some tips :)

    My weekend was stressful because I took the GRE, but I’m so glad it’s over! Now to study for my three exams this week…

  2. says

    Oh my goodness – a gala at the Air and Space Museum?!?! How amazing! I’m thoroughly jealous. My hubby and I hope to take a trip to DC soon – and that’s on my ‘must do’ list. Although, it probably won’t include the gala part – but still 😉

  3. says

    Ha! I love the italicized “as a consequence of my choices”. It’s ok to choose to have fun! That gala looks amazing. Congrats to your hubby! I would love to go somewhere where I have to get all dolled up! Haven’t done that in ages…

  4. says

    hello beautiful in that black dress! U guys both look hot! Marriage looks good on you both ; )

    Oh the wine thing looked fun, I would of passed out after two drinks of wine, Im such a lightweight, go you ! ha!


  5. says

    The wine festival looked so fun! I am going to one this weekend and this post made me super excited. When I lived in Virginia, my company had a party at the air and space museum and it still stands as one of the funnest (most fun if you want to be gramatically correct) events i’ve been to!

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