Weekend Wrap Up

Hi, friends! I apologize for the minimal/late blogging this weekend. I was out having fun yesterday and today has been consumed with driving, packing and unpacking.

Yesterday was such a good time, though! Not to mention absolutely gorgeous outside!

When we got to Richmond, we didn’t waste much time before we were out walking around in the beautiful sunshine. We made our way to Verry Berry, which happens to be the best frozen yogurt place I’ve ever visited. Even better than my beloved Sweet Frog! If you live near the Richmond area, you MUST go to Verry Berry. Soon. And often.

Just look at the toppings bar!

There was tons of fruit to the left of this, but I was less interested in that 😉

Jamie and Emily said my fro-yo looked pathetic, so I’ll forego any pictures – but man, it was tasty!

We passed this cute coffee shop while we were walking around, so we decided to venture in when we all agreed that the fro-yo (at noon) would not hold us over until dinner time. I ordered half of a turkey and cheese sandwich that was topped with Granny Smith slices. Yummay!

We ended up walking around this super, super cute part of Richmond called Cary Street. We walked into all kinds of fun shops – one being a neat toy store. Yes, we did try on the hats and glasses in the “dress up” section :)

We finally made our way to local Mexican restaurant and got our grub on. It’s what we do best 😉

I don’t know WHAT that white sauce was, but it was fantastic.

The night was relatively low key. We stopped by to say hi to Jamie’s parents and enjoyed a glass of wine.

My camera was acting like a silly bitch and would not focus. Just squint a little bit 😉

We spent the rest of the night in sweats, drinking cocktails and watching chick flicks! Perfection.

I can’t lie, I’m dreading getting back into the swing of the real world tomorrow. Back to school. Back to work. Back to eating dinner alone or in class. I cannot explain to you how happy it made me to see Cory every day this week. Life is just so much better when you have someone to come home to, you know? Five more months. Fiiiive mooooree months 😀

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, my friends!

Let’s chat – How do you prepare yourself for the work/school week when the weekend is coming to an end? When a vacation ends, do you find it difficult to get back into your normal routine?



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    ughh you’re killin me with this fro yo! i want some meow ha! never the less sounds like a fabulous weekend for you! Usually towards the end of the week is my hard part- so I go to the gym and work out my frustration if I have any and that helps to relieve any stress! I also jam out to music and dance in my living room (shh)

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    I second Cait. It seems froyo bars are everywhere…except here. I don’t think this is fair 😉
    Glad to hear you had a great weekend! Good friends and good weather make everything better, I think! I definitely get back to work blues too, though. Which is sort of pathetic because I enjoy my job…but maybe not quite as much as I do time off. I just tell myself I’d get bored without work eventually. It doesn’t usually work but whatever 😛

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      I agree with you – I tell myself I would get bored and pudgy if I didn’t have something to keep me occupied during the day :) But I really, realllly enjoy time off :) Come on down to DC and we’ll eat fro-yo all day!

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    What a freaking awesome fro-yo bar! I just had some yesterday, I think I have a fro-yo addiction. Unhealthy? I still haven’t decided :)

    Favorite quote of all the posts I’ve read today, “My camera was acting like a silly bitch and would not focus.”
    Hands down you win 😀

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      Hahha! I think I call everything a silly bitch from time to time :) Girl, we are on the same page with the fro-yo addiction. If I’m ever in Miami, you know we’re meeting up and getting some!

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    I LOVE fro-yo! I wish we had self-serve places in the UK! And that Mexican looks delicious 😀
    On the other hand, I HATE going back to work after vacation :-( I find the best way is just to jump in at the deep end though, and try not to worry about it too much!

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    i loovveee frozen yogurt places so much! and i figure the healthy froyo cancels out the toppings lol
    haha!! i love the picture:)
    i really dislike trying to get back into a routine after a vacation, it sucks… so i don’t usually prepare. i’m in denial until it actually happens :)

    i would LOVE to have a guest post from you on my blog! if you’d like to send me one sometimes, i’d gladly post it.

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    I think it is difficult to get back into work mode! Lol. I’m trying to get into work mode right now (even though I go on leave in two days!) and it’s rough! I love the dress-up pictures! You’re so pretty!

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    I love waking up on a Monday morning to read your blog, I instantly forget I’m mad it’s only monday! I looove Carytown, so many cute shops and good FOOD :) I cant wait to try Very Berry!!

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    Ahh! More fro yo! I’m still jealous :)

    Hmm, when I’m not looking forward to going back to work, I try to get all of my chores (laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc) done as early as possible so that I can have fun the rest of the day. And I try to make sure I’ve got everything ready for the next morning so there’s no stress.

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