Weekend Wrap Up

Hello, party people! I hope you had a lovely weekend. I made sure that mine was jam-packed with activities because Cory has been gone since Friday morning, and I get bored easily.

Friday, Jamie came over to spend the night because I simply hate sleeping alone in this big house. It’s totally rational to think that the murderers will stay away when my pretty girlfriend comes to sleep over. Right?

Saturday was brunch with Clare! She recapped our time together perfectly. Long story short, we’re in love and real-life friends now.


Leading up to brunch, I was super excited and slightly nervous. It was literally like going on a first blind date. Lucky for us, we hit it off immediately. She’s freaking hilarious, and I loved chatting about stuff that doesn’t make it on our blogs. It was a total blast.

That night I drank way too much sangria at my neighbor’s house, and got a late start on Sunday before making the drive to Norfolk to hang out with my brother for his birthday.

We drank, obviously. And we made musical history by performing the best duet of all time.


I totally see that guy in the back totally giving me the judge face, but what can you do? People are intimidated by our level of awesomeness.

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13 Responses to Weekend Wrap Up

  1. Amanda Jean says:

    Colleen, you’re absolutely adorable.

  2. I love when blog friends become real-life friends!! :)

  3. happsters says:

    I love that you guys met up in real life! So fun!

  4. clarebrady says:

    hahahah i love you. and getting texts from you when you’re drunk :)

  5. Marissa says:

    You two are too cute! I love reading both of your blogs.

  6. You and Clare just look like BFF’s!!! Sounds like a fun weekend. I could go for some sangria right at this moment

  7. Caroline says:

    Love Claire! Met her at Healthy Living Summit last year in Boston- so nice! It’s a small blog world out there :)

  8. Not gonna lie, that blazer looks FIERCE on you!

    • Colleen says:

      Oh, wow! Thanks! That’s so funny – a few people have commented on it, and it’s my brother’s! It was just super cold so I put it on!

  9. get out of here with your amazing legs and blazer! you are rocking that look!! love it!

  10. I feel the same way when meeting other bloggers–it might even be worse than a blind date because you actually know a lot about their life!

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