Virginia Wine Expo

This weekend was one that I had been looking forward to for weeks. The Virginia Wine Expo is one of my favorite events of the year! I mean, what’s not to love about walking around a convention center sampling Virginia wines for hours on a Saturday afternoon?

Answer: not much.

group1For any new readers, Bobby and Whitney are our best couple friends, and they made the trip from NOVA this weekend to frolic with us at the expo which made things even more exciting.

And while I didn’t go with my sister wife, I was glad to run into her and chat before I got completely hammered. I’ll be honest, guys, wine tastings aren’t meant for light weights like myself.

Screen shot 2014-02-23 at 8.11.17 PM

We ended up sampling tons of great wines and came home with a few bottles from Cooper Vineyards. I had to go in with a budget, or else I would have easily blown the bank.

And then, I came come and took a 2 hour a nap. Hashtag champion.

Screen shot 2014-02-23 at 8.43.26 PM




  1. Ashley Cooper says

    Oh my, Cooper Vineyard is my all time favorite VA wine! Their Sweet Louisa and Sweet Rhapsody are my favorite!

  2. Kate says

    I love the VA Wine expo. Sad to miss it! I actually joined Cooper’s Wine club. Nothing like getting 3 bottles of their wine in the mail 4x a year! well worth it!

  3. Jennifer G. says

    Bobby and Whitney….love them. Don’t know them, but I’m sure their “prerogative” is to alllwaaayysss looove” each other. And even though I’m sure they’ve been there, heard that, I had to go there. I’m sorry. Don’t let my comment affect your desire to blog. ☺️

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