Video Blog (Cory’s Debut!)

Happy Monday, my friends! Did you have a good weekend? I did, but it seems like I’m 1 of 5 bloggers in the whole world who didn’t get to go to the Healthy Living Summit :( Luckily, Cory and I were able to go visit my parents for the weekend to celebrate my dad’s birthday!

Anyway, Jamie reminded me on Friday that I did not post the video blog that Cory and I made for our 1st anniversary. It was supposed to go live while we were in Mexico, but technical difficulties put a halt to that.

Jamie and Emily assured me it was funny and “so us” so I decided to bring it out and grace you with it’s presence. Clearly we didn’t rehearse this. It was on a whim. Keep that in mind.

Enjoy! And welcome Cory’s first contribution to the blog! 😉

Let’s chat – What’s YOUR dream vacation? Our vacation to Puerto Vallarta was dreamy! Up next on my wish list? Hiking the Grand Canyon!  


  1. Lauren Kennedy says

    I like your hair like that! That voluminous mouse is gettin it donnnne.

    Also, you remind me of Kourtney Kardashian in this video. Coming from me, this is a compliment because I am obsessedddd with the Kardashians and she is, by far, the most normal of them all. And the cutest! :)

      • Lauren Kennedy says

        Hahah I hated Scott in the beginning but now he is literally the funniest character on the show. Mainly because he makes fun of how ridiculous everyone is in that family on the regular, which I love.

  2. says

    OMG, Cory’s eye-roll with the previous girlfriends question has me laughing out loud at work!
    I love this! Thanks for sharing! Props to Cory for agreeing to do this–what a trooper! I’ve been bugging my husband for a while and he hasn’t agreed yet.

  3. says

    Oh my, this video was super cute! I remember when you two use to come into the gym at that unGodly hour of 6something… Yet you both seem more awake in the video! I guess that is a good thing!

    Well Cory welcome to the blog, see ya in a year!

    • Colleen says

      Oh, I loved going to the gym super early! You were always more awake than me – I felt like I was just like “Ugh. Here’s my ID. I’m still asleep” haha! My teacher friends in practicum used to be like “I think I saw you walking to the gym this morning. It was still dark.” Yeahh. That would be me :)

  4. Jamie says

    SO glad you decided to post it! This is typical Cory and Colleen…and I love it! Cory’s facial expressions the entire video make me laugh out loud.

  5. says

    Okay I died watching this – especially the part where Cory mocks you and says “ARE WE POOR!??” mainly because I do the same thing to John whenever he mentions I shouldn’t use the credit card anymore that month. he’s like “uhh, no it’s called a budget.” Whatever.

  6. says

    if it makes you feel better i’m one of the 5 bloggers who didn’t go to HLS too! hah – maybe we’ll make an appearance next year? you and the hubs are adorable! congrats to you guys!

  7. Sarah L says

    Hi Colleen!

    Your video made me laugh out loud (“Are we poor?”), you two are so cute! Happy Anniversary!

    Ps. I love your hair like that!

  8. says

    Oh my gawd this is soooooooooo cute. I don’t think my husband and I could ever do this because 1) there would have to be a lot of editing of innappropriate comments and 2) we don’t know how to do that haha. Very adorable though, Colleen!

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