Ugly Sweaters


I told you all that Christmas Eve is one of my favorite days of the year, and this year didn’t disappoint! One little twist to this years’ event was the introduction of Ugly Sweaters.

I sent out an email to my family a few weeks ago challenging everyone to show up wearing something ugly and tacky. As you can see, only a few of us played the game – but those who played, played well!

I of course, had the only homemade sweater.

I was all about the ugly sweater party, but not even my own husband wanted to join in on the festive fun. He told my family members that I had enough ugly for the both of us. He then clarified to me that he was only talking about my sweater. Good save, Cory. Good save 😉

 My Grandma agreed with him though. She said my mom and I had it covered – and she added “You know I don’t do ugly anyway.” 

Although she totally does fun.

And today was such a wonderful day. We spent our first married Christmas together, we had breakfast and gifts with my family and now we’re in Richmond with Cory’s family. We are beyond blessed to have lives filled with love, family, happiness, and health. What more could we possibly ask for? :)

Now I’m headed back to spending time on the couch attempting to shake a slight food coma. Enjoy the rest of your night!


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    hahaha i love it! i’ve never been to an ugly xmas sweater party but it sounds/looks like such a blast! maybe i’ll have to host my own next year :)

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    Ugly sweater parties are one of the best ways to ring in the holiday cheer! I am totally inspired to make my own sweater/ sweatshirt for next year- you did a fabulous job! I borrowed my momma’s this year 😛

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