TV Eater

I’m a TV eater.

Wait. No. I don’t eat TVs. I enjoy eating in front of them. I know every health magazine out there condemns that mindless, shove-don’t-savor eating technique, but whatever.

I enjoy it.

Last night, I was on my own for dinner so I enjoyed Jimmy Johns a la DVR. Pretty Little Liars was up first. It’s times like these when I’m immensely thankful I’m not on a reality show; because most nights I’m sitting on my couch like a damn pig in sweats watching a TV show meant for a target audience of prepubescent girls.

Good thing my blog can paint me in a more attractive, less pathetic light, am I right? 

I digress.

So, I finish #PLL and I move onto Dance Moms. It’s at that point I think Hmmm, I still want to eat. 

So, I pause the child prodigies who, by the way, make me feel even more pathetic as I watch them win dance competions at the ages of 9 and 10, and I’m all, Hey, I’m 26 and today I answered emails and bought tissues for the office.  

Again, I digress.

I end up eating a shit ton of left over cookie dough from this weekend. I may have even had a spoonful of buttercream frosting, but that’s neither here nor there.

Afterwards, I felt like shit. Shocking, I know.

Then, something that hasn’t happened in months, smacked me in the brain. I was having a mental battle for like, 25 minutes, berating myself for eating that dessert.

It’s at this point that Kim of Queen started and I felt a little better. You would think a tween pageant show would make me feel on par with the baby dancers show, but that’d be wrong.

Thankfully, I was slapped back to reality by my favorite POSITIVE reality TV show, Kim of Queens. Kim Gravel is so freaking positive and life coach-y that she made me, the lazy slob on the couch, feel positive too.

In conclusion, one freaking dessert isn’t going to make or break a damn thing.

So, that’s pretty much my roller coaster of emotions around TV and food.



  1. says

    I can totally relate to everything you just said! Eating sweets in front of TV while watching PLL? Yuppp, that happens, though right now I have to see the winter season of PLL, that means couple of hours with iPad, eating more chips or candies than ever! Maybe a jar of healthy nutella? (there is one, look for it at chocolate covered katie). Love this post and your authenticity!!

  2. Nikki says

    I eat at the table half the time. I have been living with my husband for 4 years now and he only ever eats at the table when company visits.

  3. says

    I’m a TV or computer eater…unless I’m eating with someone, it’s just so BORING to eat alone and at least the TV or computer keep me occupied. I also think they help slow me down a bit because I’m not standing there eating being like “hurry up so you can go DO something!”

  4. Jaclyn says

    My husband and I eat and watch a mutually-liked show together (Survivor, Shark Tank, SNL) during dinner every weekday! I know that is looked down upon by some, but it’s quality time in my book and we enjoy it. Then during my alone time, aka time when my husband isn’t around to complain about what I’m watching, I watch Pretty Little Liars (I’m 28 and feel silly for being hooked on this show but oh well) and my Real Housewives shows…. with snacks! :)

  5. Laura says

    And THIS is why yours may be the only blog I continue to read… thanks for making me feel ‘normal’. Or, dysfunctional and not alone ; )

  6. says

    It’s okay and it happens – that’s my take on this. We all deserve those mindless sit in front of the TV, chocolate/ ice cream/ chips/ whatever and watch quality 😉 TV shows [Germany’s next topmodel’s my guilty pleasure] nights. Just because. Sure, there will always be somebody letting us know we could do ‘better’ than sit around but heck, if it’s the way we can relax best and we enjoy it: why not?! Health magazines sometimes miss the destressing part of life, I think :) .

  7. says

    Been there haha the nights when my roommate takes over the living room are the nights I get no evening snacks. I try to avoid her (I’m moving in like 3 weeks!) So I will make dinner and hide out in my room until morning or go over to friends or the boys. Now when I start living alone… snacks beware – if you are in the house, you are going in my belly.

  8. says

    Haha! I (almost) always eat in front of the t.v. I’m Ironman training so honestly it’s more about multitasking. If I didn’t eat in front of the t.v. the DVR would never get emptied (or I’d never eat). And, not gonna lie, being single, it kind of sucks eating at an actual table by yourself.

  9. says

    Lol I had to laugh at your post title! It was intriguing! But I get what you say. We eat in front of the tv as well mainly because it’s the only time we get to catch up on our soaps and quizzes. But we will change and eat by the kitchen table as soon as Little Miss is old enough to be sitting in a highchair and eating solids.

    Never ever feel bad for eating sweets! A little of what you like cannot be bad for you! And they’re especially good in front of the tv! :)

  10. says

    This is my life…and I’m not ashamed…except for me it’s usually a jar of peanut butter or a bag of jumbo raisins (b/c jumbo raisins are the only way to go).

  11. says

    Love that you specified that you don’t eat TVs. I eat in front of my computer at work, and in front of my TV at my apartment, which means I hardly ever pay attention to what I’m eating and my hunger cues. It’s the best time to catch up on TV! I can’t quit PLL, and I love Dance Moms but am so far behind. Those little divas make me jealous of my life choices to not become a child prodigy. Girls have moves. I gots none.


  1. […] Collen’s recent post got me thinking about eating habits. Currently we eat our dinner on the sofa in front of the telly box. I don’t believe this is a good thing really but currently it’s the only time we have to catch up on the soaps and quizzes that we record during the day. We have to watch them daily otherwise our Sky+ box will be full! […]

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