1. Mal says

    you crack me up. hahah – i loved this. I hate “selfies” on instagram too. one or two is fine, but 29? stop! so annoying! as you say, “look in the to yourself” LOL! i also hate when people instagram things that should never be instagrammed- like umm a house fire? i swear someone did that the other day. WHY.

  2. says

    You crack me up! Yes, I took cotillion; and kind of enjoyed it. But now I cannot remember anything, yet my kids are now taking it and I get a kick out of it. Don’t worry, I still google everything just to make sure!

    Oh, just try vacuuming the house and make sure the air filters are clean. Or just make sure everything is dusted off. Since it was just built, the sawdust might not be settled yet so it still is flying around and trying to nest around. Also, since you moved out of the city the weeds and pollen out there might be different than in the city; or just more readily available to get to your sinuses.

  3. says

    I thoroughly enjoyed this – especially the word “douchey”. You are THE BEST. And every time I take my picture with my Starbucks cup I’m going to think of you.

    Oh, and I loved your use of the word girth. bahahaha. This made me laugh hardcore.

  4. Stephen Lee says

    Do you have a lot of carpet? That is what cause mine in a new house. Vacuum 4-5 times and it should help with your allergies.

  5. says

    Ohhh, cotillion. It’s a HUGE deal in the Richmond area, as I’m sure you’ve heard. My parents signed me up — as did the parents of every short, sweaty-handed, awkward-voiced pre-pubescent boy in surrounding neighborhoods. BARF. I will be doing my unborn children a favor and vowing never to put them through the monthly torture of cotillion. Loved this vlog, btw 😉

  6. says

    So…probably one of the ONLY personal video blogs I’ve actually enjoyed recently. You are funny and not nervous-fake-whatever. I LOVE your comments about the “selfies” and though I occasionally indulge in those, I try to keep it rare! Hilarious. You are one of the few people that should be allowed to these vlogs.

  7. says

    i really enjoyed hearing your voice, like the commenter above i never leave a comment but it was awesome to listen to this! My aunts sent me to manners school for one weekend… yep that happened. I am proud to say I learned some stuff but will continue to not know anything about etiquette. whooops

  8. says

    haha you crack me up.
    1. I do selfies. Sorry (except not really)
    2. I did cotillion. It was silly. But fun to see friends. And I have yet to use my waltzing skills.
    3. Family room = TV, lounge area, Living room = formal for guests (at least in my house)

    • Colleen says

      1. We all do selfies. You’re not on my selfie shit list hahah.
      2. Just like long division, I have yet to use my waltzing skills outside of class.
      3. Go to grad school in VA? kthanks.

  9. says

    While Chelsey’s comment indicates that she enjoyed your vlog very much, this comment is going to indicate that Chelsie seconds Chelsey’s opinion!! I think that so many people have totally truthful thoughts that they fear expressing for various reasons (whether they think their opinion doesn’t matter or that they’ll be shamed and judged … whatever the case), and I think that putting it all out there is what NEEDS to be done. We can change the world, if only we try. And I’m not saying that we can change the world, but if everyone raises their voice on SO many topics, we can cause a shift. Whether it be about how the size of someone is perceived in society, or cutting down on the number of self-righteous selfies — it all has an effect. Keep speaking out!! I’ll keep cheering you on and trying my best to do the same. :)

  10. kristin says

    lol you’re hilar, you might be the only blog whose video-blogs I’d watch. I don’t know you besides this blog – that I believe I found before I moved to Virginia from Texas – and I’ve kept up to it purely for the wittiness, if that’s a word. So thanks! :)

  11. Andrea says

    I just discovered your blog from Chelseys page. I loved the blog you are funny..can’t wait to read the catch up on the rest of your blog.

  12. says

    This video is amazing. I love it. I also was FORCED to go to cotillion. There was this horrible boy Reid who was actually a lot larger than I was, even though I was like 6 feet tall at birth (I guess he was larger width wise, and probably equal height wise.) Anyway, he was WEIRD. He would ALWAYS ask me to dance with him and I could never say no, because “that’s rude,” or so our cotillion lady would tell us. She would clack her castanets at us (separate story.) Anyway, Reid had horribly sweaty palms, so I made my mother buy me little white gloves so that I didn’t have to get his sweat all over my hands! It was horrible.

  13. says

    I don’t think I’ve ever commented, but now I really want to- this was hilarious! I hate selfies – we actually have a running joke in my family where we take selfies and send them to my sister bc she’s the worst selfie culprit!

  14. says

    Selfies make me soooo angry. They just need to stop! This vlog was great. You are adorable. I feel completely douchey when I tell people my blog url too. I don’t even know what I was thinking when I made that name, it’s not even my style. I just liked the two b words. HA.

  15. maria says

    HA. my sister is obsessed with the “snapchat” app–which is basically sanctioned selfies. totally agree. totally douchey.

  16. says

    I love this. So many words that sound so natural in your head typing…but then outloud they’re “douchey.” (Douchie? No sure… haha) I feel like I am allergic to everyone and their mom’s house. Literally. I just moved and luckily I’m not allergic, I feel like I would be, I was worried about it, so I scrubbed and vacuumed a lot a lot before we actually stayed here. It must of worked.


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