Totally Truthful Thursday: Family Reunion Edition

– This past weekend, Cory and I attended a family reunion (my mom’s side) and I had a blasty-blast. Can you guess how many family members were there? If you guessed 380, you’d be correct.

Some of my gorgeous cousins!

– My brother thinks I’m annoying, and he can no longer dispute it. It was caught on film.

Caption 1: “Colleen, you are an annoying gnat. I won’t talk to you.”

Caption 2: “Seriously, Colleen. What the hell do you want from me?”

Caption 3: “Oh fine. I’ll take a GD picture with you.”

– My cousin Amy is the kind of person I want to hang out with all the time. She had me laughing all weekend! We attempted to workout on Saturday morning, but when we got to the gym, all the machines were in use. Then we decided we’d go outside for a workout, only to find it was raining. We figured the intent to workout probably burned some calories, right? 😉


– I held a baby. Three years ago, I technically held a baby for the first time in my life, but I was slightly pressured into it (the good intention was there – I just wasn’t ready for it!)

But this weekend, for the first time in my life, I said: Okay, let me hold the baby. (My cousin and his wife have a 7 month old) It went much better than expected. He didn’t cry or have explosive diarrhea as soon as I touched him. My cousin’s wife was also chill as hell, which helped immensely. She was like, You won’t break him, but you I get why you don’t want to hold him.

– I love my grandma because she’s so awesome. How many 82-year-olds do you know who take funny pictures like this with their grown children? Or stay up until 3 AM, three nights in a row drinking bourbon, for that matter? 😉

– My mom is the boss of the world (and I love her.) Pictured here, she wanted everyone’s full attention before singing a patriotic song. Don’t ask questions.

– I love Cory for his presence on the dance floor.

It was such a great event planned by one branch of our family (YAYY, Mary Ellen and the 10’s!) and I’m sad that it went by so quickly. It’s a reunion that happens once every 5 years – and I’m already looking forward to the next one!

Let’s chat – How many (first) cousins do you have? 10 on my mom’s side and 9 on my dad’s! 


  1. Ashley Jarrett says

    Oh my goodness I just BUST out laughing at work! They all think I’m crazy now! Can your mom please visit me and sing to me! HAHAH! I am soo glad you had such a great time!

  2. says

    Please tell me y’all had shirts made…its not a family reunion without the shirt…ha ha jk Looks like it was a fun one! I only have 4 cousins (and all boys) so when we get together is still fun, but not as big of a party as yours

  3. Lauren says

    A few things…

    Since I was not there (DAMNIT) I have only 2nd hand stories and FB posts so thank you for this!

    A – The gorgeous cousins photo is almost at full potential, my presence would have clearly made it perfect

    B – I can’t believe grandma is 82, I can believe she stayed up past 3AM drinking Bourbon

    C – The photo of your mom, was this right before she sat on a styrafoam (how the hell do you spell that?) cooler and busted her ass?

    I’m sad I missed it but happy social media is allowing me to see for myself the non-sense that occurred.

    • mary ellen says

      We missed you a lot Lauren. You may not miss another one ever. Oh by the way, you are planning the next one. Your dad was nice enough to take my niece to the airport as they were on the same flight. I’m telling you, Mason and Dayton are not that far apart. You are in the FB family reunion group aren’t you? If not let me know. I know people. I can get you in. I got Colleen in. ;+)

  4. Joni says

    Don’t you hate it when people insist that you hold the baby? So annoying. So much better when you actually want to.

  5. mary ellen says

    Nice recap Colleen! It was fun planning it as well as partying it up. Colleen’s grandma and my dad are cousins. Grandma Mary is the one who got these reunions started back in 1975. I haven’t missed one. We are blessed and lucky to have the family we have. HHHmmmm how many cousins….let me get the green book out…..There are 35 of us on dad’s side, but I include spouses, so there’s another 24….And all their kids are like nieces and nephews because we are just that close. On my mom’s side there are only 20 of us and another 15 in spouses. We have reunions on mom’s side too. And something that is really cool is that some of my maternal cousins and paternal cousins concsider each other cousins and their kids also consider each other cousins. We have a big get together in Florida at Thanksgiving with both sides of the family invited and it usually has about 40 of us every year. We are family. It was so nice to meet Cory. Hugs.

  6. Kathy Hansen says

    Hey from Georgia. I’m Kathy (McCarthy) Hansen 10.1.2. Love this blog. You Harolows set the bar for family partying. Your Grandma (Mary Harlow) and Mom (Katie Harlow) have been role models for me through the years. Both so gorgeous inside and out. Both so classy and FUN! Love you cousin.

  7. says

    Holy crap, your family is HUGE!!! My family is just my mom, dad, my dad’s mom, and my mom’s parents. We have some friends of the family that I consider my “aunts and uncles” and I also have two first-cousins that live in Germany. But besides that… nothing!

    Sometimes I like having a small family because sometimes I can’t even handle the ones that I have! But other times I think about what it’s going to be like when I’m my parents’ age and I’m the

    Hopefully, I’ll pick up some family on my future husband’s side!

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