Totally Truthful Thursday

1. Real thought: Seriously, how did I maintain an active social life in college? New Years Eve was a total blasty blast, but I seriously have a hard making a sprightly comeback after a night of heavy alcohol consumption.

2. Cory and I now go to the same gym. For some reason, this is making getting up at 5:20 super challenging. When we were separately responsible for making it to our own workouts, it was a different story. But now? We play the half-awake do you want to go? game. Spooning and an extra hour of sleep tends to reign victorious. This is something we’re working on.

3. Last night, Cory gave Campbell a shower. Not our brightest decision.

No, I did not take actual photos of that event.

4. Is anyone else ready for good TV to start existing again? Good gracious, there is nothing to watch. It’s almost making me want to finish unpacking and/or be productive after dinner. Key word: almost.

5. Speaking of good television – I CAN’T WAIT FOR SUNDAY!!!!

6. My mom overheard some friends discussing their annoyance about Facebook’s privacy settings. They were outraged that nothing is “private anymore.” A brilliant dude said, Here’s the policy: if you want to keep something private, don’t put it on Facebook. Amen, brotherman.

7. Stop flooding your Instagram with “selfies” while pretending to show off your stud earrings or something equally unnoticeable.  If you want people to comment about how great (you obviously think) your face looks, just say it.

8. Do you know who I adore? THIS LADY.

9. Is it Friday yet?


  1. says

    I don’t have cable but I just watched the first two season of Dowtown on Amazon and I’m addicted. I blew threw them in like a week. Don’t give any spoilers once the series starts up again as I probably won’t see them for months after!

  2. says

    oh my gosh i cant wait for sunday and a new episode of revenge – its been like weeksssssssssssss!!! and omg selfie comment, ummm so so so true. haha glad you had a good new years, recovery day aka new years day didnt go as smoothly as it used to for us either 😉 ohhh the fun of getting older, right?!

  3. Erika says

    My husband and I will race each other to see who can get ready faster – that usually makes us both get up and get moving… and surprisingly I win a lot!

    Personally I wish Facebook would just go away.

  4. says

    I’ve definitely unfollowed people for posting werid things on IG. And just this weekend I started a FB cleanse. As awesome as social media is, it weirds me out sometimes!

  5. says

    I recently deleted someone off of IG for violating #7. We blog. We like ourselves. I get it. But $@&%, woman, how many times a day do I have to see your face? “Here is my latte… With my face.” “Here is my new lipstick… But really just look at me!” And whyyyyy do you have to POUT to show me your new scarf? I don’t get it. Clearly, I am way too worked up about this. haha

    • Colleen says

      YES! I feel the exact same way! Have I ever taken a picture of myself and posted it to a social media avenue? Of COURSE! But really? 10 selfies a day? Get over yourself.

  6. chasingchels says

    I love you and your posts. Seriously, they never fail to make my day, especially since you always make me laugh and say exactly what i have thought on more than one occasion! And hallelujah that Downton Abbey is back on Sunday!! Been way too long with nothing good on tv!

  7. says

    AHAHAAHAHA I haaate instagram selfies. All of my friends post them eeeeeveryday and it drives me nuts! I refuse to like them. And I keep hearing about Downton Abbey and I reeeeally want to watch it now! To bad it is all hulu plus :/

  8. says

    Okay I agree with all of these.


    I admit that several of my coffee a day photos have my face in it. Including today…I just get bored taking a photo of a cup with brown liquid in it all the time. I’ll promise I’ll be better for you and the rest of my IG friends. My least favorite part of instagram is the “fashionable” people that post a photo of them in some scandalous outfit when 90% of the users are female or creepy dudes. That doesn’t make you fashionable…just a hoe.

    • Colleen says

      But your #coffeeaday is like, a thing. It’s not like you’re just taking pictures of yourself for shits and giggles. Or, maybe I just like you. Regardless, you don’t annoy me. Promise!

  9. says

    Winter hiatus on tv will be the death of me. But I guess it makes me more appreciative of my couch potato time when they’re back on. :) CAN’T WAIT FOR DOWNTON ABBEY!

  10. says

    I hate it when people post on Facebook like every five seconds. Seriously if you’re on FB that much, you don’t have a life. Whew, sorry, got that outta my system!
    I know what you mean about excessive drinking, a hangover lasts like ALL day now. Seriously not fun.

  11. says

    We play the “do you want to go” game too! I think its just harder because we can use each other as an excuse not to get up…we don’t always make it, but we usually feel guilty and go at some point in the day.

  12. says

    I am beyond excited for Downton Abbey too!! Literally can’t wait. And it takes me days to bounce back from a night of drinking these days. My former 19 year-old self just doesn’t exist anymore!

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