Totally Truthful Thursday

– We close on the house this Monday. I AM SO EXCITED.

– That said, you never realize how much shit you own until you need to fit all of it into boxes. (I can imagine this problem magnifies when you have a large home and/or children. It’s just the two of us, and we’re packing up a one-bedroom apartment. I’m a #diva.)

– You know what I appreciate? Drivers who give you the “hey, thanks” wave when you let them over. As you can imagine, I judge everyone who doesn’t give such wave.

– You know what I don’t appreciate? When my a TV show runs longer than anticipated and my DVR doesn’t get the last two, EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, minutes of the show. Yeah, I’m talking about a X-Factor results show.

Via the search I had to do because my DVR let me down.

– Speaking of TV, all my dreams came true. Cory + Topanga are back in action. I’m probably more excited about this than I should be. I’m also keenly aware of the fact that I will be a 25 year old woman tuning into the Disney Channel. No big deal.


– We found yet another inanimate object that Campbell fears. Flat boxes. (WTF.)

– Along with moving next weekend, Cory and I have some pretty exciting stuff going on next week. I can’t wait to tell you about it. Stay tuned! 😉


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    I am SO excited for the new “Girl Meets World” series! I hope its really good! And yay for your house! I can imagine how exciting that it for you!

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    Okay, I keep looking at that first picture and can’t figure it out. How do you have boxes up above the wall like that? Is that a loft area up there or something? Or is that a picture of inside the new house? I’m so confused. haha

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    My friend and I already have our 90s themed party all planned for the premier — you’d better believe we’ll be going ALL out!! BMW is an institution that must be properly honoured. With scrunchies and high side ponies and wool socks in sneakers and the full assortment of Dunkaroos and orange crush, of course!! 😉
    Your excitement about your house is getting me excited about moving into my condo — and I still have to wait until next November!! Don’t know if I can stand the anticipation! I bought it in May, but now that they’re finally starting to actually build the building, it’s starting to seem real! It’s great that you’ll be moved in for Christmas!

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    My husband is the exact same way about the friendly wave/nod to drivers. If a driver doesn’t do it after he has given yield, David essentially assumes they also hate puppies.

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    WOW! Just yesterday I was telling a friend that the last three people I have either let go in front of me or pull out have not given me the courtesy wave and I was not happy!
    I am looking forward to Boy Meets Girl – Just something about a continuation of a story that I was so into when I was younger is intriguing.
    Congrats on closing on Monday – when we closed on our house it was rescheduled 3 times :/ Hopefully everything goes as planned for you.

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    Congratulations on closing on Monday. I’m just so excited for the two of you, almost as excited as I am about “Girl Meet’s World”. I can seriously hardly wait. Just thinking about it gets me all antsy and happy, Ha Ha!

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    Such exciting news about the house!! I’m beyond excited about the new Boy Meets World too (can’t stop talking about it with friends, coworkers, whoever will listen to me..). And we discovered this year that our dog Logan HATES Santa Claus. Any Santa we put up around the house, he wants to destroy it. It’s hilarious.

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