Totally Truthful Thursday

  • I could never be a person who takes regular “outfit of the day” pictures. Not because I hate them, but because it takes me a solid 5 minutes to get a picture that I actually like. And then I shamefully admit to myself that I’m going to be late for work because I was taking pictures of myself.

  • Two weeks ago, I had a heinous sinus infection. This week, I have an upper respiratory infection. I don’t think I’ve worn make-up in like, two weeks because I feel like my entire face is chapped from constantly blowing my nose for the past 18 days.
  • Speaking of not wearing make up, I’m actually doing it more often, (even before my nose was raw.) I’m bowing down to these new¬†Simone France products I’ve been using. Guys, this stuff serious gold. I can’t wait to write up my review for you.

#nofiltertohidezits #nomakeup #thankGODforsimonefrance!!!!

  • Not only do I use hashtags on my blog, I also use them in texts with my BFFS. Weird?
  • Get this, Emily ran her first half marathon (!!!) this weekend, and after the race, a reader stopped her and noticed her from this blog! She’s the second friend who’s been noticed in public. Have I ever been spotted by a reader? No.
  • My concern is that on the off (way, way off) chance that someone ever notices me from this blog, it’ll be on a Sunday when I’m grocery shopping, un-showered, and in the most unflattering clothes. I’m so vain, but it’s the truth.

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26 Responses to Totally Truthful Thursday

  1. cait says:

    omg as always you crack me up ha. I can never do the self photos either of my outfit..I always look so weird. And i’ve tried to go to work too without wearing makeup a few times a week. it’s not so bad :P

  2. I could never do outfit of the day either. love your iphone case! I use hashtags all the time too!

  3. I am AWFUL at trying to take pictures of myself that show what I’m wearing…there’s a reason why those pictures NEVER happen. ;)

  4. I love how you posted up all of your pictures. I think we’re all guilty of taking multiple pictures to get that right one. At least you have the cajones to post them all. FUNNY!

  5. Haha you crack me up. I feel ya on the outfit photos!

  6. I felt like a celebrity! (hashtag) awesome :)

  7. I am way way way to awkward to do an outfit of the day!! Nor the time! #longcommute #totired #hatemornings

  8. Your first point made me laugh. Yesterday, I spent a break at work taking pictures of my outfit, and I never even ended up posting one because they all looked ridiculous. Then I felt stupid for taking pictures in the work bathroom. Oh well, haha.

  9. Parita says:

    Point #1 is me to the tee. I take 5 pics, don’t like any of them, and just give up.

    Happy almost Friday!!

  10. Haha i take 100 pictures of myself when I am trying to show someone my outfit too.. then I give up. its never going to be good enough!

  11. You can totally pull off the no makeup look!

  12. Now I feel famous because I’m the reader that recognized her! :) The internet is quite cool, I must say.

  13. Vanessa says:

    Please do a review of Simone France!! I have heard great things, but it seems so time consuming.

  14. I am the same way….I take several versions of most pictures, but when It’s of myself, I take about a billion because I never like the way they look.

  15. jba756 says:

    You crack me up! I will say I never take “wear to work” pictures, because I mean I wear jeans and a sweatshirt on a daily basis. No need for everyone to see that!

    I am sure that if a reader saw you, they would still think you were pretty awesome; no matter what you were wearing that day (or not wearing)!

  16. Angela says:

    So funny! I only took an outfit picture once and felt so dumb. I never even posted it!

  17. I love all your selfies in this post!

  18. kepotts says:

    Gawd I can relate to so many of these. I take selfies sometimes & just delete, delete, delete! I almost never post them, I don’t have the balls :) And I’m paranoid about running into people I’m “kind of” friends with on FB but don’t really know, it’ll be that awkward moment when I’m drenched in sweat running errands. Lovely!

  19. Presley says:

    My phone is full of “hey, check out my outfit” or “hey, I’m working out and here is a picture of me” rejects. Full body shots make me look like a gnome. Side note: “full body shots” just makes me want to party like it’s Cinco de Mayo.

  20. Prayers and Apples says:

    haha that grocery store scenario would be my luck too!! and seriously don’t ever wear makeup ever again! that picture is gorgeous – you don’t need ANYTHING! :)

  21. bendiful says:

    I’m with you, I could not do a photo outfit of the day…not because I couldn’t take the pictures but because some days I’m a hot mess. I don’t need proof of it. Plus the only cute place in my house to take them is always full of kid toys. I can’t be all hey look at my cute outfit and my sons Big Wheels. It doesn’t work. I need my own guest house – LOL!

    Side note its weird when people recognize you from your blog in public and for me it only happens when I’m wearing sweats, at the grocery store with 2 screaming children.

  22. My outfit a day pictures would NEVER come out cute. Not at all. I wonder how long people practice before they get one post worthy!

  23. Laura Likes Design says:

    hahaha, I can relate to this post on so many levels. Plus, I secretly hate running into people I know mainly because when I’m running errands, I am on a mission and a time crunch.

  24. Mary says:

    Haha! I’m rubbish at taking pictures of me too. People would be horrified at how little effort I put into hair/makeup/clothes choice each day for work…I could never display on my blog!

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