Totally THANKFUL Thursday

I know it’s normally Totally Truthful Thursday, but you know what? I have a lot to be thankful for this week (read: always) – and clearly I’m a sucker for alliteration ;)

  • My husband, duh. He’s the best – seriously. He makes me laugh every single day, he’s smart as all get out, and he can pretty much do anything. I simply adore him.

Yes, he’s building our deck. No, he’s never built one before. Yes, he’s amazing.

  • Genuine friendships - I’m so lucky to have a generous handful of people who I genuinely trust, laugh with, and can simply be myself around.

Only a lucky few can handle this much weird. 

  • Our neighbors - OH MY GOD we have the best neighbors ever. More times that I can count, I’ve said to Cory, Seriously. How did we get this lucky?


Not to mention, our entire neighborhood is amazing. Example: I drive down the street waving to kids…and enjoy it. Who am I?

  • My health - There’s not a day that passes when I don’t thank The Big Guy for my able body and mind.
  • Being DONE with grad school this upcoming Monday.

  • Contacts, tampons, and birth control - because they make my life better.
  • Our DVR - How else would I watch shows that come on after 9 PM?
  • Google Maps and GPS – For without those two inventions, I would most likely be a hermit.
  • My jeans still fitting - because I’ve missed more workouts than I care to admit.
  • For Sweet Frog not being within walking distance of my house - because then I would definitely have to omit the previous thankful statement.

  • Tomorrow being Friday. Enough said.

*Tell me something you’re thankful for! :)

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22 Responses to Totally THANKFUL Thursday

  1. I’m also thankful for my husband and my DVR! Also, this beautiful summer-like weather!

  2. Missy says:

    Haha I always say DVR is one of the best inventions EVER. How do people live without it?

  3. Yeah sweet frog is definitely within walking distance of my house… DANGER! But I’ve managed to stay away from it… for about a week. So it looks like it’s time for me to go back ;)

  4. It’s soooooo wonderful to have good neighbors. Glad you found some! Way to go with grad school. That’s exciting!

  5. Ashley Crute says:

    I think I would die without the DVR, or be that lameo that never watches any good shows! I just can’t stay up for any shows after 8:00 really. hahah. I am SO PROUD of you for being DONE WITH GRAD SCHOOL!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. I miss you!

  6. Congrats on finishing grad school! (We will call it a done deal at this point.) Hahah tampons, those actually are something I am SO thankful for but totally take for granted.

  7. I’m thankful for my friends, health, DVR, and jeans still fitting also! (I really don’t know how they do with all the alcohol consumption..sad but true.but hey I’m still in college so its to be expected :) ) happy thursday!

  8. I am thankful for a healthy growing baby inside me! But also for my husband, that Spring has finally arrived here, but unfortunately I cannot say my jeans fitting ;) Congrats on grad school!

  9. Megan says:

    I am thankful for having Friday off and going to Seattle for the weekend!


  11. A.K. says:

    Congrats on being done! Woooohoooo! Every day, I’m thankful that there are genuinely altruistic people in my life who make me a better person. Corny, I know, but selfLESS people make me a little less selfISH.

  12. Cute idea for a totally truthful post! Congrats on being done with grad school – best feeling ever. I tell myself every september that I am so thankful to never again have homework!! Today, I’m thankful that my boss is off, that I actually woke up early, and for my fiancee, who cleaned up the apartment while I was working this morning!

  13. Danica says:

    -Props to your husband for building the deck!!
    -We’re completely snowed in today (yes, seriously), and though I can’t believe the weather, I am thankful to have a day at home with my husband!

  14. Prayers and Apples says:

    All awesome things to be grateful for! I’m thankful that I’m moving in a month (or two… depending on how fast I can pack lol) :)

  15. I’m with you on being thankful for Friday… woohoo!

    Super jealous of your deck! We definitely need to build one (our backyard has a DRASTIC slope) but it is going to be TALL, so unfortunately I’m pretty sure we’re going to need to enlist the professionals.

  16. Well a 2-in-1 is me being thankful for my hubby and putting up with my hair woes. He pays for me to get my hair done and then when it turns out worse than I started with, he pays AGAIN to get it corrected.

    I’m also thankful that tomorrow I’m going to Sweet Frog…cannot wait!

  17. Jamie says:

    I’m thankful for YOU!!

  18. Love this post! CONGRATS on finishing grad school this year! Amazing. I’m also thankful for my DVR and yes, birth control. Good call on that one hahaha

  19. Oooh, congratulations on being done with grad school! That’s awesome.
    And yes, yes, yes to a totally thankful Thursday – or any day, that is, but I’ll admit I’m quite fond of alliterations, too.
    There’s way too much to be thankful for in life. My family, friends and awesome Spring weather being the first three I can think of. Oh, and just because: I’m thankful for alliterations, too, because they’re fun :D .

  20. Parita says:

    You have so much to be thankful for…what a great feeling! I’m thankful for my husband and the hopefully exciting and fun few years we have coming up!

  21. bendiful says:

    I am thankful for all the amazing people in my life who help me to function! I’m also thankful for you! And the weirdo who thought “I wonder what comes out of this end of this cow….” Thanks to that guy I now have yogurt and ice cream, he rocks. I assume it was a man.

  22. Oh you crack me up! I think your post are awesome! That’s great Corey is building you a deck, looks like fun! :)

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