To Eat, Or Not to Eat

…that’s usually never a question in my book – unless it’s close to bedtime (is “bedtime” an inappropriate term for a 23-year-old? :) )

I’ve read and heard so many times that “you shouldn’t eat after the sun goes down” or “no food at least 3 hours before you go to bed” etc, etc.

I usually eat at the same time every day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks usually happen at certain times – and even if I’m not super hungry at say, lunchtime, I tend to eat anyway. Just to keep on track. Does this make sense?

But then there are days like yesterday when I eat a super-filling lunch and I’m not hungry at 6 or 7. So for dinner last night I had a green monster with an apple and cheese on the side. That worked perfectly fine – until about 8:45.

I found myself grappling with “should I eat or not?” While I’m not a nutritionist or a health professional, I still consider myself pretty health savvy; yet I have this irrational belief that if I eat before bed, I’ll wake up a bloated mess.

Do you listen to your body and eat no matter what time it is? Or do you abide by the “no food before bed” rule? 

Anyway, I ended up eating and I woke up this morning the same size as when I went to bed. Whew!! 😉

I think if I went to bed with a growling tummy, my 5 AM workout would have been quite difficult! I know it’s best to listen to my body (which I normally do) but I’d be a big liar if I said I never worry about gaining weight.



Nicole, a fellow bride-to-be :) , introduced me to – and I’m lovin’ it! But don’t let the website name scare you. I’m not trying to turn into something like this.

Uhhh. Yikes.

I’m actually using my wonderful blog friend, Jenny, as inspiration! She is a weight lifting machine and she’s cute as a button!

Although I’m not trying to turn into a body builder, I do find MyBodyBuilding’s workout plans to be great! This morning, per the “Day 1” workout, I completed (3 sets of 12 each)

So far, so good!

Now I’m off to work and eventually class. This is my last “marathon day” for a few months! 😀

Let’s chat – Do you eat before bed? Do you use other bloggers as inspiration? I think you know my answers to these questions :) 


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    holy crap that photo is scary!… i eat before bed!! I eat like an hour before and i wake up hungry and light! i never feel bloated- unless ive eaten A HELLOFA LOT!

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    I always eat before bed! I usually have a snack about an hour before bedtime because if I don’t, I wake up ravenous! I love going to bed with something in my stomach!

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    Gahhh is that really a woman?!!:O haha. I aaaalways have a bedtime snack…i eat dinner quite early so I’m usually hungry around 9-ish :) I used to worry about that, but I find it just miserable to try going to sleep on an empty stomach!

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    I always eat before bed because my stomach is usually growling a few hours after dinner. I’ve gone to bed before with a growling stomach and it is NOT comfortable at all. So now I completely listen to my body. The funny thing is though that my body seems to have developed its own schedule because I basically get my hunger cues at the same time everyday! Funny how things workout!
    Good luck with your strength training!

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    I try not to eat at least 2 hours before bed, but if I’m super hungry and can hear my stomach growling, I’ll have some cereal or fruit. And yes, I use bloggers for inspiration all the time! It’s funny how much you think of people you’ve never met in every day type situations – “what would she do? what would she make?” LOL!

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    I dont really follow that rule- I do eat at the same time everyday (mostly) so my body is pretty on schedule but I do eat when Im really hungry and listen to my body. Sometimes I wake up starving at like 3 am- at this time I DONT listen to my body haha I just drink water and go back to bed. I think if you are really hungry close to bed, eat sometihng, like you said you were the same size when you woke up. No harm! Have a gooood day!!

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    I think it is great to listen to your body! Sometimes I don’t feel well if I eat too close to bed time, so I try to eat earlier. But it doesn’t always work out, and that’s okay :)

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    Weight lifting is KEY to improving your body composition. And unless you are on ‘roids, you won’t get huge. It’s just not possible. Go for the heavy weights and watch yourself get totally cute in a matter of months.

    I eat around bedtime if I am hungry…otherwise I wake up famished at 2 am.

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    I live by the phrase, “if you eat after 8, you’ll gain weight.” haha. It does happen once in awhile due to LONG days but as long as it is not something consistent I think it is fine (: And other blogger definitely inspire me. I will have to check out that website. Thanks for sharing!

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    woahhhh what a picture ha! i try not to eat close to bed since the boyfriend will yell at me if i feel like i need to ‘snack’ – opps. no worries pretty bbff!

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    Haha, Great picture. The name of the site “” is intimidating, and all the girls are super jacked, but the website does have great workout awesome resources and nutrition information!
    Good job with day 1 today!

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    I never eat before bed. For some reason if I do I wake up feeling really gross and yucky. I like to be super hungry in the morning so I can eat a big breakfast — best meal of the day!

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    I normally have either work or practice until 10 so i have to have a little something when i get home. I wish i could eat earlier but it is what it is!

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    Hooray I’m inspiration!! I love you! :)
    And I’m a huge fatty before bed, my biggest meal is around 9-10pm every night. I’ve learned that your body doesn’t know what time of the day it is. It’s your overall calories that count not the time you eat them. Some people consume ALL of their calories before going to bed. Whatever works for you 😉

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    I am a huge proponent of listening to your body. If you’re hungry, I say eat. Now that doesn’t mean you get to go to bed with a tub of ice cream but if your body needs food, there is no reason to deprive it. I can usually decipher true hunger vs. bored night eating so in that case, I just wait until morning.

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    Yikes, I wanna be strong… but not that strong 😉

    I always struggle with eating too much late at night, so I tried to cut out eating after 8pm all together but honestly it was TOO hard!!! Now I just try to plan out a bedtime snack so I don’t go crazy in the kitchen before bed!

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    I always eat before bed. More likely than not a small-ish bowl of cereal with some pb and banana. It’s practically my nightcap, haha. If I don’t have something, though, I wake up hungry! I mean, I rarely go more than three hours without eating some sort of snack; going 8 is a long time! I always wake up feeling fine :) Not ravenous, bloated or “blegh” at all :) Buuut, like just about everything – different things work for everybody!

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    I used to get bloated before but now I don’t! I think its important to eat no matter what time of day if your body needs it and is growling! and you will most definitly not get fat! Just have an apple or string cheese or something light like that!

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    I eat before bed every single night (for the record, I want to gain weight though!) but still, for a normal person, I promise you a 200 or so cal snack will NOT affect you negatively; if anything it keeps your metabolism revved all night! And love the workout plan; I’m bout to head to the gym and think I’m going to use it!

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    I’ve always heard that it really doesn’t matter WHEN you eat, just WHAT you eat. So I’d say even if it’s close to bed time, if your body is telling you it’s hungry, just eat something small and healthy, and it’s probably fine. :)

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    I eat when I am hungry, but try to at least eat two meals a day (lunch and dinner). My mother would say make sure you eat three good meals a day, and snacks if you need it. Fruit makes a good snack, because they fill you up! At night, it’s okay to eat as long as it is not a HUGE meal or something deep fried. Go with like a light salad or some fruit. :)

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