Thoughts While Being Under the Weather

I hope it rains today so I feel less guilty about laying on the couch. 

SVU Marathon for the next 10 hours? Check. 

There are not enough blankets in this house. 

I wish my dog could refrain from needing to go to outside until at least noon tomorrow.  

I want my mom. 

Maybe if I can sweat this out at the gym, I’ll feel better..

I wish I hadn’t tried to sweat this out at the gym. 

Milkshakes are better for a sore throat than actual medicine, right? 

I feel exhausted after taking that shower. 

Walking up the stairs shouldn’t leave me this winded.

I sound like a man when I talk. Don’t lie to me. I totally sound like a man, right? 

I cannot handle stupid people today. 




I think I have reached the end of the internet. 

(Other thoughts)



  1. Aunt Robin says

    My dearest Colleen, I am truly sorry to hear you’re sick. Doesn’t matter what you have, when you are sick, it sucks. I hope you heal soon. Take good care of yourself. I need you in my life.

  2. Chelsea says

    Feel better! I didn’t feel well last week and ended up watching the entire first season of Once Upon A Time and finishing the season of How I Met Your Mother that I had previously started. So if you have a Netflix account, NOW is the time to pick a new show!

  3. Prayers and Apples says

    aw hope you feel better! i actually wouldn’t mind an excuse to watch an svu marathon right about now lol i love me some mariska hargitay :)

  4. Mary Ellen McCarthy says

    Pop sickles and jello are better. Not as much mucus as milk shakes. I am on my second round of meds. Strep, Bronchitis and Sinus Infection. Two 4 day weekends and it still won’t go away. And I rested and rested and drank chiken noodle soup and had no contact with the outside world. Lots of blankets and comforters one minute kicking them off the next. Hope you feel better soon.

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