Things No One Tells You About Post Wedding Blues

The morning after your wedding, the sparklers have fizzled, the guests have gone home, and the train of your wedding dress is probably stained on the underside.

I never thought about that. I was almost shocked when I saw how dirty my dress had gotten on my wedding day. I was disappointed for ruining THEE dress; but I was even more disappointed when I realized it didn’t matter. I’d never, ever wear it again.

[Well, sort of…]


The dress that had been tried on and tailored more than anything I’d ever owned was obsolete after one, eight-hour wear. Like, driving a brand new car off the lot, my wedding dress had lost an inordinate amount of value almost instantly.

No one tells you that you’ll experience a sense of mourning soon after your wedding. For me, it was literally the morning after my wedding.

Being a bride is fun. Everyone talks about your big day. They want to know every detail. They want to see the ring. And then see the ring again. Everyone is planning parties for you and you’re the belle of the ball for your entire engagement. You feel special. 

Then, the day you have planned for for months and months comes, and it’s over in what feels like a blink of eye.

The morning after our wedding day, I felt a heavy sadness. I was ecstatic to finally be married to Cory, but I was sad because the hoopla was over. We weren’t special anymore. Needing to feel special is not apart of my DNA, but I had certainly gotten caught up in the wedding magic.

The next morning, as we loaded the car and prepared to head home as Mr. & Mrs, it hit me that I wouldn’t be going home with my family. My mom, dad, and brother were to go in one car, while Cory [my new family] and I, were to leave in another. It was a bittersweet reality that I hadn’t given any previous thought.

I felt homesick all morning.

just married

I never, ever contemplated if I had just done the wrong thing by getting married. Never. I was wildly happy and excited to start my new life with Cory; the gravity of the situation just hit me differently than I had expected.

Thankfully, this weird post-nuptial depression didn’t last long at all. I’m talkin’ 24 hours, TOPS. But I felt guilty for experiencing it, because NO ONE had prepared me for it. Had I been tipped off, it probably wouldn’t have bothered me as much.

So, take it from a former bride – if you have some post-wedding blues, it’s okay! Marriage is the most wonderful thing of my every day life. It’s exciting and challenging and work and SO MUCH FUN, but it’s a big life change, and a little bit of aftershock is to be expected :)


  1. says

    Oh my god I was so sad the day after my wedding. We went to get breakfast just the two of us (I didn’t want a brunch because I thought I’d just want to be with my husband) and I wanted my family, both of our families so bad. I cried a lot that day. Sobbed actually. I think it was just a final release of all of the emotions–good, bad, and ugly–that went into making the day. It’s this huge high and then, it’s over. It’s a little jarring and a little sad and once the immense love that surrounds you on your wedding day and during the wedding season goes away it feels a little lonely. Totally normal I think though I haven’t ever heard anyone talk about it like this before. A co-worker said you should have some plans/things to look forward to after your honeymoon and that’s great advice but I don’t know if it touches on exactly the same emotions you/me are talking about here.

  2. Robin B says

    I definitely felt “homesick” too. Even though I hadn’t been living with my parents for over 4 years and my husband and I had a house, I had that same odd,’I want my mom’ feeling. It was weird to be ‘grown-ups’ on our way to a honeymoon, with the man I just promised to spend the rest of my life with. I was over the moon, but felt like a little kid at the same time. A very weird mix of emotions!

  3. says

    We’ve done our best to prevent this from happening. I’m getting married in just five weeks time now. We’re having a post-wedding get together with family and friends still in town the following day, then off to our honeymoon on the Monday for 11 days. Then we’ll have a weekend together to go through our photos and wedding video footage before we finally have to return to reality and work again. Not looking forward to September. August is going to be such an amazing month!

    • Colleen says

      That all sounds SO awesome! Our wedding was in August, too, and it was the BEST month ever! Best wishes on your upcoming wedding!

  4. says

    When I saw the picture of you in your wedding dress I was really hoping that you were recreating the FRIENDS scene where Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe are all lounging around in wedding dresses drinking wine. Is it sad that’s the first thing that my mind goes to? No? Good. :)

    On a serious note, I totally understand the post wedding blues. Well, in my case, not wedding – but post ____ blues. Something you’ve been planning for the longest time and it’s the most important thing to you, and then it’s over and you can’t help but feel a little blue and nostalgic for the excitement leading up to the big event!

  5. Danielle says

    love this!!! Sadly enough I cried for the first 1.5 days of our honeymoon. it just felt like the day you had been dreaming about since you were like 10 years old was over and it would never come again lol

  6. says

    Haha I was so excited to live with Alex that I wasn’t disappointed or anything after the wedding. But now that it’s been a month, its WEIRD. It’s weird that I don’t have to plan anything anymore. It’s weird that people actually ask me questions other than “how’s the wedding planning” and it IS kind of sad to think that I don’t have a reason to pin wedding stuff anymore… 😉 You’re so right though! No one tells you how you’ll feel (or might feel, or could feel) AFTER all the hoopla!

  7. says

    I luckily didn’t experience this too badly. We got married on a Friday night, and then stayed down in Florida until Sunday in a house we rented for the WHOLE wedding party. I mean, some went home the Saturday, but some also stayed until Sunday, and then we drove back home with another couple, so it was still all exciting. It is kind of surreal though to plan A LOT for that one day and then, poof!, it just disappears. Should I send this post to Tyler’s cousin who is getting married tomorrow?! haha

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