Things Late 20-Somethings Say

Maybe it’s because my friends and I are closer to 30 than we are to 20, but recently, I’ve caught us saying things that make me feel like I deserve to wear orthopedic shoes. Tell me we’re not the only ones…

1. “Kids these days.” 

2. “Why does this concert start so late?”

3. “Are we supposed to stand for the entirety of said concert?”

4. “No more drinks tonight, I’ve got errands to run in the morning.”

5. “Want to come over on Friday? We can order takeout and watch Dateline.”

6. “Did her parents really let her out of the house dressed like that?!”

7.”My kids won’t have iPhones until high school.”

8.  “These shoes are really comfortable”

9. “Please don’t call me ma’am.”

10. “When I was in college…”

We also discuss things like 401k’s and taxes and investing and it’s weird. I also chose a sophisticated glass of wine over a liquor drink the other night and I almost wanted to slap myself.


  1. Ashley says

    #6 describes our last Friday night! haha. And don’t forget…. That starts at 9:00? That’s my bedtime!

  2. says

    You’re not alone. I turn 29 in just under two months, and I’ve been saying this stuff for YEARS (though, I doubt I’d choose wine over a liquor drink. I’m not a huge fan of wine).

  3. says

    YES!! My husband’s sisters are still in high school, and we’re always (lovingly) discussing their outfit choices/curfews/use of cell phones, etc. Things were just different when we were in high school (another one of our favorite phrases).

  4. says

    Haha! So true! Especially the “did her parents let her out like that?”! Oh and the don’t call me ma’am one! I had that experience just yesterday! Makes me feel so old!

  5. says

    Said recently by me (age 27) at a bar I hadn’t been to in a while:

    “When did crop tops become in style? And looking like a hooker?”

    And this lovely texting convo with my 23 year old brother when we were trying to meet up on a Saturday night:

    Me: I need to go home, it’s after midnight
    Brother: oh, okay. I forgot you turn into a pumpkin at midnight.

    Womp. Haha.

  6. says

    Oh my gosh, yes!! I find myself and/or my friends saying many of those things. Just wait til you and your friends start having babies, then all you’ll talk about is sleep routines, breastfeeding, and diapers. It’s ridiculous!

  7. says

    Oookay, is it bad that I’m in my early twenties and already saying #1 and #10? You don’t have to answer that. By the way: Wearing orthopaedic shoes would be acceptable 😉 – hey, they have a purpose after all. But do whatever you can to steer clear of tone-in-tone beige outfits until your’re well into your sixties. Or actually, don’t ever wear them.

  8. says

    I think I’ve always been a bit of an old soul, but I’m totally with you on recently saying things (or at least thinking them) and going, “holy crap..I’m getting olllld!!” Especially when people want to go out at 9pm. Like that’s when the night starts for them…what? That’s bedtime! 😉

    • Colleen says

      Haha! I’ve been saying things like this for years, too. I guess it’s just become more prevalent these days. Oh well! Getting older – it’s better than alternative, amiright?! 😉

  9. Amanda says

    Just stumbled upon your blog and I think I’ll stay! I’ve been reading a bunch of your posts and you are hilarious and wise! Excited to have found a new, great blog :)

    • Colleen says

      WOO HOO!! Welcome, Amanda! :) Because I’m a nosy Nelly, how did you end up here? Looking forward to having you around!

      • Amanda says

        Actually scrolling through bloglovin on a really boring call at work and yours was a suggested blog based on the others that I follow! Glad I did something productive today!

  10. says

    The iPhone comment. YES. I literally say “what is with kids these days and technology?” ALL THE TIME. And then I realize I’m 25 and sound like a grumpy old lady.

    I’m okay with it.

  11. Chelsea says

    Oh man, I’m only 22 and I say pretty much all these things! My friends make fun of me because I prefer to go out earlier so we can get home earlier (thus going to bed earlier).

    I like my sleep, what can I say!

  12. says

    These are all so true! I’m turning 26 this month and I can no longer say that I’m closer to 20 than 30. Cue the wine and chocolate.

  13. Casey says

    I KNOW RIGHT?! My friend and I were out to dinner last night before a concert and we were talking about “kids these days”, etc. We also went to Warped Tour this year because our favorite band was playing. We felt like such old women. We had conversations before we left of should we wear cute shoes or tennis shoes and be comfortable? And what the hell are these kids wearing?! Also, I have my DVR set to tape Dateline every week in case I forget because it’s my favorite Friday-night (and lets face it, Saturday night) thing to watch. #im26goingon62

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