The Strangest Secret: Challenge

When I was in 9th grade, I was introduced to Earl Nightingale’s The Strangest Secret. It’s a concept that has deeply resonated with me ever since the day I read it.


Nightingale speaks of success, and that success is simply doing what we truly want to do in life; and unfortunately, he says that the majority of people never fully succeed. Nightingale claims that people rarely succeed because they don’t think about what they want to achieve.

The “secret” is simple: We become what we think about.

I think it’s safe to say that we all have a few goals and dreams of our own. Maybe you want to write a book. Maybe you want to lose weight. Maybe you want to quit your job and change careers. Maybe you want to muster up the courage to say what’s on your mind.

Whatever it is, I’m asking that you take a little challenge with me.

Earl Nightingale suggests writing down your goal or dream on a piece of paper. It is important to be specific and detailed with your goal (for the purpose of this post, this is a simplified version of my goal.)

Look at your goal several times throughout the day, and keep a positive attitude when you think about your goal. And don’t worry, it’s not necessary to share your goal to anyone besides yourself.

According to Nightingale, Your success will always be measured by the quality and quantity of service you render.”

At 24 years old, I believe I live a successful life (by my standards) because I have been writing down my hopes, goals, and dreams for years. When I’m able to construct a goal, write it down, and be reminded by it constantly, it’s easy to work towards.

Take some time. Think about this. I know there’s something you want to accomplish. When you figure out how to put it into words, write it down. At the end of June, I want to know if you’ve succeeded.

Let’s chat – Are you willing to take this challenge with me?!


  1. says

    I was going to mention The Secret too! I think our thoughts are very powerful and can have you in a very happy place or take you on a downward spiral. Today I was writing a letter to a friend about something had been on my mind for awhile…the act of writing it made me feel better and I don’t even know if I will send it.

  2. Sandi Harlow says

    Actually, every bit of that is Biblical. There are scriptures in the Bible that
    Tell us to write down our goals, and as you think so are you, ect. Every
    Habit comes from an action, every action was first a choice, every choice
    Was first a thought. That’s why it’s so important what we let into our eyes
    Ears and who we spend time with, because they can all influence our thoughts.
    Colleen, this is one of your best posts! Sharing!

    • Colleen says

      I didn’t know that stuff, Sandi! Thanks for sharing that with me! And thanks for the kind words and sharing the post on Facebook. I appreciate it! :)

  3. says

    I write down goals and aspirations ALL the time (partly so my school-frazzled brain doesn’t forget). I love the feeling of physically crossing something off a to-do list and knowing that I’ve accomplished a “real” goal. I really like the positivity of this post. Thanks for continually inspiring me! :)

  4. Robin says

    I’ll take that challenge. And I guarantee I’ll beat everyone double or nothing. Bring it on. Sorry, but I’m not sorry, Colleen. Bring it on. :-)

  5. says

    Wow, so this is the second post I’ve read in the last 24 hours about being serious about goal making. I’ve been feeling a bit lost lately and have been thinking I needed some direction. I think this is just what I need…a visual reminder to hold me accountable. Only thing is that I seriously need to think about things first. I have a tendency to bog myself down with so many goals/aspirations that I end up feeling overwhelmed and just give them all up. I’m totally in!

  6. says

    I got a fortune that said my wildest dreams would come true and it got me thinking was are my biggest dreams? I need to figure that out!


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