The Hard Work Has Paid Off!

Since we made the move to Richmond two months ago, I have been referred to as a “kept woman” and a “lady of leisure” on more than one occasion. Because I moved for my husband’s job, people assumed I was taking it easy and riding the wave.

That bothered me a great deal.

Clearly, education bears no weight. For the past two months, I have been out of town every week on Mondays and Tuesdays due to class.

My round trip to school used to be 30 minutes; now it’s 4 hours. And that’s not counting the 30 minutes each way to and from my parent’s house (where I was staying on Monday nights.)

And when I wasn’t in school or traveling, I was spending time driving to and from interviews, scouring the internet for hours applying to jobs, and  writing cover letters. And I also started volunteering.

So yeah, it’s been a real cake walk.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve enjoyed this flexible schedule. And it’s not lost on me how fortunate we are to even have the option to live like we have been living. I have learned more about myself in the past two months than I could have ever imagined. And honestly, I think it was the best thing that could have happened for our marriage.

But I’ve been getting restless. I need work, to be busy. I like to work. And, well folks, the hard work has paid off!

As of Monday, I was offered an amazing, wonderful, perfect-for-me job! It’s my first “real” job, as in, not “just-a-paycheck” job. This is setting me up for a career that I couldn’t be more thrilled about!

That said, I’m off to search for a new First Day of Work outfit :) Have a great one!


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    Congratulations, beautiful! That’s wonderful! Because I don’t have a full-time job, people have told me on numerous occasions that “it must be nice not to have any responsibility.” I’m like, I still manage a household! I still study my ass off and spend hours, if not days, working on assignments for my DEGREE. I still pay bills on time and work out almost every day, and I’ve taught myself how to cook. Rawr! Sorry for the rant — the accusers need to take a closer look at the accused’s life before they make assumptions! You made a generous decision to benefit Cory and your little budding family :) That’s something to be proud of!

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    Congrats, that’s fantastic! People were seriously giving you shit for not working for TWO months, especially while still going to grad school? Come on, people, that’s ridiculous. I mean, you supported your husband by moving for his career, then he supported (literally, lol) you by giving you time to find a job that you will enjoy, instead of one that just brings in a pay stub. And it still only took TWO MONTHS. I don’t blame you for being offended. I would be furious.

    • Colleen says

      THANK YOU!! While most people supported us, there were certainly some nay-sayers and “why aren’t you working yet?” sayers :) Like Ellen says, “My haters are my motivators” hahaha

    • Colleen says

      YES, to drink! Drinks and cupcakes? Too much? I’ll be working as an EAP Specialist with a Healthcare company here in RVA! Pretty excited! But seriously. Drinks.

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    Congrats lady!

    I loved reading this post. I just got accepted to grad school and the BF decided to get a job instead of pursuing his PhD at the same school. So he’s looking for a job. I still want to do my thing. Sooo … I might be in a similar situation soon. And being referred to as a “kept woman” would be really annoying. And there would definitely be a rant on my blog about it (not a sweet little mention of it as you were so kind to do). 😉

    Have fun searching for that perfect outfit!

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    How exciting! congrats!
    I know what you mean on the “easy” part…. when we were in alaska torrance (my bf) was seasonal and i worked 2 jobs, 5:30am to 6pm 6 days a week. it was crazy. When we came here (mostly for his job) he puts in 12 hour days and usually some weekends and now i work a normal 9-5 which is nice for me. but people have even commented on wow you got it easy! and im thinking heck yeah, its my turn to have a little break! I worked nonstop for the last 4 years haha, i forgot what its like to have a weekend off! :)

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    Congrats woman! I’m so happy for you! What a wonderful feeling. Can’t wait to hear about the new job. It’s funny how things workout. I really believe in everything happening for a reason :)

  6. Diane says

    CONGRATS! I know how hard it is to find a job, especially nowadays. Since i’ve graduated it took be almost two months to even find a job that would just pay the bills. Now that I’m working two jobs that aren’t related to my major people keep saying “oh, so you haven’t found a real job yet?” uhhh what does a real job entail? If i’m not mistaken, working 8 hour days and receiving a paycheck every other week sounds like a real job to me. Thankfully I’ve got my friends and family who support me, and I know you’re family and friends are just as awesome!

    Congratulations again Colleen!

    • Colleen says

      Thanks, Diane!! Yeah, it’s SUPER tough to find work these days. It took LOTS of searching. Looking for a job is a full time job itself, right?! Don’t get discouraged about not working in your major – I graduated in 2 YEARS ago and this is my first big girl job that’s related to undergrad (+ grad school 😉 ) And you’re right – working 8 hours a day and getting a paycheck sounds pretty damn real to me! Thanks again for the congratulations!

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    once again, I’M SO PROUD OF/HAPPY FOR YOU!! so.. will you counsel me through all my grief when I no longer hear from you as much since you’re no longer a lady of leisure? I hope you’ll still be on gchat.

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