The Couple that Namastes Together, Stays Together(?)

Today, Cory and I tried something new and took a yoga class together.

I hyped up this upcoming experience like nobody’s business because yoga at my old gym was totally perfect.

Cory, you’ll feel so relaxed and centered.


Cory, the couple that namastes together, STAYS together. 

Cory. Get ready for your life to be changed. Forever. 

At this point Cory looked through the windows to my soul and told me to namastopit.

So, 5:30 AM came and I was ready and excited to calm the hell down and find my center.

Unfortunately, the instructor was a snobby substitute for the normal instructor. I was hoping for a nice Vinyasa flow, but she was more of a bougie show off than anything else. At one point, she asked the class “Do you guys do (insert random body-twisting pose here)?” And everyone shrugged, as best as the could while in bow pose.


She replied in a snarky tone, “It really helps if you learn the lingo.”

At this point, I look to Cory, who looks just as hilariously as uncomfortable as I do, and I laugh out loud.

It felt worse than laughing in church during Station of the Cross.

Needless to say, Cory hated it and my words currently hold no weight in this household. I’m hoping to redeem myself soon.

Let’s chat – Do you and your partner workout together? If you’re single, do you have a workout buddy?


  1. says

    The same kind of thing happened to me when I took my husband to spin class. I hyped it up big time and at the end of the class all he could say was, “my butt hurts”.

    • Colleen says

      He said he would try again next week with the regularly scheduled instructor! He’s not thrilled about it, but I’m glad he’s going to try again!

  2. Lauren says

    namastopit. LOL. The only thing I can think of that I convinced Davie to do that didn’t turn out making me look crazy was Gossip Girl. I wont say he enjoyed it, but he did watch it and not hate it.

  3. says

    Isaac and I work out together sometimes… I love running with him because he’s faster and makes me challenge myself.

    One thing we don’t do together is yoga. We tried once. Luckily we were at home because apparently yoga makes Isaac really gassy (I made him do it after dinner so maybe that was my fault). I honestly think I got a better workout from laughing then the actual poses. Besides the gas, Isaac kept saying the pose names like namaste in a really weird voice and making me crack up. By the time shavasana came around we were both laying on our mats with tears in our eyes from laughing so hard. Come to think of it, it was really fun. :)

    • Colleen says

      I was laughing out loud just reading this because that’s pretty much how I felt! After we left, Cory was like, “I was so scared that I was going to fart.” It’s just funny! :)

  4. Becky @ Olives n Wine says

    I convinced Kyle to go to a yoga sculpt class with me once and I don’t think it’ll happen again! 15 minutes in (just through the warm-up) of a 75 minute class he looked at me and asked how much longer…. It was a rough morning for him!! Now I go with friends. It makes for a MUCH more enjoyable experience 😉

  5. Josh Blakely says

    My wife Lyndsie and I do Crossfit together. It’s an awesome workout and has brought us closer together. I can’t say enough good things about Crossfit.

  6. says

    I’m sure that was a hilarious scene! My husband and I have done weight training together and he has joined me for a couple of classes of BodyPump, but I usually run and he usually does weights. There is no way he would go with me to do yoga! 😉

  7. says

    I’m just impressed that you got him to yoga class that early in the morning! You get credit for that :). My husband and I work out together, but if he takes classes with me, he always asks me if there will be other guys there (usually there’s only one or two other guys). Otherwise, I’ll do my thing, he’ll do his thing, and we’ll meet back up after an hour or so.

  8. says

    Maybe you should have him try YogaDownload or some other podcast version of yoga? The classes at my gym (err…the ONE class I tried that was considered “advanced” was nearly laughable it was so slow). But maybe I’m that snobby yoga girl… crap.

  9. says

    Ha, that is funny. No, we do not work out together. I laugh at lot at him when he does “weights” at home, plus the cat tries to help out a LOT!!! Also, he laughs at me when I do yoga at home (via dvd).

    Maybe, try a dvd at home (one that you know) and see how that goes.

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