Taking a Break

A break!? From what?!

I’m tearing a page out of Lindsay’s book and taking a break from the blog. 

Forever? Heck no! I’m stepping away for the month of August. I’m thinking of it as a summer break of sorts. I haven’t done this in the two and a half years that I’ve been blogging, and I think it’s needed.

I’m hoping I’ll come back in September with a fiery passion to pick up where I’m leaving off.

To my fellow internet voyeurs, don’t fret. I’ll still be on Instagram, Twitter, and maybe Facebook.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, my friends! I hope to see you back here in September! (If you subscribe to the blog, you won’t miss a beat when I return ;) )

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18 Responses to Taking a Break

  1. Parita says:

    I really look forward to your posts, so this is a little sad! I’m happy that you’re doing what you want and taking a break though. See ya in a month!!

  2. I’m crying a little.

    Just e-mail me daily with updates on your life. No big deal.

  3. I’ll miss you but I TOTALLY understand!

  4. you know that I approve!! have the most fun EVER!

  5. Lindsey says:

    Enjoy the break! We all need it here and there :)

  6. bendiful says:

    I will miss you! Enjoy the break!

  7. Anne Taite says:

    It’s like your in Europe and it’s “holiday season.” Enjoy it. :) See you on other parts of the web!

  8. Know what’s awesome about this. You’re taking a break but I STILL GET TO SEE YOU!!! We’re on for something on Monday, right!?

  9. Danica says:

    Good for you! I mean, I’ll miss reading your posts, but the summer is flying by and we ALL need to get out and enjoy it!

  10. I’ll miss you here, but stalking you in all other social media forms. But, you already knew that!

  11. Megan says:


  12. lizziefit says:

    This is a good idea! I’ve only been doing the blogging thing for a few months and I feel like it takes up a lot of my time. Not to mention I’ve always got a camera in my hand and posts on the mind. When you’re back you’ll be refreshed and better than ever ;)

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  14. Sara says:

    you and me both sista! i’ve been on a two month hiatus, and it’s been so refreshing. enjoy it :)

  15. alyssa says:

    GOOD FOR YOU! Although selfishly glad I caught you on the tail end of it so I can see what September brings. :)

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