Virginia Wine Expo!

This weekend I spent some time at the Virginia Wine Expo here in good ol’ Richmond, Virginia!

Over 40 wineries set up shop in the Richmond Convention Center while we (and thousands of fellow thirsty wine lovers) sipped and sampled our way through the venue.

I was expecting to be sardined in the Convention Center, but I was pleasantly surprised, as we never had to wait more than a few minutes for a tasting. In fact, tastings were so readily available, that things got a little “silly” pretty quickly.

Cory and Jamie were more adventurous than I, as I stuck to tasting mostly whites, but I was convinced by several vendors to try “training wheels reds” and I was never disappointed!

I absolutely fell in love with one vendor, though. To start off, the Bluestone Vineyard booth was staffed by the friendliest women. At one point, we went back for seconds, and they remembered us!

Friendliness aside, their Estate Grown Moscato is hands down the best Moscato I’ve ever tasted. It’s peach and honey flavor reminded me of summertime, and I instantly fell in love. Jamie did, too. :)

It was so great seeing so many friends drinking wine in one place! This was my first year at the event, but it certainly won’t be my last!

Let’s chat – When it comes to wine, are you a red or white kinda person? 


Wine, Relaxation and Great Friends

Good morning and happy Monday, my friends! Has Sandy come to visit your neck of the woods yet? Apparently, we’re supposed to be getting some of her today and tomorrow – but all I care about is that I don’t have class tonight! Three cheers for not having to drive two hours in the storm! 😀

Even though the storm was all over the news, we had great weather this weekend while visiting our best couple friends, Bobby and Whitney!

Cory and Bobby always want to know – do they look related? 😉

We got up to Northern Virginia around 11:00 on Saturday, and after ooh-ing and ahh-ing over Bobby and Whitney’s new, super cute apartment, we headed to Barrel Oak Winery for a wine tasting and some pizza!

As I’ve previously stated, I can’t tell if wine comes out of a box or out of a barrel. When I’m pounding sipping wine, what really matters to me is that I’m drinking it in good company – and that it doesn’t make me gag (reds – ugh.)

The woman giving the wine tasting was super knowledgable and just as friendly. I liked that she was talking to me about wine while wearing a pink flannel shirt. Not to our surprise, the boys (who makes friends everywhere they go) chatted her up and asked tons of questions.

We, on the other hand, laughed about silly wine lingo, ugly dogs, and old ladies in cheerleading costumes. (Which, by the way, I had no clue this past weekend was technically ‘celebrate Halloween’ weekend. Oops.)

We had so much fun visiting our friends. For the first 20 minutes of our drive home we kept saying “We need to live closer. We need to live closer. WE NEED TO LIVE CLOSER!”

While the drive between us isn’t ideal, I really can’t complain. It was a great weekend with wine, relaxation and great friends. What more could we possibly ask for?! :)

Let’s chat – What’s your favorite wine? Riesling for me!

PS – The Chapstick winner was picked! Was it you? 

Weekend Wrap Up

Boy howdy! I had a fun weekend :)

Friday was spent at my family annual golf tournament. We’ve been holding a charity golf tournament in my uncle’s name for nineteen years now, and it’s a day full of family and friends that I look forward to every year.

Kate and I were at the betting hole with my cousin Sarah which was fun, but it was cold.

I was glad that I packed my own personal warmth 😉

Saturday was a day of debauchery. Cory and I went to the Virginia Wine Festival with a group of friends and it was a blast!

Even though it was cold and rainy(ish), we walked around tasting what seemed like a million wines.

I’ll be honest – I’m completely ignorant in the wine department. I know if it’s a “good” wine if sipping it doesn’t result in me making a “ugh! gross!” face. I’m glad my friends were there to help me distinguish what “dry” means or to save me the trouble by saying “Don’t bother, Colleen. You won’t like this one.”

After we tired of standing in lines, it was time to retreat to our picnic table for more wine and some snacks.

Annnd maybe some rummy bears 😉


After I slept of my afternoon hangover, it was time to head to a gala for Cory’s work. I was excited because it took place at the Air and Space Museum. It was pretty neat to walk around and look at all the airplanes and space gadgets 😉

And as a consequence to my choices this weekend, I’m now sitting at home in a pile of homework up to my eyeballs (but it was so worth it.)

Let’s chat – Has your weekend been busy or relaxing?

Red Wine & New Sneaks

I GOT TO SLEEP IN TODAY! 😀 It was glorious, friends.

I have a fun day planned with my BFF Jamie. We haven’t seen each other in three (?!) weeks. It’s disgusting. We’re having lunch today and playing catch up.

Yesterday I had my volunteer training, and Cory was kind enough to plan dinner so I didn’t have to think about it. He’s the best. He even bought a bottle of wine for us to enjoy while we were making dinner. We’re NOT wine-o’s at all. We’ve been together for almost five years and this is the first bottle of wine that we’ve ever purchased (like, not as a gift for someone else). All you wine lovers out there, pick your jaws off the ground 😉

I really enjoy white wine over red. But this was red, and I’m trying to be more “well rounded” so I drank it. I’m trying to acquire the taste :) While I was working on “acquiring,” Cory grilled up some Cajun chicken with a cilantro/yogurt sauce with veggies and a salad on the side. It was great!!

After dinner we went out to Dick’s on the hunt for some new sneaks. I had mentioned my awful shin and ankle pains, and many of you suggested new shoes. I figured that was the problem, so out we went! Let me preface this with the fact that I don’t like spending money on myself. I’m frugal and I’m proud of it :) It takes a lot for me to go out and buy something for myself. I was standing in line at Dick’s with sweaty palms because I knew I was about to drop $120 on a pair of shoes and a sports bra. It’s a problem.

But I love the shoes! They’re so comfy!

I also love how flexible they are!

I wanted to try them out at the gym this morning. I was being a huge diva because it was pouring and I didn’t want to get my new shoes (or myself) wet. But I sucked it up and walked over to the gym, only to find that it was locked! The card access is never activated. Sonofabitch. I walked back to Cory’s apartment and threw in the towel. Sorry guys, I’m only human :) (The shoes felt nice of the walk over, though!)

When I came back I made myself a nice smoothie :) Half a banana, some frozen blueberries, one frozen strawberry, 3/4 cup skim milk, ~1 tbsp cocoa powder and half a scoop of strawberry Whey protein powder.

Now I’ve got to get the ball rolling and shower so I can look presentable for my lunch date 😉 I hope you have a wonderful day!

Let’s chat – What brand are your running shoes? White vs red wine? Do you have a favorite smoothie concoction? I need some new ideas!