Weekend Wrap Up

Hey, friends! Happy Monday! This weekend, like many weekends, was here and gone in a flash. Cory and I headed to VMI this weekend to celebrate the wedding of my college friend, Danielle, and her other half, Steve.

It was a beautiful day, and I had the honor of being IN the wedding, along with four other beautiful ladies that I had the pleasure of getting to know.

Being in a group of girls you don’t know can be intimidating, but Danielle sure does know how to pick a good bunch. I had such a great time with these ladies, and we quickly realized that we have the same sense of humor, likes and dislikes :) That’s always a nice find!

Cory, who didn’t know a soul at the wedding besides Danielle and myself, had no trouble making friends with the boyfriends of the other bridesmaids.

As you can tell, the photo area was quite the hit with the guests. I can’t wait to see how the pictures on the photographer’s camera turned out. Then again, maybe I can… 😉

Have a fantastic Monday, ladies and gents! I’ll catch ya later!

Back to Reality

Hello, friends! I didn’t have any intentions of abandoning blogging last week, but it looks like that’s what happened! It’s for good reason, though – I was in Charleston celebrating the wedding of my dear friend, Lindsay!


The gorgeous wedding took place at the Citadel, and I had the honor of sharing the title of co-MOH with Lindsay’s sister and my other dearest, oldest friend Whitney!

I was lucky enough to spend several days with the bride, Whitney, and our families – there was a lot going on, but it was a fabulous time. I could not be happier or more excited for Lindsay. Marriage is awesome, and I know her and Tyler will totally love it :)

I wish I had more pictures to share with you, but whenever I’m with Whitney, the queen of taking pictures, I fail to document anything. If anything super important surfaces in the next few days, I’ll be SURE to let you know 😉

Now we’re back to reality, and although I’m absolutely sleep deprived (I don’t sleep well in beds that aren’t my own!) I’m not totally dragging because this week promises two and a half days of work.

Speaking of – how is Thanksgiving really on Thursday?! My mind is blown.

Let’s chat – Who’s hosting your Thanksgiving meal this year? My mother-in-law is doing it yet again. Thank GOD – she’s awesome at it. 

Back to the Same Old, Same Old

Happy Monday, friends! How was your weekend?

After being away all week, I was thrilled to be home celebrating the wedding of our friends Cush and Rachel. I was super thrilled to see Cory, too. (It looks like some things never change 😉 )

I love attending weddings of my college friends because it’s always like a mini reunion. After graduation, most of us were pulled to different parts of the state, so I don’t get to see everyone as often as I’d like. Lucky for me, things always fall right into place – as if we never missed a day.

The wedding took place at a beautiful country club here in Richmond; and I’ve gotta say, they totally lucked out with the perfect weather! It was a gorgeous day for a gorgeous couple.

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Cushman!

Now it’s back to the same old, same old – something I’m quite looking forward to. Traveling is fun, but I’m such a creature of habit. Take me out of my routine for too long, and I start falling apart at the seams 😉

Let’s chat –

  • Do you travel often for work?
  • Are you a creature of habit? 

Totally Truthful Thursday

  • I was sick on the 4th of July. I woke up with a sore throat and simply felt exhausted all day long. I took a nap, drank a ginger ale and watched Criminal Minds reruns. I’ve been so go-go-go lately that I think my body was like “NOPE! You shall do nothing on your day off.” I got the message loud and clear.

  • Infidelity is not something to joke about, but I want to high five whoever made this sign.

  • Re: Stephen Aananick – he does not have a Facebook, just in case you were curious.
  • Cory and I went to a wedding last weekend (I was a bridesmaid! :) ) and Jamie captured this candid moment towards the end of the night. It makes me happy.

  • I want to share other pictures from that night, and I know you’re chomping at the bit to see them, so here you go:

  • On the 3rd, Emily came over to celebrate not having to work the next day. We talked of drinks and staying up late. In reality: Cory made pizza, we played Scrabble, watched America’s Got Talent, and were all in bed by 10PM. #getwild

  • I cried while gathering pictures for yesterday’s post.
  • I eat dessert almost every night. By typing “almost” I’m attempting to portray a sense of self control.
  • I eat dessert every night.

  • You know what’s awkward? When someone you’ve never really known/been friends with “likes” tons of shit on your Facebook wall, but then when you run into them in person, they suddenly develop amnesia and don’t say hello. 
  • I’m wildly excited that Katie Holmes is divorcing the freak of a man known as Tom Cruise. I feel like she was brainwashed for seven years and has finally awoken from her Scientology coma. #yougogirl

Let’s chat – Tell me something random that’s on your mind today!

A Beautiful Bridal Shower

Hello, loves! Oh my goodness, my bridal shower this Saturday was absolutely amazing. Simply amazing. I had no idea what the decor theme was and I had never been to the venue, so I was totally surprised when I arrived.

The luncheon took place outside on the club’s balcony overlooking the golf course, and the table decorations were so classy. The weather was absolutely beautiful, and I’m convinced it could not have been more perfect June afternoon.

My mom’s best friend and her husband took care of the decorations themselves – down to the flower arrangements and the handmade place settings. I was so impressed!

The food was amazing! A mixed salad, gourmet sandwiches, fruit, broccoli and cheddar soup – and of course, cake!

Which I happily devoured.

I was having a ball – I was so happy to be around so many women that I love and adore. All but one bridesmaid and several of my good friends from college friends traveled from near and far to be with my on such a special day!

The only thing that had me sweating on the way to the shower was the fact that the bride always opens presents in front of everyone. When I first got up there, I was shaking in my boots.

Being the center of attention makes me a little nervous, and I’m finding out that that’s not an option for a bride to be :) Thank goodness Whitney, Lindsay and Cory (who showed up just in time) sat with me, taking notes and saving ribbon for the rehearsal bouquet – and before I knew it, my nerves had disappeared!

I can’t believe how much loot Cory and I walked away with that day. We feel so blessed to have such generous family and friends, that’s for sure!

Speaking of generous – Grandma got a little generous herself with the table M&Ms and started to stuff them into her candle party favor. I think I know who I inherited my sweet tooth from…

Overall, it was such an amazing day! My heart is full and I can’t believe that the wedding is so close. It’s wonderfully exciting :)

Let’s chat –

Do you like being the center of attention?

What was the best part of your weekend? Fill me in! I was MIA from all forms of social networking this weekend!

Giggles + Awkwardness

Seriously, I get suck a kick out of the fact that some of you giggled at my vlog yesterday. I get a little nervous because it’s 100% difficult to sit at the computer talking yourself and not feel kind of like a loser.

Cory mentioned “Maybe they’re laughing at you.”

I panicked for a moment then thought “Homeboy, who are you kidding? I’m hilarious.” (<–If you didn’t you catch the flaming sarcasm, that was it 😉 )

Many of you had the awesome advice of just taking a break from the gym when it becomes unenjoyable, so I did just that.

Instead of turning left to go to the gym, I turned right and went home. I took a nice 35 minute walk and it was just what I needed to get my mind right. It was so quiet and peaceful and I loved the change of scenery that came with being outside.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m headed to Richmond for my sorority sister’s wedding! I’ve got some packing and breakfast eating to do before I hit the road, so I’m going to leave you with a picture that

a) hopefully repeats this weekend

b) secures my awkwardness in all of your minds.

Photo credit

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Pre-Wedding Festivities

Hello from Kiiintucky!! It’s weird because if I look out my window, I can see Ohio, but our hotel is over a bridge that puts us in the lovely city of Newport, Kentucky.

We had a 8 and a half hour car ride yesterday, and although I rode bitch the entire ride, at least I had pretty scenery to look at!

Fancy how different things looks once you get a few hours outside of the city 😉

My family is pretty large, and we were lucky that most of us started arriving around the same time. That meant a late lunch and afternoon cocktails at a restaurant next to the hotel.

Later in the evening my aunt and uncle (the parents of the bride) hosted a cocktail and dessert party for the out of town guests. Cocktails and desserts? That sounds like my kind of party :)

Prepare for picture overload.

Too bad my cousins are ugly, right? 😉

More cousins :)

Mom and me

He makes us look good :)

Let’s not forget desserts. My hand frequented this bowl throughout the evening as well. And that sneaky carrot cake in the background was heavenly!

Okay, I’m off to spend more time with my family! I can’t believe my cousin is getting married tonight!! It’s so very exciting :)

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend filled with good food, great friends and family and lots of laughs :)


Almost the Weekend

Hello, hello!! How’s everyone’s morning going? Today is my Friday, so I’m feelin’ pretty good :) I’m traveling this weekend because my cousin is getting married!!

I love weddings, and I love being with this side of the family so much. We were babies at the last wedding – so clearly we’re due for another one 😉


Digital Diet Revisited

Wow! It looks like most of us are technology addicts to some degree 😉 I stayed true to my “diet” last night; I went to stay at Cory’s and did not take my laptop. I always travel with Hank, my laptop. I’m not kidding when I tell you that the decision to leave my laptop at home took several minutes to make.

I need to blog.

I need to read blogs.

I need to check my email.

I need to tweet about something. (<– Newsflash: My life isn’t that interesting that I need to update the world every hour)

I need to check if my old college friend finally posted her wedding pictures to Facebook.

Should I? Shouldn’t I? Back and forth..back and forth…

When I left my apartment, I had the urge to tweet the fact that I was sans computer for the night, but I refrained.

I am, in a word, ridiculous.

I just thought it was absolutely insane how difficult it was for to semi-unplug for half a day, so I thought I’d share it with you 😉


This morning I was up and at ’em and headed to the gym for a strength training session. Because I’m not a trainer or any kind of fitness professional, I feel weird posting my workouts when I just ad-lib them.

And to be honest, today I didn’t go in with a solid plan (that’s a mistake) so I just did a hodgepodge of moves.


I had my beloved PB and Nutella oats this morning 😀

This really tastes like I’m eating a Reece’s peanut buttercup for breakfast – and I don’t hate it 😉

Okay friends, I’m off to day TWO of the new job! Once training is over I plan on filling you guys in on what I’m doing!

Let’s chat –

When was the last wedding you attended? Who was it for? My roommate from college got married in November and it was a beautiful wedding!

Would you rather have a small wedding on a tropical island, or a big wedding in your hometown? To get away would be nice, but I’d be so sad if all my family and friends weren’t there!