Be Still, My Heart: A Day of Firsts

I had a “first” yesterday and I’m pretty excited about it.

I joined a gym.

As in, a gym that’s not located in my apartment complex.

As in, a gym that has more than three treadmills.

As in, a gym that offers tons of amazing group classes!!

I’ve miss group fitness classes so bad it hurts. Spin. Body Pump. Bootcamp.

Be still, my heart.

Although I did run a fast 4 miles at the gym and felt great afterwards, I have to admit that my day was pretty uneventful. I was looking for any reason to be outside, so I took Campbell on walk. Coming home, I was startled by what I thought was a dead animal on the side of the road.

Well that’s a first. Someone’s hair piece in the road. Welcome to Richmond.

Then it was time to tackle the pantry. I bow to you if your pantry is meticulously organized. I had shit falling on my head, flour spilling all over the place, and cereal boxes taking up too much room.

 At that point, I decided that progress had been made for the day because everything had been taken out of the bags.

Now I just have to figure out the best arrangement so when I take out my oatmeal I don’t  cause a food avalanche…

Let’s chat – Do you think belonging to a gym is a waste of money? I never joined a gym because I thought it was a selfish way to spend money – but now that I don’t have another option, I know it’s anything but selfish. 



I have a confession to make.

Blogging (writing mine and reading my friends’) has been a little tough to keep up with lately.

You know, I had the whole wedding thing.

And then the whole honeymoon trip.

And then the task of finally unpacking all of our wedding presents that have been sent to us over the last month and a half. We didn’t use any wedding presents until we were married, so there are lots of boxes consuming my life right now.

*All of these are great things that are more important than blogging, duh.*

It’s been difficult to remember to stop and take pictures of my food, and when I finally plop down on the couch at the end of the day, what am I supposed to capture with my camera? The insane trashy train-wreck that is The Bachelor Pad? (Seriously. Vienna is such a train wreck.)

Get this – some of my cousins came over for dinner last night, and I didn’t snap one photo. And they’re really beautiful, so it’s a shame.

I did manage to document dessert after they left though.

Does that count for something?

Anyway, if I can share some nuggets of information with you, it would this week’s strength workout.

Complete three sets of each:

Squats (25 reps, 10 lb dumbbell in each hand)

Calf Raises (50 reps, 10 lb dumbbell in each hand)

Lat Pull Down (12 reps, 40 lbs)

Upright Rows (15, 13, 12 reps, 15 lb dumbbell in each hand)

Lat Raises (15 reps, 5 lb dumbbell in each hand)

Sumo squats (25 reps, 10 lb in each hand)

Hammer curls (15 reps, 15 lbs)

Back extensions (10 lb total)

I really enjoy working with weights. I wish I liked cardio just as much, but that’s not how this cookie crumbles.

Let’s chat –

If you could only do one type of workout for the rest of your life, what would it be?

How early is too early to have a cupcake?



A New Kind of Sunday

I’ve got to be honest, on the days leading up to our pre-cana I was less than excited about spending 7 hours listening to what I thought would be bible verses preaching how only marriage between a man and woman is sacred and ideas about natural family planning and contraceptives.

But that really wasn’t the case. At one point, the priest who was leading one discussion brought up a really good point by asking, “Why do we use Sundays to wash the car, go grocery shopping, clean the house, worry about dinner, try to fit in extra hours of work, et cetera?”

God rests on the seventh day – why don’t we?

That idea hit home with me. I’m not really a fan of Sundays because I always feel like I spend the day concerned with what needs to be accomplished before the work week begins at 5:30 the following morning. I feel rushed on Sundays.

It’s not unusual that I’ll set the alarm on Sundays in order to get to the gym first thing. I’ll do laundry and clean. Catch up on homework (during the semester) and spend hours buried in wedding planning. News flash, Colleen: None of these things are relaxing.

So yesterday I took the priest’s words into consideration. I didn’t set an alarm and I slept in until 7:15 – which is a huge deal. I skipped the gym, and Cory and I walked to breakfast. I indulged in a egg and cheese sandwich and an iced coffee, which was so wonderful.

We bought a Sunday paper and looked through sales circulars, which is something we both like to do. And chicken is on sale this week! Oh hell yes.

I blogged, relaxed and made my way over to the pool for an hour or so.

And although the priest considers it work, I went to Giant because I enjoy grocery shopping on Sundays :)

I even baked some treats to take into the office today – something I’ve been wanting to do since I started there over a month ago.

Cory watched soccer, and I had high hopes of going on a run after the game ended. While we did in fact lace up our shoes and started trotting along, about 60 seconds into the run, our conversation went like this:

Me: I’m so not feeling this.

Cory: Oh my God, me either. What a stupid idea.

Fail. Sort of. We walked back home (all 100 feet) and started the most epic unpacking spree known to man. I’m happy to report that our apartment no longer looks like a storage unit! It looks like a home!! :)

I got so much accomplished yesterday – and I didn’t feel rushed for one minute. I feel relaxed and ready to go this morning and I was able to get 40 minutes of cardio under my belt before 7 AM. I think I’m going to try this laid back Sunday idea more often :)

Have a happy and healthy Monday, friends!

Let’s chat – Is Sunday your day of of rest, or is it you’re get-things-done kind of day?

Spreading the Love

Spreading the Love

Yesterday a little love showed up at my front door step.

When the lovely Laura from the Love Grown Foods contacted me about reviewing this granola, I jumped at the chance. I’ve seen this brand all over the blog world, and I was excited to give it a try!

I did a little happy dance when I got my package, and I immediately opened all three flavors and dug in. Shocking, I know.

The Sweet Cranberry Pecan is amazing – just enough sweetness with big pieces of pecan surprises in almost every bite. The Raisin Almond Crunch was outta this world. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of pecans and almonds in this granola. Sometimes companies say nuts are included in the mix, and you end up with 2 broken almonds. But that’s not the case with Love Grown Granola!

The Show Stealer – Oh my gawwwd! The Cocoa Goodness is just that. Lots and lots of cocoa goodness. Somehow, big chunks of this goodness kept ending up in the palm of my hand. Weird.

Look at those hearty pieces of granola!

I even ventured to add some of the Cocoa Goodness to my morning cereal combo.

A healthy way to get chocolatey bites in my breakfast? Be still, my heart.

I have a feeling these bags of goodness won’t make it through the long weekend…


This morning I went to the gym for a quick weights workout. I actually copied Chelsey’s current workout, so that helped with not feeling like I was just wondering around aimlessly :)

To Do Gotta Get Done List

Because I only work part time, I’m off on Fridays (!!) but I don’t want anyone to get the idea that I just sit around eating bon-bons while my other half is out working a full day.

No, siree. Today my to-do list feels like it’s  a mile long, but unpacking is the biggest thing on my list!

At least I’ve started off on the right foot by making sure the important things are safe 😉

I know I’m not in college anymore, but don’t judge me on the Burnett’s. It does the job when mixed with Sprite, orange juice and a splash of cranberry juice :)

Have a great Friday, loves!

Let’s chat –

Have you ever tried Love Grown Foods? I hadn’t until yesterday, but my world is now changed.

Is it a concern that I’m unpacking to Justin Bieber tunes? He’s just so damn catchy!