Fitness Friday: Trying Something New

HAPPY FRIDAY!! This week felt pretty long for me – anyone else? Regardless, I’m thrilled that the freakin’ weekend is here đŸ˜‰

And that it’s JAMIE’S BIRTHDAY!!

Okay, it’s no secret that routines and structure rule my world. I’m a control freak enthusiast, and I always like to know what I’m doing.

Because of that, I don’t like to learn in front of other people.

“I’ll try it later” means, “I’ll practice like mad while I’m alone, and then I’ll try with the group later.” 

This can be a difficult existence when you’re married to a man who doesn’t suck at anything. ANYTHING! Say we both try something new together. Within the first five minutes, he looks like a professional, and I’m in the background falling, missing, tripping, or wheezing.

I digress.

A few days ago, Emily asked Cory if he wanted to play tennis sometime this week.

I wasn’t going to go for two reasons. The first thing, I wasn’t invited. The important second thing, (because I don’t need an invite to hangout with my husband and BFF) I’d never played tennis before.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to try something for the first time in front of people AND at a public park where strangers could witness my futile attempts.

I kept thinking: I’ll embarrass myself. I don’t know how to play. What if I look stupid?

But then two powerful words came to mind.

Fuck it. 

(Yes, that’s a racquetball racket – Cory had the tennis racket.)

The tennis gods took it easy on me. Cory and I arrived about 40 minutes before Emily, and no one was on the courts. I’m not a tennis prodigy like I had hoped, I flailed about the court, and I chased after more missed balls than I’d like to admit – but you know what? It was fun!

I stepped outside of my comfort zone, had a good time, and got a good little workout. Sounds good to me đŸ˜‰

Let’s chat – When’s the las time you stepped outside of your comfort zone? If you can’t think of something, that’s a sign that it’s been waaay too long! Go do something you’re not good at!