Weekend Thoughts

  • Crucify me if you must, but I’m just gonna say it: The PSL has been replaced in my life. Dunkin Donuts has better pumpkin coffee than Starbucks. It’s fact.


  • There are few things more frustrating than having to learn the layout of a new-to-me grocery store. Yesterday, I found myself identifying with a toddler throwing a temper tantrum in isle 7. I was so frustrated over not being able to find the fucking international isle that I, too, wanted to fall on the floor and thrash about. I JUST NEEDED REFRIED BEANNNNSSSS. 

Screen shot 2013-09-22 at 12.41.11 PM

  • Like dangerous animals, children can sense my fear.
  • Last night, Cory’s grandpa had his first experience with Sweet Frog. I was glad to be there to help him learn the ropes. It’s so tragic to think that he had to wait 80+ years to taste the glory that is Sweet Frog.


  • I entertain myself in odd ways when I’m out alone. For instance, when I go to Starbucks and they ask for my name, I always make one up. I giggle every time.


  • Hey, I hope you had a great weekend! :)

Last Chance Survey

Happy Friday, ladies and gents! How’s everyone doing?! Swimmingly, I hope. I saw this survey here and here, and because I want to be just like these girls, I thought I’d do it, too 😉

1. Last food you ate?  I wish it was falafel, but I couldn’t open the chickpeas can. Why? Our can opener bit the dust on Monday. Annoying, but, we used a gift card to Whole Foods instead! I had sushi :)

2. Last beverage you drank? I drank some of this Pineapple Orange Banana juice. There is no cup because I drank it out of the container. Don’t tell me you’ve never done that when there’s just a little bit left. 

3. Last workout? Yoga! (I’m writing this on Thursday night.) It was awesome – there were only two of us in the class and we were equally unskilled. The instructor took her time with us. It was like a private yoga session – I really enjoyed it.

4. Last thing you pinned? PIN ALL THE THINGS!! I’ve been on a Pinning spree lately. I become obsessed with Pintrest for a week or so, spending all my free time Pinning shit I’ll never do and laughing at things funnier than I could ever come up with, but then I’ll go a month without logging on. Lucky for you, I’m currently on a Pinge (Pintrest Binge.)

Since we move, in like, a MONTH, a great deal of my pins deal with home stuff. Thanks for this pin, Emily!

5. Last text message you sent? Oh really?! Good to know. Clearly, we won’t do anything for full price if we don’t have to. I was talking to Whitney about a trip we’re planning. I’ve signed up for Living Social and Groupon for the area 😉

6. Last blog you visited? Ashley’s! She’s the cutest. I can’t wait for her little one to be born!

 7. Last tweet you sent?

8. Last place you visited? Ulta. I accidentally picked up the wrong color of Bare Minerals when I was there last week. I used the last bit of my container this morning so it was necessary to go get the correct color!

Which is fairly light, by the way.

9. Last time you did ab work? We did tons of plank-y moves in yoga!

10. Last show you watched? The Voice. Because I love watching Adam Levine talented singers.

11. Last thing you baked? These. So good!

12. What is the last thing you Instagrammed? I knew I wouldn’t have any Halloween candy on Wednesday (*weeping*), so I treated myself to a PSL on the way to work!

Note: When you use the front facing camera on an iPhone, the picture quality suuucks.

13. Last item on your to-do list today? Make dinner. Thaaat didn’t work out as planned.

I hope you have a great weekend, my friends! We have NOTHING planned. Praise the LORD! :)

Let’s chat – What’s the last TV show you watched?

Coffee Fix – Fo’ Cheap

Hello, my loves! I was a little frazzled this morning and I didn’t get around to conjuring up a post. This caused some anxiety for sure. I like to post and I like to keep a schedule. I’m sure if I took a few minutes I could have spit something out about my morning, but would it would have been empty, so it just didn’t happen.

What else didn’t happen? A run. I had every intention of going on one, too. When my alarm went off at 5:00, I realized I didn’t feel safe running alone in the dark. Is that stupid? Probably. What would be more stupid is the scenario that I did go running, despite my fear, and got mugged.

Maybe I should change this blog to The Big Wimp Diaries.

We won’t vote on that.

New Find

I love coffee, but I’m not a coffee snob. I don’t know the difference between a light or dark roast. It don’t care if the coffee beans came from Columbia or down the street. It matters not if it’s shee-shee-foo-foo Starbucks or cheap instant coffee.

I don’t need coffee in the mornings, but I like it. That said, I found myself in a slight predicament. I don’t have a coffee maker at the moment, and there’s no way in hell I’m shelling out $3 every morning for a cup ‘o Joe. You know what I mean? But this was $1.50 for six cups of tasty coffee.

So when I stumbled across Nescafe Taster’s Choice last week, I didn’t think twice before tossing it in my grocery cart (I can tend to be an impulse grocery shopper…)

I just pour this baby into some hot water (with a splash of skim) and I’ve got my office coffee fix in seconds.

I was never a sorority fanatic, but I love my ADPi tumbler that Emily gave me.

Although I drink out of this every morning, I feel like a huge tool when I’m filling ‘er up at the office water cooler alongside my 50-year-old co-workers. To most people, Greek letters = slutty party girl. I stifle the urge to ask them if they want to try and do keg stands with the water cooler, but I’m new here. When I’m new anywhere – people tend to misunderstand my sense of humor.

I’ll just smile and keep my mouth shut.

One More Thing

Pandora gets me through the day. Anyone else with me on that statement? Today I had on the 90s Pop channel and it was phenomenal.

When NSYNC’s Bye, Bye, Bye came on I was thisclose to jumping up and down and doing the little jig every time the chorus played.

But like I said, I’m still new at the office 😉

Let’s chat –

Are you a coffee snob?

If you’re a coffee drinker, how many cups do you have everyday? Since it doesn’t do anything for me (i.e. wake me up) I just stick to one cup.

Pandora fans? Give me some good channel ideas!

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!

You will all be pleased to know that I survived my Lady Doctor experience. She did actually ask me how school was going, and it made me chuckle.

Since I dedicated my morning’s post to that experience, I need to fill you guys in on the rest of my (less traumatizing) day 😉

One thing was good about today’s appointment – I had a little extra time this morning. That meant I got to ditch P90X and actually go to the gym!! I ran three wonderful miles and felt great afterwards.

I came back to a breakfast of overnight oats. I again added pomegranate Chobani, but I also had a baby piece of a banana sitting around so I mashed that up and added it to the mix. It truly tasted like a pomegranate-banana smoothie! If I wasn’t so attached to my toppings, I would have eaten it as-is.

Once I got back to campus after visiting The Lady Doctor, I felt that it was more than appropriate to treat myself to some iced coffee. A grande sugar-free hazelnut coffee with skim milk, if you want to get technical 😉

I’m aware that drinking iced coffee while having to wear gloves seems counterintuitive, but it’s what I really wanted. I don’t mess with cravings. I just end up disappointed if I do 😉

Lunch today hit the spot. I had my veggies topped with a cut up veggie burger with an apple on the side.

Dinner will be classroom style tonight. It’s the regular turkey sandwich on a bagel thin with red peppers, hummus, mustard and half of a Laughing Cow spreadable cheese wedge. The co-stars of the meal are grapes and Kashi crackers.  I’m a creature of habit. And I’m a graduate student who can’t afford new and exciting meals all the time 😉

Today is day seven of the 30 Day Picture Challenge!

A picture of your night. Get ready to have your mind blown 😉

Textbooks and magazines. I like to mix business with pleasure :)

On to the winner of the CNC Stores Gift Card Give Away!!

Cynthia from It All Changes!! I love coffee mugs as well, so I hope you pick a neat one! :) Please email me at lunchboxdiaries@gmail.com so I can send you the promo information.

Okay, my friends – I’ve got to run to class. Tonight we’re doing practice counseling sessions. My fictional problems include alcoholism, depression and a bout of infidelity. Whew! My “counselor” will have a lot to work with, that’s for sure! :)

Let’s chat – What breakfast would you make if you had extra time in the mornings? Are you a Chobani fan? Do you give yourself little treats when you “accomplish” something?

Crazy Lady

Good morning! I am running around like a crazy lady this morning. One of my biggest character flaws is that I am outrageously indecisive. I mean – it takes me ten minutes to decide wether I should wash my hair or shave my legs first 😉 Just kidding.

Let me explain. Cory has the day off for President’s Day – but I do not. I was considering taking today off and putting in hours on Friday instead (gasp!). But, I am helping facilitate a focus group this evening with college students about alcohol use, so I thought it would be beneficial to come in today and prepare. (I’m actually really looking forward to hearing what they have to say. I digress.) I couldn’t decide if I should come in for half a day today (plus tonight) and half a day Friday – or just Friday. Back and forth. Back and forth. The Pros and Cons list was extensive 😉

Anyway – I’m here. At the office. Working, obviously 😉

I’ll be here until early afternoon and then I’m off to run some wedding errands before the alcohol partay focus group tonight :) I think I may need to get some Starbucks in there somewhere.

Because I have no nutritional or fitness information for you this morning, I figured the next best thing to share would be a little something from Stumble Upon that made me laugh (and shout “In yo’ face!!”)

Well played, Toby. Well played. 😉

Enjoy your day, friends! Catch ya later!

Question for the day – What’s your favorite Starbucks drink?