Totally Truthful Thursday

Hello and happy Thursday! I haven’t done a Totally Truthful Thursday in a while now, and I know I have a few new readers out there (hi!) so I wanted to take a few sentences to explain why I do this :)

Totally Truthful Thursday: Explained

I read a lot of blogs and I’ve seen “the comparison trap” mentioned several times. Bloggers talk about comparing themselves to the seemingly perfect lives, bodies and relationships of fellow bloggers. Oh, you can bet that I’m privy to it! I certainly find myself reading my favorite blogs and thinking “I’m not as pretty as her” or “Her life is alway so fun.” But then I stop and think about it…

I think most of us try to present our best best self (because that’s what we strive for!) but no one is perfect. I feel that comparing yourself to another person is as useful as comparing apples and oranges.


They taste nothing alike, their colors are not the same, they don’t provide the exact same nutritional value, but they’re both delicious. I’d be happy with an apple or an orange.

So I started the idea of Totally Truthful Thursday because I wanted to lift the sparkly curtains of Everything is Always Perfect and I’m Totally Put Together all the Time. Life is really good – and that’s great! But things are not always perfect – and I think that’s what so many of us get tripped up on :)

To Be Totally Truthful…

I don’t drink coffee because it wakes me up. It does nothing of the sort. I drink it solely because I like the taste…and it makes me feel like a grown up.


Sometimes I feel like I’m seven years old because I eat cereal for breakfast 6 out of 7 days of the week – and waffles are usually the “special” breakfast.


Sometimes I feel nervous, and I don’t even know what I’m nervous about!

Without fail, I will want to fall asleep when I read either a peer reviewed journal article or my assigned readings for grad school. Like, if I can’t sleep, I’ll read a journal article.


My favorite pair of work shoes gives me blisters like nobody’s bizbass (and I’m sure I walk strangely as a result), yet I continue to wear them because they look cute.

My favorite granola company, Love Grown Foods, contacted me and asked me to be a Love Grown Blog Ambassador – a “Love Blogger” for short. I couldn’t be more excited!


I ran three miles yesterday and was really proud of myself. I didn’t compare myself to my marathon training friend, or any other bloggers. I chose to be proud of three miles.

I want to share my favorite quote of all time with you, because it’s my motto in life: “It’s better to be a first rate version of yourself, rather than a second rate version of someone else” – Judy Garland

Let’s chat –

Brag to me!! Tell me how you’re a first rate version of yourself – what makes you, you?

When Do You Feel Beautiful?

I feel beautiful when I finish a workout.

I feel beautiful when I pay someone a compliment.

I feel beautiful when I’m comfortable.

I feel beautiful when I belly laugh.

I feel beautiful when I eat healthy foods.

I feel beautiful when I’m surrounded by people I love.

I feel beautiful when I am happy.

I think we, as females, don’t pat ourseves on the back as often as we should.┬áBeing beautiful isn’t about the size of my jeans, the style of my hair or the label on my shirt. So often, I think females equate thinness with beauty or possessions with beauty.

I think ‘beautiful’ has to come from within. If beauty starts in your core, it has no option but to spread to the outside and become visible for everyone else to see.

I hope you do something today that makes you feel beautiful :)