Holiday Tips: How to Host a Holiday Party

As I mentioned yesterday, I spent Sunday morning at my second Pottery Barn class. This time, the focus was on how to host the perfect holiday party. 


I’m blessed to be surrounded by a husband and a best friend who are both naturally talented at hosting. Me? Notsomuch. I have to go to classes. And take notes.

But, as I’ve learned through my time as a blogger, I’m never the ONLY ONE. That said, I thought I’d share my notes with you, as well as some items that I’d love to purchase – immediately after I win the lottery.

  • For a less formal party, it’s appropriate to send out invites via social media. Think: Facebook, evites, etc.
  • For a formal party, evites won’t fly. It’s appropriate to send out a written invitation at least three weeks in advance.
  • When hosting a buffet meal, decorate your serving table with varying heights to add depth. It’s all about visual appeal, people!

  • Have your food and beverages on different tables. Because it’s always awkward trying to refill a drink when you’ve got your hands full of food. 
  • If you’re made of money, buy one these things, so your wine-loving friends can just help themselves.

Click here, money bags.

  • Do all your prep ahead of time! Do NOT put yourself in a position where you’re sweating over a hot stove when your gusts show up. That would not be cute. 
  • Themes, themes, themes!! Give me a piece of literature, and I’ll give you a theme in no time. Give me a hosting duty, and I got nothin’. A good theme is essential for a put-together holiday party, and it’s also a clever way to create conversation amongst guest who don’t know each other. Pottery Barn’s 12 Days of Christmas set is TO DIE FOR. I want every piece.

 Click here for the whole set

  • When hosting a sit down dinner, strategically set up your place cards. Put talkative people next to quiet people, split up couples, and put argumentative people as far away from each other as possible!
  • When hosting a cocktail party, set your limit at 4 – 5 appetizers. Also, don’t go spend a fortune on liquor; 2 – 3 signature drinks is appropriate. Lastly, always make sure to have beverages for the DDs!
  • Not into dinner or drinks? Host a cookies and coffee party! A good tip: Cakes and pies are nice, but they loose their visual appeal after a slice or two. Make sure to have a variety of cookies, and warm coffee ready when your guests arrive. I think it’d be best if you serve them in these mugs 😉

Click here for the mugs

  • Lastly, don’t forget the tunes! The music gets everyone in the holiday mood!

What, just me? 😉

Let’s chat – Are you hosting any holiday parties this year?

Weekend Wrap Up

Hello, friends! If you had a long weekend, I sure hope you enjoyed it. Thankfully (and not thankfully, because I missed my family) we were in Richmond for the entire weekend. Hey, a weekend with NO travel?! What a novel idea! 😉

Since we had Thanksgiving on Wednesday night, the real Thanksgiving was a leisurely one filled with walks, visiting the house, and having dessert with Jamie and her family!

Having a long weekend was great – every day felt like Sunday, but without work or class looming on the horizon. Friday, with a day full of nothing, we hit the road and made our way to this money pit:

We love walking around Ikea. It can be dangerous though, because we walk around saying “Only $10.99?! We’ll take three!” It’s only when we get to the register do we actually realize the damage that’s been done.

As to not make that mistake again With that in mind, we only bought a few small items, but took our time walking around the showrooms. God, I love that place.

Aside from packing, a Sunday girlfriend shopping trip wrapped up my long weekend! It started with another Pottery Barn class, How to Host the Perfect Holiday Party. More on that tomorrow…

Tonight = second to last class/4 hour drive of the semester. Can I get big HELL YEAH?!

PS – Go wish my in-real-life-friend/sorority sister, Ashley a happy golden birthday. Seriously. Go do it. 

Let’s chat – Ikea: Love it, or totally overwhelmed by it?