Totally Truthful Thursday

– We close on the house this Monday. I AM SO EXCITED.

– That said, you never realize how much shit you own until you need to fit all of it into boxes. (I can imagine this problem magnifies when you have a large home and/or children. It’s just the two of us, and we’re packing up a one-bedroom apartment. I’m a #diva.)

– You know what I appreciate? Drivers who give you the “hey, thanks” wave when you let them over. As you can imagine, I judge everyone who doesn’t give such wave.

– You know what I don’t appreciate? When my a TV show runs longer than anticipated and my DVR doesn’t get the last two, EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, minutes of the show. Yeah, I’m talking about a X-Factor results show.

Via the search I had to do because my DVR let me down.

– Speaking of TV, all my dreams came true. Cory + Topanga are back in action. I’m probably more excited about this than I should be. I’m also keenly aware of the fact that I will be a 25 year old woman tuning into the Disney Channel. No big deal.


– We found yet another inanimate object that Campbell fears. Flat boxes. (WTF.)

– Along with moving next weekend, Cory and I have some pretty exciting stuff going on next week. I can’t wait to tell you about it. Stay tuned! 😉

Hello, Richmond!

Well, friends. We’re here! :)

Friday was the big moving day, and despite my everything-that-can-go-wrong nightmares the night before, it was an extremely smooth process.

My mom came over to see us off, and we were met with the open arms of Cory’s family, Emily, and Jamie. It was an emotional day for me, because leaving my mom was terribly sad, so it’s been beyond comforting to come to a place with familiar faces.

On Friday, Cory’s mom made us a delicious dinner, and we all sat around and relaxed for a bit. I was too tired to admit that Cory and I had lots of work to do :)

Truth be told – we have been on such a roll with unpacking. When we moved in together in July, it took us 4 months to unpack – and this time we’re almost finished after 2 days.

I love this area and I love being so close to Emily and Jamie. It was so neat to have an impromptu dinner date with Emily last night! I was also so proud of myself for navigating my way to her place and back home without getting lost!

I’ll have more detailed posts to come, but for now, I’m simply getting used to the place. But from where I’m sitting (aka: our living room), things are looking pretty great :)

Let’s chat – How many times have you moved? I’m not counting college, so I’ve moved twice. In less than a year! 

Thursday Randomness

1. It’s March!! Only 17 more days until the most fun holiday of the year! If you’re Irish. Or a boozehound. Either one. I’m so excited we’ll be moved in by then so Cory and I can celebrate with all of our Richmond friends. Mainly these two. 

2. Tuesday was my last day at my job. I keep telling Cory I feel like a waste of space for being unemployed. He kindly reminds me that being unemployed and choosing to leave your job due to relocating for your husband’s job are two different things. 

3. In attempts to not be a waste of space, I’m continuing to get up at my normal hour to work out and get other forms of work done. Namely, making three school projects my bitch. I made a smart move and got out of the house to do school work today. I was able to get so much accomplished by sitting in Panera!

4. Oh, I’ve also spent my afternoon being a packing machine.

5. Next weekend we have an event to go to for Cory’s new job. I’m excited because I got to buy a new dress. Then I remembered today that my legs resemble paste. Because I don’t do the tanning bed, I’m turning to Jergens. Has anyone used this stuff?

6. GREAT news. Justin Bieber turns 18 today. Can I officially be taken off the creeper list?


7. Even BETTER news. My brother is going to be home this weekend! This makes me a very happy girl.

This picture is the background on my mom’s phone. I look crazed and Brian looks Asian. She must be so proud.

And with that, I bid you adieu!

Let’s chat – How many siblings do you have? I love families and I think it’s so neat when someone has tons of siblings!