Weekend Wrap Up

Hello, friends! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend – I know I did!*

*except for the fact that I broke my fucking iPhone and am now phone-less.

Cory and I made the trip up to Northern Virginia to see our best couple friends, Bobby and Whitney! We had SUCH a good time, per the usual.

Friday night was casual and laid back, as all Fridays should be. Saturday, though, we hit the ground runnin’.

Our first stop of the day was (Dunkin Donuts) a local farmer’s market. I was so thrilled when Bobby mentioned it. Aren’t farmer’s market’s THE best? Especially when you can make friends with little lambs?

You know why this is funny? (Hint: My first name is actually Mary.) Get it? 😉

We had lunch at Cory’s favorite local place, District Taco. You guys know I’m all about the Mexican food, and when I say District Taco is legit, you better believe me. Anyone in NOVA care to chime in? 

We also stopped by The Container Store, which if you ask me, is total paradise. Even though I’m not the most organized person, this store made me WANT to be the most organized person. Ever.

Before, heading home to comfy pants and the most delicious home cooked food, we stopped by a local distillery (of which I cannot remember the name!) for a short tour.

It was a small place, and we joked about it’s semi-creepy location, but once inside it was neat. An employee explained the process of making liquor, which was actually quite interesting, but then there was the “liquid portion of the tour” which was terrifying.

 I don’t do shots (that often) so I was thankful that this tour was only $5 – because I handled one sip before I felt like I was going to vom everywhere. UGH.

Sunday morning we hit the road. I was anxious to save my doggy from the kennel, but you guys were right, he didn’t even miss us! Other than being a little hungrier than usual, Campbell is doing just fine! :)

Have a happy Tuesday, ladies and gents! 

Wine, Relaxation and Great Friends

Good morning and happy Monday, my friends! Has Sandy come to visit your neck of the woods yet? Apparently, we’re supposed to be getting some of her today and tomorrow – but all I care about is that I don’t have class tonight! Three cheers for not having to drive two hours in the storm! 😀

Even though the storm was all over the news, we had great weather this weekend while visiting our best couple friends, Bobby and Whitney!

Cory and Bobby always want to know – do they look related? 😉

We got up to Northern Virginia around 11:00 on Saturday, and after ooh-ing and ahh-ing over Bobby and Whitney’s new, super cute apartment, we headed to Barrel Oak Winery for a wine tasting and some pizza!

As I’ve previously stated, I can’t tell if wine comes out of a box or out of a barrel. When I’m pounding sipping wine, what really matters to me is that I’m drinking it in good company – and that it doesn’t make me gag (reds – ugh.)

The woman giving the wine tasting was super knowledgable and just as friendly. I liked that she was talking to me about wine while wearing a pink flannel shirt. Not to our surprise, the boys (who makes friends everywhere they go) chatted her up and asked tons of questions.

We, on the other hand, laughed about silly wine lingo, ugly dogs, and old ladies in cheerleading costumes. (Which, by the way, I had no clue this past weekend was technically ‘celebrate Halloween’ weekend. Oops.)

We had so much fun visiting our friends. For the first 20 minutes of our drive home we kept saying “We need to live closer. We need to live closer. WE NEED TO LIVE CLOSER!”

While the drive between us isn’t ideal, I really can’t complain. It was a great weekend with wine, relaxation and great friends. What more could we possibly ask for?! :)

Let’s chat – What’s your favorite wine? Riesling for me!

PS – The Chapstick winner was picked! Was it you?