So, What Have I Been Up To?

Hello, friends! Oh my goodness, what a busy week it’s been. Has anyone else moved recently? Good God – it’s a task! Don’t get wrong – I’m not complaining – I’m simply trying to give you a valid reason as to why my blog has been on the back burner the past few days. 😉

So, what have I been up to?

Moving, of course. And feeling out all the adjustments that go along with a new home.

Like the random noises in the night that remind me of all the horrific, yet fascinating, Criminal Minds marathons I’ve been scarred by enjoyed.

Or you know, like, the double oven. Yet another example of how domestically challenged I happen to be. I’m glad that my brother’s girlfriend, Erin,  was there to capture my candid confusion. 😉 

Filming for a TV show. So fun. But so exhausting! I now have a new appreciation for the Kardashians. I mean, Kourtney and I are pretty much the same person these days. Right?

I ooze sex appeal.

Joining a new gym. Yesterday ended a 10-day hiatus from working out. I was oddly nervous before I went to our new gym for the first time. It was strange feeling “lost” in a gym, but let’s just, say spin class hurt just as much as last time. #SOREprivates

I have posts coming up on all these separate topics, but they’ll come at a time when my extra curricular activities cease to include unpacking and reorganizing my entire life 😉

Let’s chat – What have YOU been up to?! Tell me everything. I’ve missed hearing from you!

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

I was talking with a friend the other day about how blogging can sometimes be a tricky juggling act. As a blogger, you share your life, but only parts of it.

Like, if you’ve read this blog for more than a week, you know that Cory and I are officially home owners :)

But what you don’t know, is that I’ve been keeping a fun little secret for months.

We’re going to be on an episode of House Hunters! Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t – but we’ll be on air around Easter :) I’ll be sure to update with an actual date soon.

Or will I? I’m debating – I’m nervous about people I know sitting down to watch me on TV!

That’s all the news I have for you now, my friends! All of my free time this week will be spent getting ready for the Big Move this weekend, but I’ll try to pop in when I can! If I’m not around on the blog, you can catch me on Twitter and/or Instagram for sure!

Let’s chat – Who’s seen House Hunters before? Anyone? 


I Hate Penske

Dear Pricks at Penske To Whom it May Concern:

This weekend, my husband and I had the misfortune of renting one of your trucks. While we needed the truck for 24 hours, your company mandated that we rent it for three days, hence jacking up the price.

Yet, you were still the most affordable rental, and because we’re watching our finances closely due to recently signing our lives away via mortgage papers – we went with you.

Upon arrival to Home Depot, we were told the size truck we ordered was unavailable and that instead, we’d be given a 26 foot truck (which was larger than what we ordered.)

Great. Because who doesn’t love maneuvering a huge ass truck down the highway for 8 hours?

While I cannot complain to your company about the task that is packing a truck, please let me say that it was a laborious endeavor that left my husband and myself quite drained.

And the fact that we got on the road on Sunday morning at 2 AM is neither here nor there – but we were fucking exhausted when we journeyed home in your death trap of a truck.

Three hours into our eight hour trip back home, at 5 AM, sparks began to fly from the battery, located on the passenger’s side.

Penske, I know we’ve never met, but I’m precious cargo.

Then, as we were going down 1-81 at 60 miles per hour in the pitch black early morning – the electrical blew. The headlights shut off, as did all of lights on the dash.

Did I mention it was dark – and that we were on the highway – and that I was unaware I was auditioning for a horror movie? 

Upon calling your emergency hotline, the kind man (Bob) who answered the phone was apologetic, but the quickest he could get a mechanic out to us was an hour and a half.

And so, we sat. In a truck on the side of the highway, which shook like a madman every time a truck drove by. Which was often, as I-81 seems to be the popular route for every trucker and his brother.

Penske, when your mechanic arrived, he did what he could. Praise the Good Lord that he had the part he needed. Damn you for giving us a broken truck that stranded us on the side of the highway with no food or bathroom for four hours.

After your truck jeopardized the safety of my husband and myself, and stole four hours out of our lives, a common sense approach would be that your company would comp us the truck.

But, no.

You offered to give us 10% off.

When my husband argued that, you offered a 20% discount.

Finally, my husband told you he’d make it simple: we didn’t want to pay for your POS truck.

In the end, we saved $200 (i.e. the amount of gas.)

Penske, I’m beyond dissatisfied with your service (except for Bob) and the quality of your trucks. In the future, I suggest that your staff do routine maintenance checks before sending a paying customer on the road.


Hello, Richmond!

Well, friends. We’re here! :)

Friday was the big moving day, and despite my everything-that-can-go-wrong nightmares the night before, it was an extremely smooth process.

My mom came over to see us off, and we were met with the open arms of Cory’s family, Emily, and Jamie. It was an emotional day for me, because leaving my mom was terribly sad, so it’s been beyond comforting to come to a place with familiar faces.

On Friday, Cory’s mom made us a delicious dinner, and we all sat around and relaxed for a bit. I was too tired to admit that Cory and I had lots of work to do :)

Truth be told – we have been on such a roll with unpacking. When we moved in together in July, it took us 4 months to unpack – and this time we’re almost finished after 2 days.

I love this area and I love being so close to Emily and Jamie. It was so neat to have an impromptu dinner date with Emily last night! I was also so proud of myself for navigating my way to her place and back home without getting lost!

I’ll have more detailed posts to come, but for now, I’m simply getting used to the place. But from where I’m sitting (aka: our living room), things are looking pretty great :)

Let’s chat – How many times have you moved? I’m not counting college, so I’ve moved twice. In less than a year! 

Richmond Wish List

Good morning from my new study spot! I said it last week, and I’ll say it again: getting out of the house to get work done is so productive.

This whole not-being-on-a-work-schedule-schedule is shaping up to be pretty darn nice. I woke up bright and early to start my day. I had intentions of visiting the gym, but I seemed to have pinched a nerve in my back while packing/lifting boxes. I’m experiencing quite a bit of discomfort, so I thought it’d be best to rest.

Speaking of packing…

Our lives are once again wrapped in newspaper and taped up in cardboard boxes. We have nothing on the walls, barely anything in our closet, and next to no cooking supplies left out.

Come on, Friday.

Speaking of Friday…

I’ve found myself to be quite anxious about the move. I’m anxious about the actual logistics of the day in addition to leaving my hometown. So because I’m nervous, I can only think to do the one thing that never fails to calm me down.

Make a list.

So here is a Richmond To-Do Wish List.


1. Experience the greatness that is The Black Sheep.

From The Black Sheep Facebook page

2. Go on some weekend runs down Monument Avenue.

3. Partake in festivities surrounding Shamrock the Block, Beer and Bourbon Festival, the Ukrop’s 10k and Broad Appetite.

4. Spend a day down by the James River.

5. I’m hoping to join a gym for the first time ever!

6. Spending a day perusing Carytown – and possibly stopping by Carytown Cupcakes to make sure everything’s on the up-and-up :)

7. Have regular dates with Jamie and Emily, as well as seeing many of our other college friends that live down there.

8. Happy Hour at Tobacco Company. $1 rail drinks from 8 – 9 on Saturdays, thank you very much.

9. Taking advantage of 804 RVA. It’s an ingenious idea! Freelancers to get together and essentially co-work, rather than being at home and getting distracted by cleaning, walking the dog, the contents of your fridge…

10. Exploring my new surroundings and having a good time! 😀

Let’s chat – What’s your favorite thing to do where you currently live?

Thursday Randomness

1. It’s March!! Only 17 more days until the most fun holiday of the year! If you’re Irish. Or a boozehound. Either one. I’m so excited we’ll be moved in by then so Cory and I can celebrate with all of our Richmond friends. Mainly these two. 

2. Tuesday was my last day at my job. I keep telling Cory I feel like a waste of space for being unemployed. He kindly reminds me that being unemployed and choosing to leave your job due to relocating for your husband’s job are two different things. 

3. In attempts to not be a waste of space, I’m continuing to get up at my normal hour to work out and get other forms of work done. Namely, making three school projects my bitch. I made a smart move and got out of the house to do school work today. I was able to get so much accomplished by sitting in Panera!

4. Oh, I’ve also spent my afternoon being a packing machine.

5. Next weekend we have an event to go to for Cory’s new job. I’m excited because I got to buy a new dress. Then I remembered today that my legs resemble paste. Because I don’t do the tanning bed, I’m turning to Jergens. Has anyone used this stuff?

6. GREAT news. Justin Bieber turns 18 today. Can I officially be taken off the creeper list?


7. Even BETTER news. My brother is going to be home this weekend! This makes me a very happy girl.

This picture is the background on my mom’s phone. I look crazed and Brian looks Asian. She must be so proud.

And with that, I bid you adieu!

Let’s chat – How many siblings do you have? I love families and I think it’s so neat when someone has tons of siblings! 



Scenes from the Weekend

The weekend started off in Richmond with searching for a place to live. You know, because we’re moving in 12 days.

Saturday was spent in Georgetown at CB2 (I’m obsessed. Find one near you!) and Sprinkles.

I ended up with the Salty Caramel cupcake. I was quite pleased with my decision.

We’re on a roll with places we want to eat at before we leave, so that night we hopped over to Thai Basil. The owner, at this location, beat Bobby Flay in a throw down :) I can’t even tell you what I got, as I couldn’t pronounce 90% of the menu – but it was delicious!

We have a Sunday tradition of going to Mass and then grabbing some breakfast. Yesterday we ended up at Manhattan Bagel and I ordered an egg and cheese sandwich on an everything bagel. SO GOOD!

Sunday dinner was a homemade recipe that one of my classmates gave me. It was a Rosemary Lemon Chicken dish that was really good! I’ll have the recipe up for you all shortly! :)

And of course, Campbell was trying to send me the message that I should not go to the gym – rather, I should sit on the floor and pet him all day.

Now I’m off to start my last week at work! So strange. Have a great Monday, my friends!

Let’s chat – What was the best thing you ate all weekend? I’ve got to say I loved every bite of that Salty Caramel cupcake from Sprinkles, even if I did have a sugar headache afterwards 😉

We Have Arrived!

Hello!! Thanks for all of your kind congratulations on beginning the processes of moving everything into our new apartment :)

Yesterday was a doosey! Thank the Lord Cory’s parents were able to drive up from Richmond to help us.

Cory’s mom also helped me with breakfast this morning. Look what she brought me all the way from Richmond!

It’s the little things that are the most thoughtful things :)

So, back to the move. We had to take everything down from Cory’s third floor apartment, drive a mile up the road, and take it all back up to a fourth floor apartment.

I have a new found respect for elevators. My legs are sooore.

After what seemed like a million trips later, we had most of our stuff piled into the den.

Isn’t it amazing that your entire life can fit into one den? Or in my case, three suit cases, three recyclable bags and two boxes.

Marriage will multiply all that, right? 😉

Speaking of marriage, I’m gettin’ hitched to the most amazing guy I’ve ever met. At 10:30 last night, he was stuck in a corner on the phone with our internet provider getting it all hooked up for this morning :)

He’s a catch :)

It’s hard for me to describe how happy I am. It’s difficult to find the words that explain the millions of excited butterflies in my stomach. This is our apartment. Our new life together. It’s wonderful!

And although it will take a few days to unpack our lives, I couldn’t be happier sitting on our floor watching a TV that we don’t yet have a stand for.

This is all apart of the journey – and I’m so glad to be on it!

Movin’ On Up (Literally)

Hi, my friends! How is everyone doing on this fine Wednesday morning?

I’m good, thanks for asking :)

I’m a little perturbed though. My night of volunteering ended at 9:00, and I got in my car to drive to 30-ish miles home via the beltway. With a fast speed limit, I thought I’d make it home in 30-35 minutes and be able hit.the.hay.


WTF? Seriously. Seriously? At 9:15 PM on a Tuesday?

I was not happy.

Apparently the beltway shuts down at night for even more construction than usual. And I believe every asshole in Northern Virginia decided to take a late night cruise on 66.

Regardless – it took me 90 minutes to get home and immediately fall into bed.

My vent sesh is over now. Thank you.

Moving On

Today is a big day: We get the keys to our new apartment! I can’t tell you how excited I am. This is just another event that makes me realize “Oh my God. This marriage thing is really going to happen.” :)

Anyway, I’m going to help Cory and his parents move lots of his stuff after work – so I need to head in a little early today :)

Check It Out

One more thing! Make sure to head over to Fitblogger today to see my real- life-friend’s guest post!

If you don’t read her blog, you’re so missing out. Let’s just say – if you like laughing, you’ll like Ashley’s blog.

Wish me luck today, friends! We’re moving stuff to the 4th floor today – and there is no elevator…

Let’s chat –

Is traffic an issue where you live?

Not counting college – how many places have you lived? I’ve known one house as “home” for my entire life!

Do you have any “real life” blogger friends? Who are they? Ashley and I are sorority sisters! :)