My Focus is on Mental Health Care

I don’t have words to explain how I feel about the tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.

I feel shocked.


Outrageously angry.

I find myself asking questions that can not be answered, and I find myself crying every time I think and/or talk about this event.

While I feel strongly about the need for gun control to be reevaluated, my real focus is towards the mental health system, the field in which I am building my career.

This cartoon I recently came across accurately sums up my feelings. This is real life. And, in my opinion, this is why things like this are happening.


The sheer inability to access mental health care is astonishing. Along with that, the stigma attached to receiving mental health care is a genuine deterrent for so many people.

If you had a broken arm, you wouldn’t think twice about seeking care from a professional. So, why then, is it so stigmatized to receive help from a professional when you’re mental health is failing you?

I have no desire to blog, tweet, or log on to Facebook. My life is good, but I don’t feel good, and I’d be doing you and myself a disservice if I blogged about my daily life while feeling this way.

Come on back in a few days.