Weekend Things

It’s Monday again.

I can’t complain, really, because my weekend was pretty great. I did a whole lotta nothin’ – which was exactly what the doctor (not really) ordered.

On Friday, I forced myself to make it to Body Pump after work. Did I mention that it was Friday? After work?

I was slightly annoyed because the instructor had on a full face of make-up and left her (really long) hair down. Did I miss out on the Prom Edition of Body Pump memo?

It was a struggle to get past the make up, but it helped when she congratulated everyone for coming on Friday after work. Nice, I thought, she knows this is an accomplishment.

But then I harshly judged her again after she went on to say, Is anyone going to happy hour after this?

YOU KNOW IT. I thought to myself.

Not me, she says. THIS is my happy hour.

Oh, vomit.  

I was able to shake the Beauty Queen of Body Pump on Saturday morning at Body Flow. Per the usual, I was the first one there.

A few people (via Instagram) were concerned about the fact that I was looking pretty emo just sitting in the dark. Fear not. The instructors at my gym always hold yoga and Flow in a dimly lit room. I really enjoy it.

Maybe that is pretty emo of me.

When I got home, Cory made us breakfast. He loves cooking breakfast, which is perfect because I love eating breakfast.

Later in the day, Emily and Jamie came over to lounge and do nothing. It was pretty fantastic. And now, with a recharged battery, I’m off to conquer this week.


All Over the Place

Happy weekend, my friends! Maybe it’s this dreary weather, but the week has totally dragged on for me – anyone else?

It’s fine though, because in a few hours, it’ll be totally acceptable to be in comfy pants for an extended period time, and then all will be right with the world. (AMIRIGHT!?)

I have a date with my Sister Wives best friends tonight and I couldn’t be more excited. Speaking of those two, I found some pretty ridiculous pictures of us on Facebook last night. Our House Hunters producer needed pictures of Cory and I from college, so I revisted 2006 – 2010 in Facebook photos and came across these gems:

We haven’t changed much in the last five or six years, huh? 😉

Switching topics (it’s Friday – I’m allowed to be all over the place.) Because I’m a fan of transparency, I wanted to take a few lines to tell you about a new campaign I’m apart of. I was asked to be apart of the #Troop8X team, which is a group of bloggers asked to review the new Windows #HTC8 phone (we’re asked to put those hash tags in any post in which we reference the phone.)

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, HTC.

I was given the phone for free. I have not been monetarily compensated in any way, other than the product itself. I will be posting about the phone now and then, and I’ll be tweeting about it, too. But please know that I intend to be honest and genuine, as I always promise to blog with integrity.

If I like it, I’ll let you know. If I don’t like it, I’ll let you know that, too. I hope I have your support!

Have a great weekend, ladies and gents! Stay warm!

Let’s chat – What kind of cell phone do you have? (I’m just curious) 

Weekend Wrap Up

Hello, friends! If you had a long weekend, I sure hope you enjoyed it. Thankfully (and not thankfully, because I missed my family) we were in Richmond for the entire weekend. Hey, a weekend with NO travel?! What a novel idea! 😉

Since we had Thanksgiving on Wednesday night, the real Thanksgiving was a leisurely one filled with walks, visiting the house, and having dessert with Jamie and her family!

Having a long weekend was great – every day felt like Sunday, but without work or class looming on the horizon. Friday, with a day full of nothing, we hit the road and made our way to this money pit:

We love walking around Ikea. It can be dangerous though, because we walk around saying “Only $10.99?! We’ll take three!” It’s only when we get to the register do we actually realize the damage that’s been done.

As to not make that mistake again With that in mind, we only bought a few small items, but took our time walking around the showrooms. God, I love that place.

Aside from packing, a Sunday girlfriend shopping trip wrapped up my long weekend! It started with another Pottery Barn class, How to Host the Perfect Holiday Party. More on that tomorrow…

Tonight = second to last class/4 hour drive of the semester. Can I get big HELL YEAH?!

PS – Go wish my in-real-life-friend/sorority sister, Ashley a happy golden birthday. Seriously. Go do it. 

Let’s chat – Ikea: Love it, or totally overwhelmed by it?