What It was like Being on House Hunters


Can I just take a second to give a HUGE thanks to everyone who tweeted, commented, emailed, and texted me about the House Hunters episode? Every single one of you is so, so appreciated!

Leading up to 10pm last Thursday, I was a nervous wreck.

What if I look fat?

What if I look like a grease monkey (oily skin = grease monkey)? 

What if they make me look super dumb? 

What if people say mean things after watching the show?

Because these thoughts were running through my mind, Jamie came over for moral support 😉

I’ll be honest, the first time we were shown on screen, I literally screamed. Like a, HOLY SHIT! THIS IS REAL! I’M SO NERVOUS! kind of scream.

Due to laughing at ourselves and thinking about all the scenes that were left out, I only half processed the show. Therefore, I watched it again the next morning 😉

I think House Hunters did a great job capturing our genuine personalities. Sure, while some parts were semi-rehearsed (i.e. walking up to each house) our interactions with one another were for the most part, “real.”

And, yes, Cory does have a thing for comfort-height, elongated toilets.

But, no, that’s not ALL he talked about. That, my friends, is comical editing.

What else is comical? Not only did we end up with our dream home, we ended up with our dream neighbors.

This was on our mailbox bright and early the morning after the show aired:

On the seat: “[Our neighborhood] where all your dreams come true!”

The following day, this showed up:

I still haven’t figured out who this prankster is!!


While I have been recognized by a few strangers (“This is going to sound weird, but were you on TV last night?” and “I’m so glad he got the toilets!”) the paparazzi have yet to show themselves.

Maybe I’ll just have to wait until next week’s Us Weekly Stars, They Just Like Us! feature.


Totally Truthful Thursday: (Pre) House Hunters Edition

1. I can’t really eat. Or sleep. Or anything in between. Why? Oh, I’m only paralyzed by fear because our House Hunters episode airs tonight on HGTV.

Thanks to my friends, LK, for tweeting this picture to me and making me barf at work.

2. I’ll say it now: If you watch the episode and hate me afterwards, please keep in mind that it leans way towards the scripted side.

3. I am fearful that I will have to write a “Behind the Scenes” post, just to clarify any embarrassing things we may have said or done.

4. Because of camera stuff I don’t understand, we could only wear certain colors, and very few patterns. I forgot what I wore, and I’m very nervous about it.

5. Let’s all agree right now that the camera definitely adds 10 – 25 pounds.

6. Jamie will be here for moral support (and more importantly, wine-glass-refiller.) Emily will be sorely missed.

7. If you watch it, let me know. Mmmkay?


House Hunters Air Date!

Hi, all! Things are super busy with work this week, but I just HAD to pop in to share some fun news with you, as many of you have been asking: When is your House Hunters episode going to air?!

Well, friends, mark your calendars. It’s lookin’ like July 11th at 10PM is the date at time. Thanks to my cousin Amy for finding it online!

If for some reason you decide to watch it, please know that the definition of “reality” is a little bit differently in TV Land. Don’t judge us too harshly 😉


Fifteen Minutes of Fame

I was talking with a friend the other day about how blogging can sometimes be a tricky juggling act. As a blogger, you share your life, but only parts of it.

Like, if you’ve read this blog for more than a week, you know that Cory and I are officially home owners :)

But what you don’t know, is that I’ve been keeping a fun little secret for months.

We’re going to be on an episode of House Hunters! Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t – but we’ll be on air around Easter :) I’ll be sure to update with an actual date soon.

Or will I? I’m debating – I’m nervous about people I know sitting down to watch me on TV!

That’s all the news I have for you now, my friends! All of my free time this week will be spent getting ready for the Big Move this weekend, but I’ll try to pop in when I can! If I’m not around on the blog, you can catch me on Twitter and/or Instagram for sure!

Let’s chat – Who’s seen House Hunters before? Anyone?