Great Find: Relay Foods!

You guys – I have to share something with you. You know I love grocery shopping, so I’m pretty excited about it.

Relay Foods is a brilliant time-saving website for anyone who grocery shops. If you’re like me, you love Whole Foods, but you can’t afford to buy all of your groceries there.

And let’s be honest – with gas prices the way they are today – I just want to go one place. I’m not wasting pricey fuel to buy pricey food. Sorry I’m not sorry.

So I gave Relay Foods a try for a little pizza party I was having.

I made my list just like I always do, but rather than driving to the grocery store, I shopped online. I searched each item that I needed, added them to my cart, and hit check out.

The thing that I found to be most awesome was that I could purchase some items from Whole Foods, some from local vendors, and some from the regular ol’ grocery store – but I only had to drive to one place. (And if I wasn’t a cheapskate, I would have paid the additional fee to have them deliver my groceries to me!)

I picked the time that worked best for me, and I also had the choice of the pick-up spot that’s closest to my apartment. I rolled up the Relay Pick-Up location and was in and out in five minutes. All my groceries were just there waiting for me!


I highly recommend checking them out!

Let’s chat – What are some things that you buy at the grocery store every week? I buy cereal and bananas every single week. 


Work Smarter, Not Harder: Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping has become a Sunday staple in my life. I can now shop for a week’s worth of grocery’s in 30 minutes without sweating, crying or calling my mother.

That’s right.

It was not uncommon that I’d break the cardinal rule and call my mother during a Redskins game, frustrated in aisle 7 on the verge of tears wanting to know where do they put the instant mashed potatoes in this Godforsaken establishment?!

Probably near the gravy, Colleen. Like near the stuffing and spices. Do you know where that is?

*Sniff* Yeah, yeah, Mom I think – – go around me, lady! go around! — I know where that is.

It was a dark time.

But I have a system now, and I’m not above sharing it with you. I figure that if grocery shopping used to take me an hour and frustrate the hell out of me (where’s the condensed milk!?), I might as well share how I became The Best Grocery Shopper in the World.

Step 1: Take the time to do some work at home before you go. If you’re above clipping coupons or surfing for sale items, you don’t belong here.

When I know what’s on sale, it helps me streamline my meal planning. There’s no sense in planning a steak dinner if chicken breasts are buy one get one free, AM I RIGHT?!

Step 2 Meal Plan, meal plan, meal plan. I used to go to store and then decide what I wanted to make for dinner. What an idiot. What a poor idiot. If I go in without a plan, I spend double the time walking around and double the money buying things I don’t need.

This also solves the “what’s for dinner?” question

Step 3 Organize your list This has saved me the most time. First, I had to learn the layout of my grocery store when I moved here. Now it’s easy, so I organize my list in a way that mirrors my “route” in the grocery store. There’s no “oops, now I need this – let’s go back five aisles.”

Type A? Maybe. Time Saver? Absolutely.

Step 4 Avoid self check out. This eats up tons of time. If you don’t think bagging a week’s worth of groceries is a true art form, you’re nuts.


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Home Again, Home Again

Hi there! Friends, I seriously cannot get over this beautiful weather. I am silly to think that Spring could be here for real?!

Before heading back home, we went to one of my favorite restaurants in Richmond, Cafe Caturra. I had half a veggie panini with a raspberry walnut salad on the side. It was fantastic.

We even ate outside!! I could feel the warmth of the sun on my back and it was heavenly.

I love Cory because we’re normally on the same page. On our way out of Richmond he asked “Do you want Sweet Frog one more time?” YES PLEASE! :)

Fro-yo two days in a row? Sounds good to me! Can you guess which one is mine? 😉

Since this upcoming week is my spring break, Cory and I are planning on eating dinner together most nights, which made this weekend’s grocery trip exciting.

We are trying to practice our “meal planning.” Once we get married and move in together (!!!) we’re going to have to buckle down and make a meal plan for the week in order to make our lives easier and cut down on our grocery budget. If we have our meals planned out ahead of time, we’ll be less likely to buy random groceries we don’t need. Does anyone else do this now?

Well, I think the rest of the night is going to be spent relaxing. The premier of Sister Wives is on tonight, and I want to see it.

Have you seen this show?! Does anyone else think that the husband is the creepiest man ever? The whole thing just boggles my mind.

I hope you’re having a relaxing Sunday!

Let’s chat – Did you enjoy this weekend’s beautiful weather? Do you plan out your meals for the week before going grocery shopping? How do you relax on Sundays? Have you seen Sister Wives – what’s your take on the whole thing?




Losers Make Excuses, Winners Make It Happen

This is what I told myself this afternoon, but more on that in a minute :)

I got up bright and early this morning and worked out with Tony and the P90X gang for 40 minutes of Back & Biceps. It felt good, but it didn’t leave me with the feeling of “yeah – that totally counted as a workout.” Do you know that feeling? Either way, I celebrated with my over night oats. 😉

Work today was Lame City, and keeping with the theme I had a less-than-stellar lunch of a turkey sandwich, an apple and some Kashi crackers. I didn’t take a picture because I feel like I’ve posted 10 pictures of the same sandwich. It’s old news.

After work I headed to the grocery store! It wasn’t a huge shopping trip, as I’m going away for the weekend (!!!) I just needed enough food to get me through the week – and then a little extra. The last things I want to do when I come home from a weekend away is a) clean b) do laundry and c) need to go grocery shopping.

Here’s what I got!

On the drive home form work I toyed with the idea of an afternoon workout. (I think this trend is catching on!)  But I don’t really have to – I thought – I mean, I did work out this morning. But why NOT go? I was just going to sit around if I didn’t. I stopped making excuses and just did it.

So I put my groceries away and jogged over to the gym for 30 minutes on the elliptical + 15 minutes on the stair master. I know the elliptical gets a bad rap for being a “cop out” to the treadmill, but I’m still trying to take it easy on the knees (my God, how old am I?!) I made sure to up the resistance and I ended up with yeah, this totally counted feeling 😉

I haven’t felt so hot after my workout, so dinner was 1 cup of butternut squash soup with a few pretzel nibblers on the side. Yes, I do like to keep it classy with paper towels as plates. No big.

I had never had butternut squash soup before, but it was really good!

Okay, bloggy friends – I’m off to get ready for some Glee 😀 I hope you have a fabulous night!

Let’s chat – What’s your favorite soup? Do you like the elliptical or avoid it at all costs? Do you ever catch yourself making excuses not to work out?