It’s Friday, and I’m Glad About it.

Since I haven’t done a Totally Truthful Thursday in quite some time, I’m stealing a page from this girl’s book.

1. Tomorrow Cory and I will be reunited with our best couple friends, Bobby and Whitney!

2. The drywall, stone, and siding are up on the house – only a month and some change to go!!

3. Speaking of dates – have you realized that there are only 8 more Tuesdays before Christmas?!

4. It’s official, trying Pintrest recipes for dinner is a monumental risk. We tried to make this on Wednesday, but we ended up with this:

5. I’m treating myself to Starbucks this morning.

6. You still have time to enter my Chapstick giveaway!

7. I made the mistake of buying store brand oatmeal a few weeks ago. I hate to waste, so I gagged my way through half the container before I could take it no longer! The Quaker is back and I’m glad about it 😉

8. Jillian Michaels kicked my ass this morning. Level 3 of her 30 Day Shred is no joke.

9. I have to write two papers between now and when I leave tomorrow. That’s not fun – it’s just a fact, folks.

10. I’m hoping YOU have a great weekend!