Sometimes {I Don’t Make it to the Gym}

I go to the gym in the morning.

Let me rephrase: If I go to the gym, I go in the morning.

And lately, that’s a big fat if.

Sometimes, my bed is just too warm to leave.

Sometimes, I’d rather beat the breakfast rush than rush to the gym.

Sometimes, I make plans to go in the afternoon, but then I realize my pajama pants make more sense than my yoga pants.

Sometimes, I make myself believe that I have an ailment that prevents me from making it to the gym. You know, like a random knee pain an hour before I’m supposed to be at Body Pump.

Sometimes, I think: Oh, hell, what’s the point?

Sometimes, it feels like a chore. And I hate chores.

Sometimes, I’d rather watch Ellen and Dr. Phil.

Sometimes, I’d rather be at home than at the gym when Cory gets home from work.

Sometimes, I can’t say no to comfy clothes, pizza, and a glass (or two, or three) of wine.

 Sometimes, yes, sometimes – I do make it five days a week, but that’s not always the case. The reason I mention this is because I like to consider myself an advocate for the average person, you know?

And when it comes to physical fitness, I think most average people fall below the recommended daily amount – and you know what, that’s okay. Sometimes.

Do I condone laziness, overeating, or your letting spectator sports count as your physical activity? Heck no!

I simply condone giving fitness your honest to goodness best effort. We all have our own “sometimes.” The point is to not make them our “always.”

The Couple that Namastes Together, Stays Together(?)

Today, Cory and I tried something new and took a yoga class together.

I hyped up this upcoming experience like nobody’s business because yoga at my old gym was totally perfect.

Cory, you’ll feel so relaxed and centered.


Cory, the couple that namastes together, STAYS together. 

Cory. Get ready for your life to be changed. Forever. 

At this point Cory looked through the windows to my soul and told me to namastopit.

So, 5:30 AM came and I was ready and excited to calm the hell down and find my center.

Unfortunately, the instructor was a snobby substitute for the normal instructor. I was hoping for a nice Vinyasa flow, but she was more of a bougie show off than anything else. At one point, she asked the class “Do you guys do (insert random body-twisting pose here)?” And everyone shrugged, as best as the could while in bow pose.


She replied in a snarky tone, “It really helps if you learn the lingo.”

At this point, I look to Cory, who looks just as hilariously as uncomfortable as I do, and I laugh out loud.

It felt worse than laughing in church during Station of the Cross.

Needless to say, Cory hated it and my words currently hold no weight in this household. I’m hoping to redeem myself soon.

Let’s chat – Do you and your partner workout together? If you’re single, do you have a workout buddy?

Injurys + Irrational Thoughts (and Staying Positive)

What a title, huh? 😉

As some of you know, three weeks ago I took a nasty spill in a Body Step class and really jacked up my pride ankle. When it happened, I thought a sprain was no big deal and that I’d be back to normal business in a few days.

Um, that didn’t happen.

For some reason I felt phony writing about a sprained ankle injury because I know so many of you athletes out there are dealing with much more serious situations, but I reminded myself that this blog is about my experiences – not someone else’s (and I don’t mean to sound snarky saying that)

In case you didn’t know, dealing with an ankle sprain is no joke. For the first week following my drama-queen fall, I didn’t work out at all. The thought didn’t depress me then, mainly because I could barely walk.

The following week, I added Body Pump back into my routine, but I was shaky when it came to lunges. At this point, the mild frustration started to set in – as did the irrational thoughts.

This past Thursday, I had reached a boiling point. I felt myself getting flabby (most likely an irrational belief) and I felt myself slipping into the all-consuming feeling of self-consciousness – a slip I hadn’t made in quite some time.

So, I decided to say fuck it to my ankle and I went back to Body Step.

My instructor said that she was surprised to see me back, and I had to agree with her. I was so nervous. As class went on, I couldn’t help but hear the wet cracking sound that my ankle made when I fell, and in turn, I did the grandma version of each modified version.

It was bad.

I’m sure I only broke a sweat because I was thinking so hard.

And, to my utter disappointment, my ankle was not having it.

I’m mad at myself for going to class and irritating my ankle, I’m becoming impatient to the fact that my ankle hasn’t healed yet, and I’m frustrated that my physical activity has essentially been cut in half.

I’m trying to maintain a positive attitude and not slip into fat-freak-out-mode, which is hard. But, it’s Monday – a Body Pump day – so for now, I’ll be happy with that :)

Let’s chat – Have you ever dealt with an injury – big or small – that impeded on your fitness routine?

Any Body Can Be a Fit Body

Several events in the past week or so have reminded me that many people perceive working out as a miserable chore. A means to an end. An intimidating means to an end, no less. And let me tell ya, I get it! 

Reading books written by fitness gurus, searching the internet, and even reading blogs can make fitness seem confusing and can lead one to believe they’ll never measure up to Blogger X/Fitness Guru Y/Diet Guidelines Z. You might not know where to start, what foods to eat, or even if you want to care about it!

But let me tell you – you can do it, and you need to care about it.

Some claim, between work/school/errands/LIFE, I don’t have enough time to workout. To that I say:

You might be saying, Four percent, schmore percent, I hate the treadmill and I don’t know any other way to work out. To that I say: Take a group fitness class! Classes are offered at gyms and local community centers. Find one. Go.

*No extra cash to spend on a class? Reasonable answer. I’d suggest buying a fitness DVD like Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred (less than $10 online) or 10 Pound Slim Down to get ya started!*

Now you might be thinking, Colleen. Jillian Michaels? Group fitness classes? Maybe waking up earlier than I have been? This sounds miserable. You’re insane. To that I say:


I don’t have abs. I can’t do a pull-up. I am incapable of sprinting. But I still keep at this thing called fitness because it works! It makes me happy, I maintain a healthy weight, and I feel good. If I can do it, so can you.

If this motivates one person to get off their ass today, I’ll feel fantastic.

Fitness: It Doesn’t Look the Same to Everyone

This morning I woke up and immediately slipped into gym clothes. I mindlessly laced up my shoes and haphazardly pinned my hair up into a mess that resembled a pony tail. If you can pick up on context clues, you have already made the connection that I wasn’t jazzed about going to the gym this morning.

I sat on the couch and pulled up some of my go-to blogs for workout inspiration. Surprisingly, nothing was jumping out at me.

I felt lazy and almost said “Forget it. Hopefully there’s an SVU marathon on this morning.”

But then I saw all these tweets about how nice the weather was this morning, and suddenly, I remembered:


…is more enjoyable than the treadmill.

So I decided I’d switch it up and take my main (furry) man on a long walk rather than half- assing it on the treadmill in a small, sweaty gym.

It’s amazing how much a 45-minute walk with in the sunshine with my dog impacted my mood. I wasn’t doing hardcore sprints, I wasn’t doing squats until I could no longer stand, and hell – I wasn’t even sweaty afterwards – but I felt good!

In my opinion, that’s what fitness is about. I’ll never run a marathon or have a six-pack, and that’s fine because those things aren’t for everyone (although I wish a six-pack was for me 😉 ) To me, fitness is about moving, variety, and feeling good yourself.

Let’s chat – Fill in the blank: To me, fitness is about __________. 

Surprise Gym



While I don’t normally bare-ass it on Fridays, I do enjoy the more casual and laid back feel of the work day 😉


The gym that I normally go to on campus is closed for the summer, but little did I know that there is another equally large gym right around the corner.

Well, wouldya look at that…

This blows the mind of a girl who went to a tiny school with only one gym and only one dining hall. This morning I did intervals on the ArcTrainer for 30 minutes. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – with the right resistance, that baby can give me a good workout!


Today is the “sell by” date on my milk. That always makes me a little wary. I did the smell test. Not too abnormal. I did the shake test. No chunks (thank you, freshman year, for proving that happens). With all systems go – I made a hearty cereal combo 😀

Quaker oatmeal squares, Honey Nut Cheerios, Corn Flakes, chia seed, banana

Today is part two of the interview process so I better go get ready! I hope you have a fabulous Friday! Here’s to a long weekend full of fun, family and relaxation! :)

Let’s chat – Do you have any plans for the long weekend?! Do you drink milk on/after the sell by date? I drank it today, but I probably won’t drink it tomorrow. It’s not usually a problem I have – I go through milk so quickly! 


Hey there, blog lovers! Hows your Tuesday going?! It’s a little doom and gloom outside this morning, but I’m trying my hardest to send the sun some good vibes so he comes out to play :)


This morning’s workout started off with a a great strength circuit and then 2.5 miles on the treadmill. I was really glad that I was able to fit weights and cardio into one workout. I haven’t had time in the morning to that for a while now!


It’s also been several days since I’ve had a bowl of cold oats, so that’s what I let my mind wander to while I was hurtin’ fo’ certain on the treadmill.

Sweet victory.

These are not overnight oats. They’re more like stuck-in-the-fridge-while-I-showered oats. Nonetheless, they tasted great!

Sweatin’ It

I’m a little preoccupied this morning because I have an interview in a few hours. I sweat peeling an orange, so you can imagine what a hot mess I am before an interview.

Like my nerves for anything, it’s the anticipation that kills me. Once I get in the room, I’m able to strut my stuff.

Okay, my friends! I need to spend some time going over the job description and potential questions before I hit the road. I need to convince this lady of how awesome I am 😉

I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday morning! I’ll catch ya later – hopefully with a good update!

Let’s chat – Are you calm under pressure, or are you a nervous nelly? A cardio workout vs strength workout? Strength workouts are my favorite! 

Extra Chipper

GooOoOd morning, beautiful people! I’m feeling extra chipper this morning 😀

Maybe it’s because when I walked outside, I saw blue skies for the first time in seven days.

Or maybe it’s because I had a really intense run that left me feeling like I kicked my own ass.

Or maybe it’s because I had my free sample of Quaker Oatmeal Squares fo’ breakfast.

I love being a Clever Girl.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to get two little boxes of their favorite cereal in the mail?


Like I said, I had a really great run on the treadmill this morning.

Woah. Did my fingers really just type that sentence?

I did the 5-4-3-2-1 sequence twice through and it was tough, but I was proud that I pushed myself. Every time I get to that minute at 8.0, I pray to God that I a) don’t vomit and b) don’t fall. So far so good 😉

Weekend Plans

Cory and I are headed to Richmond this afternoon. We have a meeting at 7 AM tomorrow (say whaaa??) to go over liturgy and music for the wedding mass. Oddly enough, I’m looking forward to it.

I’m also going to Richmond for a good friend’s bachelorette party! I’m pretty excited. I’ve never been to one, but I’m highly confident that a good time will ensue 😉

I’m off to get some errands done! I’ll catch you guys later this afternoon!

Let’s chat – Has the weather been extra crappy where you live? It’s been raining every day for like a week! Have you ever been to a bachelorette party? 

Happy Tummy

Hellooo!! Oh my goodness, can I just say how freaking awesome this blogging community is? Seriously. Your comments on yesterday’s post were so positive :) Thank you!


My question for today is: how is it possible to get up at 5:15 and still run late? That’s my life today! I usually like to post before work, but it just wasn’t in the cards this morning :)


I woke up not wanting to go to the gym, so I’m totally patting myself on the back for actually going and actually sweating.

I know the ArcTrainer gets a bad rap, but when I set it with a high resistance, that thing can kick my bootay. I’m a huge fan of alternating between going forwards and backwards. Anyone else with me on that one? 😉


MMm, PB & J overnight oats. I added chia seeds to them this time (I had been out for weeks!) and these were probably the best cold oats I’ve ever had. I have a happy tummy this morning :)

Okay, folks! I told you I’m running a little behind today, so this morning’s post has got to be short and sweet. I hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday (I actually had to look at my computer to see what day it was) 😉

Catch ya later!

Let’s chat – What did you have for breakfast?  You better not have skipped it! 😉

To Eat, Or Not to Eat

…that’s usually never a question in my book – unless it’s close to bedtime (is “bedtime” an inappropriate term for a 23-year-old? :) )

I’ve read and heard so many times that “you shouldn’t eat after the sun goes down” or “no food at least 3 hours before you go to bed” etc, etc.

I usually eat at the same time every day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks usually happen at certain times – and even if I’m not super hungry at say, lunchtime, I tend to eat anyway. Just to keep on track. Does this make sense?

But then there are days like yesterday when I eat a super-filling lunch and I’m not hungry at 6 or 7. So for dinner last night I had a green monster with an apple and cheese on the side. That worked perfectly fine – until about 8:45.

I found myself grappling with “should I eat or not?” While I’m not a nutritionist or a health professional, I still consider myself pretty health savvy; yet I have this irrational belief that if I eat before bed, I’ll wake up a bloated mess.

Do you listen to your body and eat no matter what time it is? Or do you abide by the “no food before bed” rule? 

Anyway, I ended up eating and I woke up this morning the same size as when I went to bed. Whew!! 😉

I think if I went to bed with a growling tummy, my 5 AM workout would have been quite difficult! I know it’s best to listen to my body (which I normally do) but I’d be a big liar if I said I never worry about gaining weight.



Nicole, a fellow bride-to-be :) , introduced me to – and I’m lovin’ it! But don’t let the website name scare you. I’m not trying to turn into something like this.

Uhhh. Yikes.

I’m actually using my wonderful blog friend, Jenny, as inspiration! She is a weight lifting machine and she’s cute as a button!

Although I’m not trying to turn into a body builder, I do find MyBodyBuilding’s workout plans to be great! This morning, per the “Day 1” workout, I completed (3 sets of 12 each)

So far, so good!

Now I’m off to work and eventually class. This is my last “marathon day” for a few months! 😀

Let’s chat – Do you eat before bed? Do you use other bloggers as inspiration? I think you know my answers to these questions :)