Fitness Friday: A Laid Back Approach

I was doing pretty good with Fitness Fridays for about about six weeks, but I totally dropped the ball. The last one was back in August!

In case you’re interested, the other topics I covered were as follows:

I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t worked out all week. Then why bring back the Fitness Friday now, Colleen?

Well, I take that back. I went to Body Pump on Monday morning, but I ducked out early, as a migraine from the previous night hadn’t fully subsided. *Note: Weight lifting does NOT help a head ache.

 The thing is, it’s been great. I’ve slept in until 6:45 (!!) all week, and I haven’t felt one bit of remorse or guilt. Like, none. (If you’ve been reading for a while, you know how huge that is for me.)

Actually, over the past few weeks, my approach to fitness has been pretty laid back. I’ll go to about four classes a week, and on weekend mornings, my workout consists of an hour long walk with Cory and Campbell. Those walks are fantastic, and I truly look forward to them.

Brown’s Island is our favorite #rva :)

I applaud the bloggers who I follow who go balls to the wall all day, every day. I appreciate the lovely ladies who are constantly tweaking their diet to be as clean and paleo/vegan/vegetarian/no carbs as possible. In a way, I feel that they’re better than me. More dedicated, if you will.

Because, let’s be honest: I eat meat, cheese, sugar (real and fake), carbs, and foods that come out of boxes and bags.


If a fall into the comparison trap, those people make me feel a little bad about myself. How stupid, right?!

But then I remember, that as long as what I’m doing works for me, that’s all that really matters. And that’s the message I want you to remember for yourself, too. :)

Who knows, maybe next week I’ll be tweeting pictures of a treadmill after I crush a 5 mile run (highly unlikely) or maybe I’ll make it to the gym 6 days out of the week (again – unlikely),


but all I know is that I’ll be doing what feels good and right. I’m not forcing or guilting myself into doing anything.

That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it! 😉 Have a wonderful weekend, my friends! We’re off to do the final walk through of the house!

Fitness Friday: Girl Dates at the Gym

Girl dates: Getting together with your girlfrands to have a good time. 

What else do we normally do for girl dates? Go out to dinner. Meet up for Happy Hour. Bake cupcakes.

Do you know what I mean?! And while I love gossiping about the most recent celebrity train wreck over wine and cheese, my waistline does not.

Guys rarely find themselves in this predicament. For example, when Cory hangs out with his friends, he goes golfing, plays frisbee golf, or throws the football around.

Me and my friends? We drink too much and shove our faces with fist fulls of gold fish.

Well, that’s not very smart. Or healthy. And because I’m no longer 21, recovering from a night of drinking is comparable to recovering from invasive surgery.

My new alternative? Going to fitness classes with girlfriends.

It can be just as fun, and much more affordable, than gabbing over drinks – and you feel good afterwards! I joined the same gym as Emily back in March, and it’s been so much fun! I love meeting up with her for BodyPump, and I know she’s always down to try a new class.

So next time you and your girlfriends are trying to think of something fun to do, go try out a class at the gym! I can guarantee, the less you know about the class, the more you’ll laugh until your side hurts 😉

Let’s chat: Do you ever mix “workout time” with “girlfriend time?”


Fitness Friday: BodyStep 88

Edit to add to yesterday’s post: Penske actually read my post, emailed me, and after talking with their Social Media team at the corporate office, we were refunded the rest of the truck!! I was super impressed. While I was not pleased with our overall experience, their Social Media team saved the day! Thanks, Ryan Dixon, my favorite member of the Penske Social Media team! :)


Last night, Emily and I switched up our routine (cue: breathing deeply into a brown paper bag), opting to forgo our morning workout and try the new Les Mills BodyStep 88 release after work instead.


I had never done BodyStep before, so I was a little nervous. I don’t do well with dance-y choreographed fitness classes, but I know the key to staying fit is continually trying things that are difficult.

And BodyStep is just that: difficult. An intense, fast-paced cardio workout that utilizes an adjustable bench/step, BodyStep uses bursts of high intensity intervals paired with muscle toning tracks give you an amazing overall body workout.

And when I say fast-paced, I’m not kidding. There were several different times when I literally stood on my step, confused as hell, while everyone else around me looked like they came out of a sweaty Glee episode.

While I was embarrassed about my severe lack of coordination, it was honestly one of the best workouts I’ve gotten in a long time. And looking at the stats Les Mills provides, I see why:

Seriously, I was dripping with sweat before we even finished the warm up, and this morning my legs are so sore.

Even though I was lost and confused, awkward and uncoordinated, and hands down the biggest dweeb in the class, I had a great a time. Emily and I have already decided we’re going back next week!

Let’s chat:

  • Have you tried BodyStep before?
  • Are you super excited about the Olympics Opening Ceremony tonight?! I am!! I have to DVR it, but I’m looking forward to watching it this weekend! 


Fitness Friday: Gym Bags

Gym locker rooms. Does anyone use those things? If I could get over myself, the gym locker room would be such a time saver in the mornings.

But alas, I am a diva. When I was on the high school swim team, I tried to bolt in and out of the locker room as quickly as possible. Something about naked, sweaty and/or chlorine-y bodies made me uncomfortable. Okay – it still does.

And those ladies who dry off every bodily nook and cranny as if they are in the privacy of their own bathroom?

Also, I don’t own a gym bag, and I’m not about to be that girl who uses her purse as a  two-fer bag. No.

That said, I have been looking. I want a big bag. Not Mary Kate Olsen big, but big. I’m also looking for a girly bag, because I believe you should feel cute when you go the gym. I’m not trying to carry around a bulky, black soccer bag.

Enter: Dream Gym Bag #1 from Cassey Ho’s oGorgeous shop. I love the size, the glitter, the pockets, the satin lining. Everything.  Gimmie, gimmie. 

Enter Dream Bag #2 from LuLuLemon. I love the Pack Your Practice bag because of the drawstrings (and because I can’t afford Dream Bag #1.) You can make this bag as big or as small as needed – and there’s also a mini removable bag when you just need to grab your cell phone, keys, and go.

Enter: Dream Gym Bag #3 from Bow Peep. I’m a sucker for a monogrammed anything – so why not a monogrammed gym bag?!  I love the Bow Peep etsy shop – so many cute bags! I could absolutely see myself carrying this bag on my shoulder walking into Body Pump!

Let’s chat – Do you use a gym bag? If so – where did you get it? When I walk out of the door to the gym, I have my hands full with my water bottle, my wallet, and my phone. That needs to change! 

Fitness Friday: My Take on Running

Once upon a time, there lived a girl who had dreams of becoming a runner. Lurking from the elliptical, she envied the toned girls who just kept going..and going..and going on those treadmills – and didn’t seem suicidal.

I want to be like them, she thought.

Slowly but surly, this timid fitness novice made her way over to a treadmill. Believing that she was the most fascinating person in the gym, she was confident that everyone was looking at her and judging each pathetic stride.

To be brief, it didn’t go well.

This girl compared the feeling of running to that of being tortured and killed slowly. Like someone puncturing her lungs with a needle prick and watching her suffocate.

But she kept doing it.

She ran her first 5K in 43 minutes – and hated it.

She ran her first 10K in 59 minutes – and hated it.

She ran her first (and let’s be honest, only) half marathon in 2 hours and 12 minutes – and hated it.

Why’d she stick with it?

Because she wanted to be like someone else.

She wanted to be the person who felt at peace while running, but instead she was angry the entire time. She was chasing the runner’s high she’d read about hundreds of times – but it never came.

So finally, she put away her running shoes and changed gears. She picked up a few weights and stumbled her way through her first boot camp class before eventually falling in love.

So what’s the moral of this story? Don’t do fitness with the goal of becoming someone or something that you’re not.

Find what works for you. Then you’ll find that peace, that fitness high.