Last Chance Survey

Happy Friday, ladies and gents! How’s everyone doing?! Swimmingly, I hope. I saw this survey here and here, and because I want to be just like these girls, I thought I’d do it, too 😉

1. Last food you ate?  I wish it was falafel, but I couldn’t open the chickpeas can. Why? Our can opener bit the dust on Monday. Annoying, but, we used a gift card to Whole Foods instead! I had sushi :)

2. Last beverage you drank? I drank some of this Pineapple Orange Banana juice. There is no cup because I drank it out of the container. Don’t tell me you’ve never done that when there’s just a little bit left. 

3. Last workout? Yoga! (I’m writing this on Thursday night.) It was awesome – there were only two of us in the class and we were equally unskilled. The instructor took her time with us. It was like a private yoga session – I really enjoyed it.

4. Last thing you pinned? PIN ALL THE THINGS!! I’ve been on a Pinning spree lately. I become obsessed with Pintrest for a week or so, spending all my free time Pinning shit I’ll never do and laughing at things funnier than I could ever come up with, but then I’ll go a month without logging on. Lucky for you, I’m currently on a Pinge (Pintrest Binge.)

Since we move, in like, a MONTH, a great deal of my pins deal with home stuff. Thanks for this pin, Emily!

5. Last text message you sent? Oh really?! Good to know. Clearly, we won’t do anything for full price if we don’t have to. I was talking to Whitney about a trip we’re planning. I’ve signed up for Living Social and Groupon for the area 😉

6. Last blog you visited? Ashley’s! She’s the cutest. I can’t wait for her little one to be born!

 7. Last tweet you sent?

8. Last place you visited? Ulta. I accidentally picked up the wrong color of Bare Minerals when I was there last week. I used the last bit of my container this morning so it was necessary to go get the correct color!

Which is fairly light, by the way.

9. Last time you did ab work? We did tons of plank-y moves in yoga!

10. Last show you watched? The Voice. Because I love watching Adam Levine talented singers.

11. Last thing you baked? These. So good!

12. What is the last thing you Instagrammed? I knew I wouldn’t have any Halloween candy on Wednesday (*weeping*), so I treated myself to a PSL on the way to work!

Note: When you use the front facing camera on an iPhone, the picture quality suuucks.

13. Last item on your to-do list today? Make dinner. Thaaat didn’t work out as planned.

I hope you have a great weekend, my friends! We have NOTHING planned. Praise the LORD! :)

Let’s chat – What’s the last TV show you watched?