I’m Back!

Hello, friends! Oh my gosh, I can’t begin to express how I truly needed that break from blogging and not being fully “plugged in” to approximately 17 social media accounts at all times.

While I stepped away from the blog world, I was still fully existing and functioning in Real Life 😉 It’s amazing how much time I had to devote to other people and things when I took blogging off the to-do list.

– Cory and I made the trip up to Alexandria to spend Christmas Eve with my family. And I wasn’t overly concerned about snapping pictures for the blog. 

As a side note, my cousin Lindsay, who I adore, just chopped off all her hair and I couldn’t help but notice that we kind of sort of definitely look like sisters.

Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

– Cory and I hosted Christmas dinner at our new home! It was shockingly not stressful at all. While not everything went according to plan, I think we did a good job.


I even had extra time to dedicate to making the table cuter than I normally would have.

– I started a new hobby as a Stella & Dot stylist. I can’t tell you how much I love this jewelry. Seriously.


More on this later, but I have to gush about the fact that I’m able to work with ladies who want to host online shows. If you’re interested in hosting a jewelry show on your blog – email me!

– I’ve spent a lot of of down time here.

– I’ve spent time with my bestest friends, which is not something totally out of the ordinary, but I’ve been extra thankful and appreciative lately.

– And, because I dig honesty, I’ve also had a few struggles. We’re been beyond busy and I think I got to the point where I ran myself into the ground. More on that once we get into the New Year!

– Most importantly, I’ve indulged and not worried one single bit. Dessert? Sure! Sweet Frog twice in one week? Absolutely!

I know that I haven’t written a real post (unless you count this one) in almost two weeks, which is like, a year in the blog world. While I enjoyed every minute of my break, I’m ready and excited to be back. So, if you’re still here as a reader, I genuinely appreciate it.


I have a confession to make.

Blogging (writing mine and reading my friends’) has been a little tough to keep up with lately.

You know, I had the whole wedding thing.

And then the whole honeymoon trip.

And then the task of finally unpacking all of our wedding presents that have been sent to us over the last month and a half. We didn’t use any wedding presents until we were married, so there are lots of boxes consuming my life right now.

*All of these are great things that are more important than blogging, duh.*

It’s been difficult to remember to stop and take pictures of my food, and when I finally plop down on the couch at the end of the day, what am I supposed to capture with my camera? The insane trashy train-wreck that is The Bachelor Pad? (Seriously. Vienna is such a train wreck.)

Get this – some of my cousins came over for dinner last night, and I didn’t snap one photo. And they’re really beautiful, so it’s a shame.

I did manage to document dessert after they left though.

Does that count for something?

Anyway, if I can share some nuggets of information with you, it would this week’s strength workout.

Complete three sets of each:

Squats (25 reps, 10 lb dumbbell in each hand)

Calf Raises (50 reps, 10 lb dumbbell in each hand)

Lat Pull Down (12 reps, 40 lbs)

Upright Rows (15, 13, 12 reps, 15 lb dumbbell in each hand)

Lat Raises (15 reps, 5 lb dumbbell in each hand)

Sumo squats (25 reps, 10 lb in each hand)

Hammer curls (15 reps, 15 lbs)

Back extensions (10 lb total)

I really enjoy working with weights. I wish I liked cardio just as much, but that’s not how this cookie crumbles.

Let’s chat –

If you could only do one type of workout for the rest of your life, what would it be?

How early is too early to have a cupcake?