Tacos & a Girl with a Tattoo

Happy Saturday, gorgeous gals and guys! I’m in class all day again, but I’m really looking forward to our guest speaker today. We’re having a transgender woman come into class, and I think it’s going to be extremely interesting and informational.

Cory, his roommate Bobby, our friend Dustin and I went out to dinner last night at District Taco. District Taco started out as a food truck in the District, but it became so popular that the owner opened a restaurant. If you live in the NOVA area, I suggest visiting real soon! It was fabulous!

The salsa bar was so fresh – I may have visited it twice ;)

Their guac was out of this world, my friends! Cory and I demolished this whole thing. It reminded me of a Gotta Have It size from Cold Stone ;)

Per the usual, I ordered two soft chicken tacos. The chicken was grilled, and the taco was topped with cheese, lettuce and grilled veggies. Gah, I love Mexican food.

Once in a solid taco-coma, we made our way to Cory’s to do more research on where we’re going to live come August. We’re starting to narrow it down to a few places we want to go look at :D I know I sound like a broken record, but this is whole getting married/moving in together thing is SO exciting!

Enough wedding talk. For something fun and out of the ordinary, Cory and I are starting to read a book together. I’m the delegated page turner ;)

No, the Apple-fanatic is going to read it on his iPad, while I went to the archaic library (just kidding, Cait!) to borrow the book.

I have heard so many people rave about this book. We’re both really looking forward to reading it :) We just don’t know how to decide where each stopping point should be. Has anyone ever read a book with someone else or been in a book club?

I’m off to class! I’m treating myself to some coffee this morning :) Enjoy your Saturday!

Let’s chat – What’s the last book you read? I’m finishing Ordinary People by Judith Guest.

Suggestion, please – I got some nut butters in the mail yesterday (YAY!), along with coconut butter. How does one use/eat coconut butter? On a sandwich? As icing? It’s so sweet!


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    wow those tacos look AMAZING!! yumm! I STILL need to read that book but i heard amazing things :) xo have fun in class pretty girl! xo

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    Mmmm Mexican! My best friend and I are reading a book called The Magus together while she is in Europe for the next few months. It’s such a good way to stay connected!

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    I’ve never had coconut butter before, but I do buy coconut oil. It is fantastic on a piece of Ezekiel toast (preferably the cinnamon raisin kind), so I would assume that coconut BUTTER would be amazing with it! I’m sure you could also find a bunch of recipes that use it! Yum!

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    I had tacos for lunch today! Yummy! :)

    I still haven’t read that book. You’ll have to let me know how it is. I’ve heard good things so far. :)

    I just finished reading the Mark of the Lion series. I love those books – such good stuff. :)

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    I got coconut butter too and I have no clue what the f to do with it! :( Love the tacos, yum :D

    Unfortunately the only books I read are textbooks boo :(

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      I was so confused when I opened the jar and it was hard! I was like WTF is this?! Then I read the label and put it in the microwave hahah. It tastes like icing!

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        I still haven’t opened it! Lol Hmm it’s hard? Glad I know this now because I would have been so confused. Oh man if it takes like icing it’s gonna be dangerous around me :o

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    I can never get enough Mexican food. ;) Give me queso and guac and I’m set.

    Tell me how you like that book! My best friend says it’s her favorite.

    Crazy that you mentioned that you’re finishing Ordinary People. My highschool did the stage version for the fall play and I got the role of Beth. It was so fun to play a witch but incredibly challenging.

    I’m reading The Art of Racing in the Rain! Check it out. I’m loving it!

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      That’s so cool that you were in the play! Oh my gosh, I’m only 80 pages in and I can’t stand Beth – what a witch! I bet that was a challenge for sure! My mom read The Art of Racing in the Rain and said it’s wonderfulll :)

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    your mexican food looks amazing! it’s one of my favorite kinds of food too. :)

    coconut butter: drizzle on oats (hot or cold) or smoothies! it’s sooooo good!

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    Guac is my favorite. I can’t wait to get my new vitamix and make it a ton!

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a phenomenal book–once it gets going. Don’t give up in the dry beginning!


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    I read that book over the summer. It’s a little hard to get into at first but once you are you won’t be able to put it down. I’ve done a book club before, but we usually just talk at the end. I’ve wanted to start a “blogging” book club recently. Anyway, maybe split it up into thirds?

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    I’m reading the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo now too!! I thought I was the only one in the world that still hasn’t read it, so I’m so excited that you are too. We should have a book club discussion via twitter when we are done!

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    Nathan & I actually read out loud together (well, I read out loud. he listens.). It seemed like it would be totally weird at first, but we got through the entire Harry Potter series this way and it was a ton of fun. Perfect for long car rides especially :)

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